Cost of living in Turkey 2022

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Cost of living in Turkey

Turkey has been a focus of attention for migrants and tourists for a long time because of its strategic location. There are many reasons that make Turkey a good place to live. Perhaps the most important reason is that Turkey, although offers very good quality, the cost of living in it is lower than in other countries. In this paper, we are going to compare the cost of living in Turkey and Dubai, which is one of the most migratory cities in the world.

Cost of living in Turkey

Cost of living in Turkey

In addition to its strategic location, there are great places and cities to see in Turkey. From historical places like mansions and mosques to wonderful natural beauty landscapes. These factors cause many people to travel to Turkey every year. Some are looking for ways to get Turkish citizenship and passports, some are also thinking about buying villas in one of Turkey’s most beautiful cities such as Yalova Villas, Antalya Villas, or apartments in Trabzon Turkey to have a permanent holiday destination.

In some Turkish cities, tourists travel in all seasons, so starting a business that is associated with tourists can be very profitable, and some migrants come to start a business. Don’t worry about your accommodation in Turkey, why there are different cities and locations, as well as some of the most preferred areas for migrants to live in.

As mentioned earlier, perhaps the most important reason for these migrations is the low cost of living in Turkey compared to other countries, for example, the price range of real estate in Turkey is much cheaper than in other countries due to the scenery around these properties.

Below, we are looking to compare the cost of living in Turkey and Dubai. Because Dubai is also one of the most migratory cities in the world.

Cost of living in Turkey

The difference between the cost of restaurants in Dubai and Turkey

When you travel to another city or country, you will surely use the restaurants in that place. Also, due to the more machined lives, people are more likely to use outside food than to make food at home themselves. Some also look at going to restaurants and eating as a hobby. Below are the prices of some foods compared in Dubai and Turkey restaurants.

Meal, inexpensive restaurant90.00 TL198.58 TL+120.56%
Meal for 2 people, midrange restaurant, 3 course400.00 TL1489.36 TL+272.34%
Mc Meal at McDonald’s (or equivalent combo meal)75.00 TL148.94 TL+98.58%
Domestic Beer ( 0.5 liter draught)50.00 TL223.40 TL+346.81%
Imported Beer ( 0.33 liter bottle)60.00TL223.40 TL+272.34%
Cappuccino (regular)30.02 TL94.78 TL+215.66%
Coke-Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle)15.76 TL21.36 TL+35.57 %
Water (0.33 liter bottle)5.16 TL10.95 TL+112.41%
Cost of living in Turkey

The difference between the cost of groceries in Dubai and Turkey

Whether you live in Alanya Villas or an apartment in Dubai, you need groceries to eat. So in this section, we compare the price of these factors.

Milk regular 1 liter17.45 TL32.24 TL+84.78%
Loaf of fresh white bread (500 gr)7.87 TL27.12 TL+244.78%
Rice ( white)( 1 kilo)26.18 TL40.84 TL+56.00 %
Eggs regular 1228.52 TL55.08 TL+93.13 %
Local chees (1 kilo )102.57 TL172.16 TL+67.84 %
Chicken fillets (1 kilo)75.64 TL153.36 TL+102.75 %
Beef round (1 kilo)( equivalent back leg red meat)161.37 TL195.15 TL+20.93%
Apples (1 kilo)15.65 TL38.74 TL+147.46 %
Banana (1 kilo)32.38 TL32.19 TL-0.59 %
Oranges (1kilo)17.46 TL29.06 TL+66.44 %
Tomato ( 1 kilo)15.30 TL26.82 TL+75.30 %
Potato (1 kilo)11.65 TL19.18 TL+64.64 %
Onion (1 kilo)8.78 TL16.84 TL+91.84 %
Lettuce (1 head)11.47 TL27085 TL+142.75 %
Water (1.5 liters bottle)5.69 Tl11.54 TL+102.96 %
Bottle of wine ( mid-range)150.00 TL297.87 TL+98.58 %
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle)30.10 TL61.03 TL+102.76 %
Imported Beer ( 0.33 liter bottle)38.47 TL105.04 TL+173.00 %
Cigarettes 20 pack ( Marlboro)30.00 TL109.22 TL+267.06 %
Cost of living in Turkey

The difference between the cost of transportation in Dubai and Turkey

It is noteworthy that public transport is provided in both Dubai and most Turkish cities. Because both of these countries are trying to provide welfare infrastructure because of the large number of tourists. Below we check the shipping price together.

One-way  ticket (local transport )8.00 TL24.82 TL+210.28 %
Monthly pass (regular price)602.00 TL1489.36 TL+147.40 %
Taxi Start ( normal tariff)11.00 TL59.57 TL+441.58 %
Taxi 1 kilometer ( normal tariff)6.57 TL14.89 TL+120.65 %
Taxi 1-hour waiting ( normal tariff)67.20 TL148.94 TL + 121.63 %
Gasoline ( 1 liter)27.48 TL21.17 TL-22.96 %
Volkswagen golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline ( or equivalent new car)630000.00 TL484040.52 TL-23.17 %
Toyota Corolla Sedan 1.61 97 KW comfort ( or equivalent new car)562924.66 TL378280.81 TL-32.82 %
Cost of living in Turkey

The difference between the cost of Utilities ( monthly) in Dubai and Turkey

When you think of migration, many items come to your mind. Maybe the most important question is how much is the cost of living in Turkey. And, cost of living in Turkey is checked in this paper.

Utilities are an integral part of monthly living expenses. When the average cost of these always items are known, you can better manage your expenses and your income. Below is a comparison between Turkey and Dubai.

Utilities ( monthly)IstanbulDubaiDifference
Basic ( Electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage) for 85 m2 apartment1192.95 TL3202.83 TL+168.48 %
1 min of prepaid mobile tariff local ( no discount or plan)1.38 TL2.83 TL+105.05%
Internet ( 60 Mbps or more, unlimited data, cable, Adsl)157.05 TL1823.86 TL+1061.34 %
Cost of living in Turkey

The difference between the cost of sport and leisure in Dubai and Turkey

Some people seek Turkish citizenship by an investment after they have settled in Turkey. We have to say that having Turkish citizenship has advantages and disadvantages that it is better to research before you do this.

In order to have a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to exercise on a daily schedule. Some may think it could be an extra cost, but when a little bit of human age goes up, he realizes how important an option he’s been. Below we will examine the difference between this cost in Dubai and Turkey:

Sport and leisureIstanbulDubaiDifference
Fitness club, monthly fee for 1 adult457.21 TL1376.57 TL+201.08 %
Tennis court rent ( 1 hour on weekend)235.53 TL677.56 TL+187.67 %
Cinema, international release, 1 seat65.00 TL223.37 TL+243.65 %
Cost of living in Turkey

The difference between the cost of childcare in Dubai and Turkey

All parents are looking to provide the best facilities for raising their children. Providing these facilities has costs that we will examine below the difference in Dubai and Turkey.

Preschool, or kindergarten, full day, privet, monthly4202.13TL13435.87 TL+219.74 %
International primary school, yearly for 1 child89010.05 TL225286.19 TL+153.10%
Cost of living in Turkey

The difference between the cost of shoes and clothes in Dubai and Turkey

Another uncontrollable cost of living is the cost of shoes and clothing that needs to be done. Below we will examine the difference between this cost in Dubai and Turkey.

Clothes and shoesIstanbulDubaiDifference
One pair of jeans ( levies 501 or similar)862.70 TL1154.49 TL+33.82 %
1 summer dress in a chain store ( Zara, H&M, … )557.84 TL1031.89 TL+84.98 %
1 pair of Nike running shoes ( mid-range)1417.02 TL1484.50 TL+4.76 %
1 pair of men’s leather business shoes1130.00 TL1504.51 TL+33.14%
Cost of living in Turkey

The difference between the cost of rent apartment in Dubai and Turkey

The cost of renting an apartment can be another fixed monthly expense, knowing that we can better manage our monthly expenses and income. Below we will examine the difference between this cost in Dubai and Turkey.

Rent per monthIstanbulDubaidifference
Apartment, 1-bed room, in the city center9034.21 TL30184.40 TL+234.11%
Apartment, 1-bedroom outside the center5221.27 TL17653.18 TL+238.10 %
Apartment, 3-bedroom, in the city center17559.76 TL53799.16 TL+206.38 %
Apartment, 3-bedroom. Outside the center9363.19 TL35496.55 TL  +279.11 %
Cost of living in Turkey

Turkey is a cheaper place to live than Dubai

Thank you for accompanying us until the end of this article. In this article, we compared the cost of living in Turkey with Dubai. You have noticed that the cost of living in Turkey is much lower than the cost of living in Dubai.

You would need around 89271.53 TL in Dubai to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 38000.00 TL in Istanbul.

If you are encouraged by reading this article to immigrate to Turkey and buy a property in it, Alkhail experts are ready to serve you. You can also find more information on how to move to Turkey and the conditions of its cities on our site. You can get in touch with us via WhatsApp.

Cost of living in Turkey

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