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Among the different states of Turkey, Yalova has a special place. Yalova Turkey as one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey with clean air, golden beaches, and hot springs, will be an amazing choice for all those who are looking for fun and relaxation in its beautiful and tranquil areas. On the other hand, this region is not far from Istanbul and Bursa city. For those seeking villas in Turkey, Yalova ticks all boxes and is a dream place for villa buyers because of its numerous crucial reasons. There are stunning villas for sale in Yalova with only an hour by car from green Bursa and less than 45 minutes from Sabiha Gokcen airport and a day trip to Istanbul. Yalova villas have the benefits of access to some of Turkey’s best thermal springs within minutes and nature views all around. So we are going to make you more familiar with buying villas in Yalova.

Villa for sale in Yalova Turkey
Villa for sale in Yalova Turkey

Villa for sale in Yalova Turkey

Yalova is a coastal town that sits to the south of Istanbul in the northwest of Turkey. This town has seen huge growth over the last few years as it offers very easy access via ferries across the Marmara Sea to Istanbul along with being known for its thermal spa area. Buying a villa in Yalova means peace, tranquility, beautiful nature, and profit. For those who want a private villa to sattel during vacation, Yalova could be a great destination.

Yalova Turkey, originally meaning (beach house), is an enchanting and tranquil city where tourists from all over the world turn to enjoy the pristine nature and relax in the shadow of its unique climate, an area that has two climates of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Yalova is a fertile, lush land and a perfect place for tourist investment. This feature is due to its enchanting nature, unique geographical conditions, climate and many touristic places in this region. Due to these unique features, tourists have invested and bought houses and villas in the city in the last few years after sightseeing in Yalova, Turkey. Villa lovers can achieve their long-standing dream by seeing Yalova Villas in an atmosphere full of beauty and tranquility. We suggest you visit the villas for sale in Yalova on this page. And if you’re interested in having an apartment in this beautiful city, our apartments for sale in Yalova page will help you.

Advantages of Buying Yalova villas

You will find that the villas in Yalova are quite large and rather luxurious properties when you looking to buy a villa in Yalova. Thus the price for a villa in Yalova can be higher yet much more affordable than in nearby Istanbul so there are many buyers sailing across the sea in search of a villa in Yalova for sale that offers value for money. It is necessary to mention several important points about investment in Yalova, Turkey, these points are as follows:

  • The city of Yalova is close to Istanbul and has maritime borders and air and land connections with Istanbul.
  • Yalova is said to be one of Turkey’s largest states in terms of economic growth, the city has become an investment hub over the past few times by Turkey’s largest real estate companies.
  • Given that Yalova is a small and solitary city compared to Istanbul, Bursa and other Turkish metropolises, access to the city and its movement and travel is easily possible.
  • Yalova city enjoys a long coastal strip and high-quality soil and recreational and touristic places of Farawan, which has made it a great center for living and investing.
  • If you are looking to a villa in Yalova for sale as a buy-to-let investment, it is better that the property has a sea view. As this will offer you a better rental income. Although you will be very pleased to know that if you buy a villa in Yalova your income can be all year round with easy access to Istanbul. In addition, Yalova is very close to the winter ski resort of Uludag.
Is buying a villa in Yalova a good investment?
Price range of villas for sale in Yalova Turkey

Price Range Of Villas For Sale In Yalova Turkey

Due to the wide variety of Alkhailtr villas and properties for sale in Yalova, you can buy villas with any budget you have. But as you know, the bigger villas, close to the sea, the better materials, and in a more suitable position, have the higher the price. For more information, just press the WhatsApp button and talk to our experts.

Villas for sale in Yalova generally start from around 200000 USD for a peaceful home tucked away from the city center. In addition, there can be bargains on market from time to time. A luxury villa in Yalova with its own private swimming pool, garden, and state-of-the-art design could sell for well over 350000 USD.

Is it good to invest in the villa for sale in Yalova Turkey?

Yalova offers a delightful seaside location with all the privileges at half the cost of those in Istanbul. Day trip in Yalova means heading to many thermal spas within the city, spending the day at the beach, heading to Istanbul in under an hour, or simply relaxing in the center with shopping malls and other city facilities right on your doorstep. To enjoy the best that Turkey has to offer, owning a villa in Yalova which places you in a unique geographical position.

Villas in Yalova are suitable for year-round living or retiring in Turkey and also they are superb investments with the area continuing to develop and grow as more tourists enjoy health tourism and thermal springs in the area. Your villa in Yalova can enjoy a healthy rental income if you wanted as the proximity to Istanbul attracts many trips from those living in Istanbul seeking a tranquil weekend away.

best locations to find Yalova villas to buy
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Best Locations To Find Yalova Villas To Buy

Many European and Middle East citizens demonstrate a rising demand to buy a villa in Yalova for permanent life as Yalova is an ongoing city with future growth. Yalova is full of vibrant living areas, so Alkhailtr Real Estate has chosen some of the best residential areas in Yalova, which we will describe below to make you more familiar with these areas:

“Chinarcik clean air city” when you get there, you will never be surprised. The neighborhood deserves the title, because in addition to overlooking the sea, it has vast forests, clear and pleasant springs and clean climates! Chinarcik region is one of the most popular touristic regions of the whole of Turkey and the most touristic region of the Sea of Marmara.

The village of Armutlu, which is 52 km from Yalova city center, is known as one of the most beautiful tourist areas of Yalova. Along the clean and charming beaches of the village, there are a variety of resorts, the most famous of which are ihlas tatIl KoY. The resort was built by the Turkish government in 2004 for a family holiday on the shores of the Sea of Marmara. The main feature of the resort is the ease of reaching it from Istanbul. Because passenger ships from the European side of Istanbul are coming from the ports of Yenikapi, Kabatash and Aminono, and from the Asian side of Istanbul from the port of Bustanchi.

The Termal region is one of the most famous districts of Yalova state. The reason for this designation goes back to the warm springs of this region, which originated from the heights of the Tarmal Hill from earlier times (Romanian era). The temperature of the waters of this spring fluctuates between 55 and 65 degrees. In addition, there are many famous baths in this region which are 12 km away from Yalova city center.

Altenawa is one of the most beautiful and enchanting regions of Yalova. There are many historical monuments in the city, such as its historic castle, which is a very important destination for tourists.

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Thank you for accompanying us to the end of this text. In this article, we talked about villas for sale in Yalova, investment advantages and suitable areas for investment in Yalova Villas.

For those who love to relax and are seeking a quiet lifestyle surrounded by nature and thermal springs, Yalova is fast becoming one of the go-to areas in Turkey. Yalova villas for sale are a great opportunity to relocate the entire family to Turkey with prices set to rise considerably in the future.

Alkhail does not need to be introduced to buy and sell houses in Turkey. With years of experience and experts in this field, we helpyou to have the best experience of buying a villa in Yallova Turkey. You just need to visit our home page. We separate cities and types of houses, so it’s easy for you to choose your dream home. Just choose your home and then call us. Finally you would have your dream house as easy as you think about it.

Complete guide to prices and cost of living in Yalova


You can benefit from the value for money if you are looking to buy a villa in Yalova. As villa prices are still considerably lower than nearby Istanbul which is only an hour’s drive away. Villa prices in Istanbul are more than double that of Yalova though you wouldn’t get stunning seaside in Istanbul as you do in a stunning area.

Yalova is a wonderful city in Turkey which is attracting many tourists every year. Yalova benefits from plenty of hot springs that everyone can enjoy and provides a stunning green setting.  Yalova is an area for retirement perhaps as the springs provide relief for those in less-than-perfect health.

It is not as big a province as Konya or Bursa and is not one of the top populated cities in Turkey. But Yalova has big fame as one of the most important touristic destinations in Turkey.

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