Villas for sale in Istanbul Europe

Istanbul is one of Turkey’s major commercial and industrial cities, attracting many tourists and immigrants in the last few years. Istanbul is the largest city on the European continent and the eighth largest city in the world. When it comes to buying real estate in Turkey, the first option that most of us think about is to buy a villa in European Istanbul. You can also consider buying villas for sale in Asian Istanbul too. In this article we will talk about buying a villa in Istanbul Europe.

Villa for sale in European Istanbul
Villa for sale in European Istanbul

Villa for sale in European Istanbul

Istanbul, as Turkey’s most important city, has a large population. A population that increases in number over time. At least 15 million people currently reside in Istanbul on a permanent basis. Istanbul’s high urbanization capacities and the planned future of the municipality have largely led to the advancement of housing by the actions of the highest international standards. Buying a villa in Istanbul Europe is a very good option for those who cannot afford to live in four-walled apartments and are looking to live at a higher level. As you know, the European part of Istanbul is much more modern and dynamic than the Asian sector. European Istanbul has attracted the attention of foreign investors in recent years and has bought property, especially villas in the city.

Where is European Istanbul in Turkey?

The European side of Istanbul is both busier and more dynamic. It can simply be said that most industries, businesses, brands around the world, shopping malls, government centers, television networks, and in a word, the commercial hub of Istanbul, located in the western and European sectors. Those who want to get residency by investing in Turkey or working will definitely find more opportunities in the European side of Istanbul. Properties for sale in Istanbul europe are perfect options for foreigners to get Turkey’s residency.
The European part of Istanbul is much more ancient, which is why it is obvious that there are more historical places in this sector. Topkapi’s famous palace, Dolma Baghche Palace, Ayasofya and Sultanahmet mosques, and many of Istanbul’s largest tourist attractions, are on the European side. This has led to more tourists. Those who like to get Turkish tourist accommodation will undoubtedly find this section more attractive.
Nightlife in the European sector is much more dynamic and is more about the desire of young people. Besides, large stadiums, such as Istanbul stadiums and sports centers, are also located in the European section. There are also awesome apartments in European Istanbul to buy which the presence of large and luxurious shopping malls and of course first-class hotels are features in this section make your investment more valuable.

Where is European Istanbul in Turkey?
Buy villa in European Istanbul and invest

Buy villa in European Istanbul and invest

In recent years, investors around the world have become very interested in buying property in Turkey and villas for sale in European Istanbul. The country is the most attractive global real estate market. Affordable prices per square meter attract many foreign investors to visit Turkish property for the first time.
Istanbul is the first investment option and has high potential in terms of real estate. Istanbul is one of the most modern cities in Turkey, consisting of two European and Asian parts. And as you know, the European sector has unique features. Don’t hesitate to buy a villa in European Istanbul. One of the priorities of foreign investors and buyers is to buy villas in European Istanbul. Buying a villa is both suitable for investment and a very good summer vacation.
The price of villas in Turkey is much more suitable and lower than other countries in Europe, in addition to the price, quality of construction and beautiful view of these villas has also attracted many foreign buyers and investors to buy villas in Turkey.

Advantages of buying European Istanbul villas

One of the reasons that increases the sale of villas in European Istanbul is the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship at very reasonable prices and competitive with the prices of villas in other countries.
Another factor that affects the sale of villas is the high return on capital for rent each year, which is the best and smartest way of investing, as well as the price increase based on square meters, which increases every year.
The advantages of buying a villa in European Istanbul include many things, but what makes many choose to live in a villa is having a private courtyard and pool while having privacy. Many of those who choose to buy European Istanbul villas are special people. This has led to buyers choosing the materials and performance of the developer so that they have the opportunity to experience life in their dream villa by building their ideals.

Advantages of buying European Istanbul villas
Where to buy villa in European Istanbul

Where to buy villa in European Istanbul

The best place to buy a villa in European Istanbul is the areas like:
● Beylikduzu
● Buyukcekmece
● Sariyer
● Basaksehir
There are also many villa houses to buy in the Istanbul islands. Of course, the prices of these villa houses are relatively high, but having a touristic location of these islands and access to the sea from each side, as well as having a unique climate always attracts many buyers.

price range of villas in European Istanbul

The price of a villa in Istanbul Europe, Turkey varies greatly according to the size of the family and the needs of the family with square size and number of different rooms. Two bedroom, three-bedroom or 10-bedroom villas are abundantly found in this city. One of the factors influencing the price of villas in Turkey is the villa area and its land area. For example, starting with a villa house price in a high-quality and beachfront residential project in Beylikdüzü district with facilities such as a private swimming pool and security system amounts to about $1 million.

Price Range Of Villas In European Istanbul​
Apartment For Sale In European Istanbul​

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