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Alanya is one of the historical cities of Turkey, located 12 km from Antalya. This historic city has become the first destination for many tourists today. Alanya leads to the Thoros Mountains in the north, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, and Gazipaşa to the east. With Turkey’s growth in tourism and foreign real estate market, people are thinking about buying property in Turkey, especially buying property in Alanya – located on the Mediterranean coast. Many nationalities, such as English, Russian, European and Middle Eastern, have bought properties in the city and use them for holidays, renting or permanent residency. We want to explore apartments for sale in Alanya Turkey.
Alanya Apartment For Sale ​
Alanya Apartment For Sale ​

Alanya apartment for sale

In the past decade, Alanya has played an important role in the Turkish market. Once overshadowed by the provincial capital, Antalya, the city is now elevated as an important and prominent center. Another seductive point is the price of apartments and villas in Alanya. The large number of properties and land suitable for construction have lowered the cost per square meter. This is now an advantage because the exchange rate gives foreigners the confidence to receive more lira in exchange for their country’s currency. As the region grows, its facilities have also increased, and as a result, everything is available to its residents. One of the things that has helped Alanya grow is the opening of Gazipaşa Airport, which has domestic and international flights. The reopening has had a significant impact on the tourism industry. The city council has implemented a plan to update and rebuild infrastructure and roads to increase tourists’ attention. Alanya is part of the Antalya region and one-third of the tourism in the region belongs to it.

Type of properties in Alanya

We examine the types of properties in Alanya below:

A few factors of pleasant weather, avoiding the bustle and commotion of the city, panoramic views and the existence of all amenities have led to the construction of villas and villa-building towns in particular and massively followed. Stylish villas for sale in Alanya with private swimming pool and sea view Alanya Turkey is suitable for permanent and temporary living in a variety of different types and types, especially in 2019-2020 in large numbers and are ready to be delivered.

Commercial and residential properties for sale in Alanya Turkey are suitable for buying and investing, and its output and return on investment are usually guaranteed by reputable consultants and sellers and companies.

The apartments come in a variety of forms to their future owners, studio houses in different sizes with minimal space providing an opportunity to showcase a great design. One bedroom apartments with kitchen, living room, bathroom and one bedroom with a size of about 50 to 60 m². In addition, they can include a balcony. Two bedroom apartments with an area of about 80 to 120 square meters. They are located in complexes where residents have access to a shared pool, a lounge and spa. The area of 3 bedroom apartments varies from 100 to 220 square meters.
Duplex houses are two-story apartments that are more suitable for large families. These types of apartments have a spacious space including living rooms, kitchen, balcony and terrace. When planning to buy real estate in a coastal city, you should not only care about your budget and demands, but also the area where the house is located.
Buying land in Alanya is a reliable investment. The value of land in Turkey is growing considerably and your money will not only be worthless but will also make a very significant profit if you sell for you in the future.
Type Of Properties In Alanya​
Why Is Buying An Apartment In Alanya The Best Investment?​

Why is buying an apartment in Alanya the best investment?

The advantages of investing in Alanya are as follows:
For many, the financial benefits are overstated. Most foreigners who move there after retirement have a full financial portfolio and can buy a property on an affordable basis due to the right costs per square meter. Property prices in some coastal areas such as Mahmutlar are half of other areas such as Bodrum on the Aegean coast. Alanya makes it a dream to live on the beach not only at the price of the property but also the monthly cost of living. Most foreigners also offer savings in high-interest bank accounts, with rates ranging from 10% to 15% and living off their monthly profits. Therefore, they never have to touch their capital and live for free.
One thing Alanya doesn’t do is adapt. Through a cosmopolitan atmosphere that attracts a variety of nationalities, including the British, Germans, Russians, Turks and the Middle East, it has created a great diversity in the city and does not differentiate between individuals. This proof is seen in the diversity of cafes, restaurants and shops scattered throughout Alanya.
The lifestyle in Alanya makes it a choice for the city to live in. Immigrants in Alanya love living there whether it’s a simple thing like eating breakfast or more complicated areas of life, with any budget you can follow the desired lifestyle in Alanya.
A beach lifestyle is the best choice for most employed and retired immigrants. As a wide difference in urban lifestyle, beach resorts in warm countries are summer traps and have pleasant weather.Slower speeds of life, stunning scenery, long stretches of sandy beaches and endless swimming opportunities are just some of the benefits. Alanya is one of the myriad beach resorts in Turkey that offers an alternative lifestyle that even the city’s toughest fans find hard to rule out.

Lifestyle in Analya Turkey

The Mediterranean climate, natural attractions and historical heritage make Alanya a popular tourist destination and is responsible for nine percent of Turkey’s tourism sector and 30 percent of foreign real estate purchases in Turkey. Travel to Turkey is one of the most prominent parts of tourist agencies’ advertising. Tourism has been on the rise since 1958 to become the dominant industry in the city, resulting in a corresponding increase in the population. Below are some features related to lifestylein Alanya:

It is divided from east to west by the rocky peninsula that is a prominent feature of the city. The port, city center and kikubat beach named Sultan Keighbad I is located on the eastern side of the peninsula. Damlataş beach, known as “Drip Caves” and Kleopatra beach are located in the west. The name “Cleopatra” probably originated from this. Some of Alanya’s tourist attractions are:

• Sharapsa Alanya Caravanserai
• Amir Badreddine Alanya Mosque
• Castle or Mosque of Sulaymaniyah Alanya
• Seljuk Alanya shipyard
• Port city of Yvtape
• Ruins of Siden Alanya
• Ruins of Mahmuttlar Alanya
• Kizilkoli Tower Alanya
• Alanya Museum of Anthropology

This population increase is largely credited with migrating to the city due to the result or products resulting from the prominent rise of the real estate sector and the growth of the housing market bubble. During the summer, the population increases due to the large number of tourists, with about 1.1 million people passing through the city each year. Both Turkish and Europeans spend their holidays in Alanya, which generates income for most people.
Alanya culture is part of Turkey’s larger culture. The city’s coastal location is of particular importance to many annual festivals. These include the Tourism and Arts Festival, which marks the beginning of the tourism season from the end of May or the beginning of June.
Lifestyle In Analya Turkey​
Pros Of Buying Alanya Apartments ​

Pros of buying Alanya apartments

Local and foreign investors have a simple reason to want to invest in Alanya: the city is ready to become a great asset in Turkey. We noted the advantages of buying apartment below:

● Easy air, land and sea access
● Cheap and regular transportation network to go to other Turkish cities
● Attractive apartments prices
● There are many neighbourhoods
● Various shopping malls
● Plenty of recreational activities for tourists and locals
● Life by the Sea
● Mediterranean climate
● Active real estate market with clients from all over the world
● Massive long-term potential for return on capital
● A combination of urban and rural Turkish mood

How is apartment pricing in Alanya?

Alanya real estate market offers immigrants a variety of properties, from low-cost studio apartments to luxury apartments and modern and artistic villas. Starting with an average price of €40,000, potential property buyers can find a home in one of the coastal areas to stay in Turkey according to their dreams.
How Is Apartment Pricing In Alanya?​
How Can You Buy An Apartment In Alanya? ​

How can you buy an apartment in Alanya?

Alkhiltr real estate can help you with years of experience in buying and selling properties. Our experts are ready to let you go from being confused in the process of buying an apartment in Alanya. Just by visiting our site, select the property you want in Alanya then click on the WhatsApp icon to get practical advice and enjoy buying your apartment.

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