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Bursa is a large city in Turkey, located in northwestern Anatolia, in the Marmara region. Bursa is one of the port cities with an important location in the Mamara region and it has developed in the foreign trade sector. Bursa with a population of 1 million and 986,000 is Turkey’s fourth most populous city and is considered one of the country’s most industrial centers. It is one of the most attractive cities in Turkey with its history, culture, and nature. Bursa offers different opportunities in each of its four seasons with its ancient city texture, green nature, healing waters, natural lakes, and waterfalls. The idea of buying a flat in Bursa or buying an apartment for sale in Bursa crosses the mind of many people when all these come together Bursa is a beautiful city in Turkey that offers international buyers ideal properties as holiday homes or second homes. Investing and buying property in Bursa with amazing features and many advantages attract international buyers. Have you ever thought of living or buying an apartment in Bursa? Do you know why foreigners like to live in Bursa? You will find the answer by reading the article. Below we have prepared more information about Bursa city as well as apartments for sale in Bursa.

Apartments For Sale In Bursa Turkey​
Apartments For Sale In Bursa Turkey​

Apartments for sale in Bursa Turkey

You may have tripe or heard about famous cities in Turkey like Istanbul, Antalya, or Izmir, but you haven’t heard of Bursa or the benefit of living in it. Making a stop in Bursa isn’t a consideration at all for any tourist who visits Turkey.

Bursa is a large and modern city and is referred to as the cradle of the Ottoman state. Recently, the city of Bursa and its nearby village, Jomalı Kizik, were also added to the UNESCO World List. Bursa city is just 4 hours away from Istanbul. The proximity of the city to Istanbul and with lower house rental prices than Istanbul has had an impact on the increase in the number of people living in the city.

Bursa is not only a city that stands out with its natural beauty but also it is being an important industrial cities that can harmonize technology with its beautiful nature.
Whether you want a recreational home, real estate investment for rent, a place to live all year round, or an increase in your property portfolio with the aim of increasing Bursa’s long-term capital is the place you want. This has been proven in buyer statistics that Bursa is one of Turkey’s most popular places for real estate investment. The city welcomes thousands of domestic and foreign tourists throughout the year, so it can be the best city to buy an apartment in Turkey.

How is living in Bursa?

Bursa is known as green Bursa. Bursa is filled with gardens and parks and overlooks a verdant plain. The city is situated at the center of an important fruit-growing region. Peaches, silk, towels, and thermal springs are the most famous features of the Bursa.

With about 2 million inhabitants, the city is Turkey’s largest population after Istanbul, Ankara and the city of Izmir, most of the inhabitants are immigrants or their children who have been in the city for several generations. Below are a few features of Bursa city:

With mountains to the south and sea to the north, Bursa is full of surprise and beauty. Fresh air and the coastal environment are two famous features of the Bursa. For people who are looking to get rid of the hustle and bustle of city life, Bursa is the best option. Many foreign capitalists from all over the world are interested in buying apartments in Bursa and investing by knowing these reasons.

The city has a wonderful climate and so many facilities to live in. The city is the largest winter and nature sports center with caravanserais, inns, historic villages as well as the Uludag ski resort.

It is late winter or early spring, with refreshing rain resonating in the early morning, followed by sunny afternoons and coolness. The warmest month is August, with an average temperature of 30°C (86°F). The coldest month is January, with an average temperature of 9°C (48°F). December is the wettest month of the year. If you are not interested in rainfall, you should avoid traveling this month.

Bursa is a city where it is easy to walk. And of course, there are enough subways, buses, and taxis.

The easy way to get to Istanbul from Bursa is one of the best and most important reasons to live in Bursa. In the past, it may have taken two and a half hours to get from Bursa to Istanbul. Travel time between Istanbul and Bursa has been reduced to one hour after the opening of the new Osmangazi Bridge in the area which cuts through the Gulf of Izmir.

Kapali Charshi is Bursa’s main market and has more than 100 stores that sell everything you want, from souvenirs to tea, clothes, jewelry, items for children, and more.

Bursa is a well-loved destination for winter sports and its climate of it is very pleasant. Visiting a snow-copped mountain in the Bursa region can double the excitement of winter sports if you are a fan of winter sports. The best environment for winter sports and skiing is Uludag Mountain which is located above the city.

Bursa has many places to visit, including Green Mosque, Bursa Citadel, Gandhi Air Bridge, Mount Uludagh and . . .

How Is Living In Bursa?​
Reasons To Invest In Bursa Apartment​

Reasons to invest in Bursa apartment

One of the most Turkey’s important textile and automotive cities is Bursa. It receives immigration thanks to all its opportunities and natural beauty. In addition, it offers many job opportunities, so many foreign investors invest in commercial properties in Bursa. Below are the reasons for buying a property in Bursa:

Buying a property in Bursa Turkey is more than just buying a house. This investment will have many benefits for you. One of the most prominent advantages of owning a property in Bursa is the amazing chance of becoming a Turkish citizen. Turkish citizenship opens the doors of the world to you as you can easily travel to more than 90 destinations in the world. More interestingly, you don’t need a visa to visit these 90 countries.

Another advantage of buying a property in Bursa is that villas, apartments as well as recreational homes have affordable prices. In addition, the cost of living in Bursa is very low, making it a pleasant and ideal place to live. Besides, you can expect to make a high-growth investment in this beautiful city. Because there are large populations in the city, there are also many tourists visiting the city every year, so it is possible to find a tenant in the city.

There are excellent amenities and urban infrastructure but the cost of living in this city is much lower than in Istanbul. Bursa has made the highest standard of living among all of Turkey’s cities. Bursa ranks 28th in the world for living standards. These factors have attracted the attention of investors so the number of buying apartments in Bursa increased year by year.

One of the attractions of buying a property in Bursa is that the nature of Bursa attracts tourists throughout the year. For this reason, the best area is for people looking for a holiday home or earning money. The main gem of the Bursa crown is Uludag during the winter, which tries to improve the infrastructure of its ski resort, but it is also open in spring and autumn, so it is easy to use outdoor activities in the area.

This is one of the reasons for its increasing popularity over the past five years. That is quickly entered the work and renovated the properties so much. Its old houses became modern houses with the latest technology, decoration and interior design.

The development of infrastructure By visiting the city’s website you will notice its latest projects in the field of transportation, school, health, housing, tourism and social amenities such as shops, restaurants and shared places. So owning a property in Bursa is a valuable opportunity that you shouldn’t miss.

For migration or choosing a city as an investment destination security and quiet life are always the most important factors. Bursa will definitely be your first choice if you are looking for a quiet city with genuine and kind citizen in Turkey.

Best neighbourhoods to buy apartment in Bursa

Remember that Bursa is also the name of a larger area, so you can buy property in hundreds of other destinations. Downtown is the main hub, with areas such as Nilufer at the head, but many buyers are targeting Mudanya. With its gradual growth, this coastal area has many properties for sale on the market, including luxury villas. Mudanya is a short distance from the city center, easy to carry, and has a nice bar, restaurant, and store. Gemlik is one of the coastal areas of Bursa which has unparalleled beauty and tranquility. Due to its availability of the element of complete well-being and various services, there are the most luxurious residential complexes in this area.

Best Neighbourhoods To Buy Apartment In Bursa​
Types Of Available Bursa Apartments On Alkhailtr​

Types Of Available Bursa Apartments On Al-Khail

The good news for you from Alkhiltr is that this beautiful city has a range of properties. Properties for sale in Bursa include villas, apartments and holiday homes that also offer a wide range of prices. Buying a property in Bursa is very affordable but depends on the type of property you choose. Clearly, luxurious villas for sale in Bursa with lots of rooms cost you more than a one-bedroom apartment.

Bursa is a great choice for living and investing

After reading this article you will definitely understand why investing and living in Bursa is so good. Its attractiveness and cost of living in Bursa are famous for immigrants. In terms of quality and standard of living it is equal to Istanbul but living in Bursa has an average cost. Also, good and growing economic conditions and quality of life in this city are the best and most important reasons to live in Bursa.

Investing and buying property in Bursa is much cheaper and better than in Istanbul. You can buy a house or apartment in Bursa depending on your financial situation. This article showed you why foreign like to live in Bursa.

Why Alkhiltr real estate?

Thank you for accompanying us until the end of this article. There are many things you have to consider when buying a new home such as new neighborhood, neighbors, commuting conditions, proximity to public transportation, and thousands of other influencing factors. There is no need to worry about these issues by buying a property or an apartment in Bursa. You will achieve your dreams by living in Bursa and Bursa is a complete and perfect city.

Check out the list of apartments for sale in Bursa available on Al Khail online real estate website to start a property search. Each includes photos, floor maps, location information and detailed descriptions of the house. On the other hand, share your budget and requirements with us to send you excerpts from properties on the market according to your request via WhatsApp or email. If you’re already in the region, visit our office to meet us and set the time and date to see the apartments suitable for your taste in Bursa Turkey.

Apartments For Sale In Bursa Turkey​


Residents of an apartment building in Bursa can tap into a higher standard of living thanks to the on-site facilities. Amenities are available in most apartments in Bursa including swimming pools, 24 hours security, landscape gardens, gyms, saunas, and restaurants to name just a few.

For investment purposes, most areas are ideal if you buy an apartment in Bursa. In Bursa as most homes have easy access to the city center along with brilliant links to Istanbul and many other areas of Turkey. Bursa is offering investors high yields all around the year with an array of local amenities for year-round living.

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