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If you want to be in a real and cool Turkey example and beach weather, Kosadasi is the point to pay attention to. This touristic city is located next to the Aegean Sea and has been considered for some reason recently. The city’s popularity is expected to rise suddenly. Kosadasi has always been one of the most sought-after neighborhoods of the Natives. But now it has attracted the attention of international tourists. Now the demand of foreign and local investors for real estate investment in Kosadasi is high. There are many reasons why we should pay attention to buying a property in Kuşadası. Here we will discuss this issue.

property and houses for sale in kusadasi
property and houses for sale in kusadasi

property and houses for sale in kusadasi

Kusadasi or Bird Island, a city in Turkey’s Aydin province, next to the Aegean Sea, located 95 km south of Izmir, is one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey due to its proximity to small and large islands. The port city of Kusadasi has enjoyed special attractions for tourists due to its proximity to major Turkish tourist centers such as Izmir, Bodrum and Marmaris, as well as its proximity to the Greek islands. The city has a population of about 50,000, which multiplies in the spring and summer due to the influx of migrants. Modern Kosadasi Properties is magnificent and quality. Compared to other Aegean resorts such as Bodrum, Koshadasi offers lower prices in buying property and living costs. Many newly built houses in Kosadasi include family amenities such as swimming pools and landscaping.

Kusadasi history

The Turkish city of Kusadasi was invaded during the 540s and conquered by Iranians, after which it was conquered several times by various governments and its rule changed. Throughout history, earthquakes in this region destroyed cities, and some of them were destroyed in such a way that it was abandoned and its inhabitants moved to other areas, the city of Ephesian was similarly destroyed, and today only ruins remain that remain a symbol of the greatness of this ancient city for us.
The importance of the city increased when the Silk Road was connected (Ephesus is the end of the Silk Road) and became an important port for merchants and the purchase and sale of goods. After the Ottomans conquered the area in 1413, towns and castles were rebuilt in the area, and cities became new. Under Turkey’s republicanism, the country faced problems with Greece over its ownership of Kuşadası., which, after a long standoff, turkey was able to keep on its land and own it.
Today, Kusadasi Turkey is one of the most advanced and luxurious entertainment centers in Turkey, which is also one of the most touristic cities in the country.

Kusadasi history
Kusadasi weather

Kusadasi weather

Kusadasi is located along Turkey’s western coast and enjoys a Mediterranean climate throughout the year with mild winters and long hot summers. For approximately 300 days of the year, Kusadasi is engulfed by sunshine and its average seasonal temperature reaches 30 to 35 degrees Celsius. The warmest months of Kusadasi are July (August) and August (September), with temperatures reaching 42 degrees Celsius. In May (May-June) and June (June-July) it is possible to reduce the temperature at night. Therefore, tourists should bring attention to the right dash and clothing such as long sleeve blouses. During Kuşadası summers, humidity reaches 40% and the average water temperature is 20°C. Most of the annual rainfall occurs in Kusadasi during December (January) and January. The tourism season in Kusadasi begins in late April and lasts until October. But the winter season has also gradually become more popular for tourists due to the New Year holidays and the big celebrations held in Turkey.

Is buying Kusadasi real estate a good investment?

People who buy a property out of a large number of properties for sale in Kuşadası will see a significant increase in their capital. The Turkish port city is growing in popularity and is becoming a hotspot for international tourism. Since Kuşadası is going through an upward trend, you can expect more demand for suitable places to stay in the city. Those who own an apartment or own a house or villa in Kuşadası will be able to rent them out at a high profit.
Since Kusadasi is now a huge success as a tourist destination, you will surely get an extraordinary return on investment in your property. The property market is booming and forecasts show it is rising at a rapid pace. Investing in Kusadasi is an investment for your future.

Is Buying Kusadasi Real Estate A Good Investment?​
Price range of properties for sale in Turkey Kusadasi

Price range of properties for sale in Turkey Kusadasi

No matter where in the world you want to buy property and apartments, you need to check the prices thoroughly anyway. The price of property in Kusadasi is influenced by:
● the area
● neighborhood
● distance from the city center
● the beach as well as the area
● renovation
● conditions
● facilities
For example, if you want to buy a villa in Kusadasi, you need to know that they are more expensive than apartments because they are close to the beach as well as having more area. We recommend that you compare their rates and conditions correctly before buying any property and house in order to make a better choice. But on average, it can be said that the price of property or apartments for sale in Kusadasi starts from about 250,000 TL. Of course, for the villa, you have to consider about 800,000 TL, which is proportional to the size and other items may be increased or reduced.

How to buy real estate in Kusadasi from Alkhailtr?

Alkhaltr’s houses for sale are tailored to every taste and budget. These luxurious and secure locations have a fair price and a special beauty, and many of them have great and wondrous views. Also, almost all of the houses are located close to the tourist areas. So invest in Kosadasi today.
Just prepare a coffee and enter alkhailtr online real estate website peacefully. While thinking about your dream home, choose the city you want and you can see photos of all kinds of houses. Considering that the full description is written under each photo, you can easily find the home you want.
Our expert experts are ready to answer your questions. You can click on whatsApp option and stay in touch with us. Our expert sales team is ready to help you make the process of buying a home in kusadasi easily.

Best placese to buy houses for sale in Kusadasi Turkey

If you are interested in properties for sale in Kusadasi or other cities of Turkey, you can explore and find your desired property. We help you get your property in no time!

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