Apartments for sale in Istanbul Europe

Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city and its cultural and economic center. The city is located next to the Strait of the Bosphorus and the Sea of Marmara. The Bosphorus Strait separates the two continents of Asia and Europe, and Istanbul is the only major city in the world located on two continents. Golden Horn Natural Harbor or Bay is located in this city. The metropolis has been chosen as Europe’s city of culture for 2010. The city of Istanbul plays an important role in the Turkish economy and has attracted the attention of many migrants. Many migrants buy apartments in Istanbul every year. Istanbul’s economy is progressing as many migrants travel to the city every year. Apartments for sale in Istanbul may have the most requests to buy among Turkish cities. Here more detail on the apartments for sale in European Istanbul and investing in it.

Apartment For Sale In European Istanbul​
Apartment For Sale In European Istanbul​

Apartment for sale in European Istanbul

Most investors prefer to buy houses in Istanbul that reside on the European side of Istanbul and enjoy cafes, restaurants, clubs, hotels and luxury shopping malls. The reason for the existence of most of these centers in the European part of Istanbul can be found in the large number of tourists in its historical centers, and hence the statistics of buying apartments in the European part of Istanbul are much higher than the apartments which are in Asian Istanbul.

The European side of Istanbul consists of many apartments and properties. Istanbul Europe attracts more tourists due to its growing economy and increased business activity. This side also has good lines of communication connecting the surrounding cities to Istanbul. Since the European sector is economically prominent, foreigners are definitely investing in cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul for their own convenience.

Reasons to buy apartments in Istanbul Europe

Most people invest in apartments for sale in Istanbul Europe side for the first time. The European side has apartments with different prices, sizes and specifications. More tourists are also attracted to the area, which you and your family can enjoy.
In Istanbul Europe, there is a special place to live, including in this section, unlike the Asian part where houses are built in a courtyard and villas, the towers and properties are usually more modern.
Most of the properties for sale in the European side of Istanbul are in expensive and luxurious complexes, which are close to shopping malls and urbanly developed equipment.

Istanbul is one of the most desirable investment targets and those who want to make a deposit in Turkey can invest with the least risk. One of the ways to deposit in Turkey is to buy a property and rent it, which is economical because of the low TL. Buying an apartment in the European part of Istanbul can be very desirable for people who want to invest in Istanbul because of the special features of this region and the high rent.

Reasons To Buy Apartments In Istanbul Europe​
Where to invest in European Istanbul real estate?

Where to invest in European Istanbul real estate?

Below we will discuss a few neighborhoods in The Istanbul Europe:

Sultan Ahmed, or Old Town, has gained a reputation from time to time as the center of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. This region is known as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. One of the oldest neighborhoods in Istanbul with many tourist attractions such as:

  • Sultanahmet Mosque
  • Blue Mosque
  • Ayasofya
  • Topkapi Palace
  • Grand Bazaar of Istanbul

The region has its own fans, both in terms of tourism and transition and in terms of investment and property purchase.

Sultanahmet is a neighborhood, where most of the residents are indigenous people. So if you’re looking for a Turkic region, and you’re willing to live in an area with original, fully indigenous people, this area is for you.

Beyoglu is one of the quiet areas of Istanbul on the European side with old centers such as Galata Tower, Artists Museum, Pera Museum and Taksim Gezi Park. While the European side of Istanbul is very modern and up-to-date, the region retains its originality

With many historical places in its heart, Fatih is one of the most popular tourist areas on the European side of Istanbul. Since 2020, due to the high density of immigrants in this region, it is no longer issued by the government to stay with renting a house in this area. It can be said that this region in The European Istanbul is the most accepted area by migrants to live in Turkey.

Taksim on the European side is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Istanbul for tourists. Istanbul is known for its Taksim Square and Esteghlal Street and its busy restaurants, cafes and shopping centers. Within minutes of Esteghlal Street with its splendid hotels and shopping centers, Taxim Square attracts many tourists in Istanbul every day.

Amirgan is located in the European side of Istanbul and Sariyer region with attractions such as Amirgan Park and its decorative pool, which is a relic of the Ottoman era. Amirgan is a beautiful and peaceful area for living, which also has good access to the city center.

Maslak is one of the most important commercial centers of Istanbul, along with the forests of Belgrade on the European side. This region also has its own owners to live and settle due to its commercial importance and proximity to the forest.

Bakirkoy is located on the European side of Istanbul with its eye-catching shopping malls, restaurants and cafes, with the middle classes, mostly populated. This region is a busy area due to shopping facilities and restaurants on all days of the week.

Beylikdüzü is one of the most beautiful districts of Istanbul, located in the European part after the Avcılar region and before Buyukce with relatively low prices and wide green areas.

One of the most sought-after areas of Istanbul Europe for migrants’ lives, and the most important reasons are listed above, including greenery and affordable property prices.

Price range of apartments in European Istanbul

The most common question that investors buying a flat in Istanbul first ask our consultants is, what is the price of apartments in Istanbul? Unfortunately, this question is so general that there is no exact answer to it. Like all major cities in the world, this city is full of expensive and inexpensive areas, crowded and quiet areas and new and old luxury buildings. Generally speaking, the price of apartments in Istanbul is higher than the rest of the Turkish cities and has a higher quality of life, profit and rental income as well.
Apartment prices in Istanbul range from a few hundred thousand to several hundred thousand dollars, which itself makes it a lot of choices for buyers. Before starting and finding an apartment in Istanbul, specify your budget so that you can find the ideal apartment according to your money. So by specifying the budget, you can have a smart search about apartments for sale in Istanbul for yourself.

Price range of apartments in European Istanbul


Apartment prices in Istanbul range from a few hundred thousand to several hundred thousand dollars, which itself makes it a lot of choices for buyers

Yes, with the laws that Turkey has enacted, you can buy property in Turkey and get Turkish citizenship through it.

Considering the facilities turkey offers, it is certainly a good investment. Because it has a good return rate of capital. It may also be the least benefit of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Price range of apartments in European Istanbul

Why Al Khail?

As you know, Istanbul is turkey’s most popular city for tourists and immigrants. Istanbul is the busiest and busiest city in Istanbul. If you are looking to work in Turkey, Istanbul can be the best greenery for you. In this paper, we examined the urban features of European Istanbul together. And we said that many immigrants choose Istanbul annually, especially European Istanbul, to live and invest in property, and we examined some of the advantages of this investment.

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