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Yalova was a district of Istanbul until 1995 when it became a province of its own. Yalova is located in northwestern Turkey and is adjacent to the Sea of Marmara. Beautiful scenery, ski resorts, and suitable cycling grounds alongside the monuments of the city have made it an attractive tourist destination. Yalova is one of the most sought-after cities in Turkey where buying a property can bring you the potential to invest in Turkey.  So Yalova is a popular destination for tourists and investors alike for Turkey properties. Among other destinations across this beautiful country investing in Yalova property for sale make a shining star for you. Yalova is a new world away whereas the Mediterranean is beautiful.  Since by buying real estate in Yalova, you will get amazing advantages and great benefits, so buying a property in Yalova should not be missed. Below is detailed information about Yalova and buying a property in Yalova.

Property for sale in Yalova Turkey
Property for sale in Yalova Turkey

Property for sale in Yalova Turkey

Yalova in Turkey is a beautiful city with stunning beaches, spectacular views of the sea, hot springs, ski resorts as well as many other attractions. It also has a peaceful and safe environment and a favorable climate. These features appeal to tourists and locals never like to miss them. Most importantly, this amazing city has a lot of properties that are great for investing in Turkey. So it’s no surprise that many investors choose this shocked city as a holiday destination and buy villas for sale in Yalova as a place to invest in Turkey.

This beautiful coastal city offers something for everyone and properties for sale in Yalova can satisfy any human being of any taste. There’s no shortage of housing options waiting just outside this Turkish gem, whether you’re looking to spend your euros in an apartment, or would rather stay at the sprawling bungalow.
The city has a beautiful landscape, which is very eye-catching. Also, if you are looking for a suitable place for a ski resort and cycling, you can choose Yalova to live in.
Legendary Turkish leader Ataturk spent his final years in the city, naming Yalova as his favorite city in his speeches. This has made the people of this city a special honor for their citizenship. By the way, if you like both Ataturk and his taste, Yalova is the best Turkish city for your life. That’s why we offer you to see our collection of apartments for sale in Yalova.

Advantages of investing in Yalova Turkey's real estate

Turkey is an excellent real estate center with a wide range of properties that are great for buying in Turkey. Turkey’s Yalova is no exception. Yalova is a growing city and an ideal location where you can easily find your favorite villas and apartments to buy property and invest in Turkey. In addition to all this, this incredible city offers a number of holiday homes that offer investors a good investment. This is because the city has a growing population and attracts a large number of tourists annually. Real estate prices in Yalova are slowly rising every year. This makes an excellent investment opportunity for Yalova property for sale buyers.

Overseas buyers have already begun to purchase in the area. These purchases have different purposes, such as second homes, holiday homes, or for investment purposes. Tourist numbers in Yalova are growing throughout the year some of them visiting for the history, some for thermal spas, some want to ski, and the other need a relaxing summer holiday by the sea. All year-round rental income and the year-on-year price rises, increase capital appreciation and both of them are the most important reasons which make a great offer for investors on the property for sale in Yalova.

 Below are some of the advantages of investing in Yalova Turkey:

One of the reasons which made the Turkish property market so popular is investing in Turkey real estate. Investing in Turkish property provides you valuable opportunity to get Turkish citizenship. You can get a Turkish passport through buying a property in Yalova or other regions of Turkey and enjoy the benefits of Turkish citizenship.

A high return on investment is one of the things that adds to the value of buying a property in Yalova. The reason is quite obvious because there are a lot of tourists coming to this incredible city. So renting your villa, apartment or holiday home in Yalova is easily possible. This is something you can enjoy in the wonderful Turkish city of Yalova.

Yalova has great options for foreigners who are looking to buy property in it which are ferries and bridges to Istanbul.  It is located on the west cost of Turkey and it has just a few hours’ drive from Istanbul and other metropolitan cities in western Anatolia like Ankara and Bursa. Yalova gives you an escape not only to nature but also away from chaotic life.

You can feel at home no matter which activity with the natural resources and habituates in Yalova. Children will love playing on the sun terraces to get a break from studying while the social areas near the ponds are ideal for relaxation and meeting up with friends.

Yalova is not the city which deserves to be at the top of any list for tourism with its rich history and many possibilities. There are big plans to make this come true with new investments in place. These investments make Yalova’s target different from what was previously. Nowadays Yalova attracts tourists who want more than just sunbathe or swim during summertime. These tourists look forward to having healthy options throughout winter. Because Turkey gets so cold in winter.

Yalova is turning into an international hub in addition to just a resort destination. Yalova will soon become one of Turkey’s most prominent business destinations due to the city has welcomed many global companies to its shores, and they all bring their businesses with them. Yalova property has drowned many people to invest within the last few years. Evolving cityscape, geographical location, and buying a property with stunning views of forests or the seaside make Yalova as an investment destination.

Advantages of investing in Yalova Turkey's real estate
How much do houses for sale cost in Yalova, Turkey?

How much do houses for sale cost in Yalova, Turkey?

As property prices are still considerably lower than in nearby Istanbul which is only an hour’s drive away, anyone looking to buy property in Yalova will benefit from value for money. Property prices in Istanbul are more than double of Yalova. Consider that you can’t find a stunning beach location in Istanbul, and there are many disturbing places in Yalova.

Various factors affect house prices in Turkey and Yalova. There are numerous properties with different conditions in Yalova city. According to the location of the property, facilities, type of construction materials and the viscosity of the house have different prices. You only share your budget and expectations of your dream home with Alkhailtr’s experts. We offer you the best homes based on it.

Modern apartment accommodation in Yalova starts at 45000 euros. It will most likely have stunning views across the Marmara Sea. Finally large villas with excellent seaside locations can be picked for around 250000 euros.

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Thank you for accompanying us until the end of this article. In this article, we talked about properties for sale in Yalova, investment interests in Yalova, and property prices in Yalova. People from all over Turkey and around the world invest in Yalova real estate for many reasons, which steadily increase in value year after year. Yalova is the place for you if you are looking to invest in real estate property. If your goal is to reap profit over time Yalova property constantly gains value which means it is perfect for you. To get into the property market in Yalova it is the right time.

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If you also wish to own a property in Yalova, your opportunity is right here. You can easily explore and find your ideal property. We are here to pave the way for you…

Property for sale in Yalova Turkey


A modern luxury apartment in Yalova will be priced in the region of 45000 Euro, and a spacious detached 5-bedroom house in a prim location will cost upward of 250000 Euro.

Yalova property for sale offers buyers excellent investment opportunities. Yalova is a growing city and real estate prices are slowly rising year after year. This trend seems to continue with an educated population, which will eventually lead to high-paying jobs and more people searching for property in Yalova. In addition, property in Yalova offers investors an all-year-round rental income.

In comparison with the same type and style of property located in Istanbul, residential properties in Yalova are still incredibly good value. We have to say Yalova is just an hour away from Istanbul.

Different types of residential units are found in Yalova which starting from studio apartments and up to multiple-bedroom apartments or villas.

The biggest buyers of Turkish real estate are Russians, closely followed by the British and then Germans according to the latest statics. The amount of Middle Eastern and Southern Asian Buyers has been a fast Progression.

If you also wish to own a property in Yalova, your opportunity is right here. You can easily explore and find your ideal property. We are here to pave the way for you…

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