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Istanbul is a city in Turkey and one of the country’s 81 provinces. It is the most important city in the country in terms of population, economy, history and culture. Between Turkish it is famous that if you know something about Istanbul, it must be related to the European part of it. The reputation of Istanbul is mostly due to this part. Most famous monuments are in the European sector. On the other hand, most companies and employment centers are also in the European side. In the following we check houses for sale in European Istanbul. Stay with us.
property and houses for sale in European Istanbul
property and houses for sale in European Istanbul

property and houses for sale in European Istanbul

Istanbul is Turkey’s largest and most important city, economic, tourist and cultural capital, and its European part has famous tourist spots, important features and ancient fences. In addition to urban development, new residential areas, as the former Ataturk Airport, and the new Istanbul Airport, are also one of the largest organized urban neighborhoods in Europe.
The European part of Istanbul is characterized by beautiful living factors and diverse movements, with modern history. For the great idea of owning countless options, between luxury apartments and distinctive real estate, it is among the newest and most splendid buildings and the most beautiful luxury interiors available. You find a variety of options when looking for luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul Europe, and this part of Istanbul is the first city in Europe, but it is cheaper compared to that.

How is life in European Istanbul?

Choosing where to live depends on your preferences. The European and Asian sectors both have their own conditions for life which you can see details about properties for sale in Asian Istanbul in this link. Below we examine the features of the European district of Istanbul:
● Crowds and population density are higher in the European part of Istanbul.
● The Asian part of Istanbul surpasses the European sector in terms of greenery and nature and has more vegetation and natural forests, parks and greenery.
● The presence of historical monuments on the European side this time makes this part of Istanbul more distinctive than the Asian part. Istanbul’s historical monuments are mostly on the European side.
● Istanbul New Airport is located on the European side.
● The number of universities in the European part is higher than Asian, and Marmara University is the only university in the world located on two continents.
● Istanbul nights are livelier and more exciting in the European side.
● There are more bus lanes on the European side.
● Sports centres and stadiums are mostly on the European side.
● Istanbul metropolitan hotels are more likely to be seen in the European side as the European side is the center of commercial and tourist attractions. There are also more shopping centres on the European side.

How is life in European Istanbul?
Advantages of buying houses for sale in European Istanbul

Advantages of buying houses for sale in European Istanbul

Istanbul real estate investment is leading compared to other real estate investments, as well as other types of investments. Because it is one of the surest that comes with a permanent need for life. The value of the property usually increases and over time it gains more profit and is almost no harm. However, choosing the right location is one of the main elements in the success of real estate investment. In an article published by U.S. real estate consultant Live and Invest Overseas, Turkey is listed as the best country to own a property. As you know, European Istanbul is one of the largest selling points and the best type available for real estate investment in Turkey, and the Turkish real estate market is suitable for most investors’ budgets.

Price range of property for sale in European Istanbul

The most important elements that determine the price of a house in Turkey are as follows:

1. Distance and access to the city center.
2. Proximity of the property from major transportations such as airports, metro lines, metrobus or important streets and roads.
3. Proximity and distance from touristic places such as lakes, public parks and archaeological sites.
4. The location of properties near important projects such as the Istanbul Canal, Istanbul Airport increases.
5. Attractive views, such as a property located in a coastal area with sea views.

1. Dating buildings or properties
2. Property specifications and elegance,
3. The location of the property in the building, for example residential complexes, includes many facilities such as swimming pool, restaurant and central heating services, while the property located in a normal building does not have any of these services.

Price range of property for sale in European Istanbul
property and houses for sale in Asian Istanbul

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