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Alanya is a historical city in Turkey, 12 km from Antalya, and many tourists choose to visit this city as a popular destination. Alanya leads to the Thoros Mountains in the north, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, and Gazipaşa to the east. As Turkey grows in the tourism and foreign real estate market, more people are thinking about buying property in Turkey, especially property for sale in Alanya. If you are one of this group, keep reading and learn more about the details of this city’s real estate market.

Why do investors from around the world like to buy a property in Alanya?

As you read above, Alanya is playing an important role in the Turkish real estate market. And in this paragraph, I want to talk about these properties’ most important advantages to help you decide whether Alanya properties for sale are suitable for your case or not.

As a foreigner with a full financial portfolio, you can buy your dream home in Alanya at an affordable price in the best coastal areas, such as Mahmutlar, or Bodrum on the Aegean coast. And, the monthly cost of living in this city is not high, and most people can afford it. Moreover, you will be offered savings in high-interest bank accounts, with rates ranging from 10% to 15%, and live off their monthly profits.

No matter which nationality you are from, you can comfortably live in Alanya because of this city’s cosmopolitan atmosphere. This city is full of foreign investors from different nationalities, such as British, Germans, Russians, Turks, and the Middle East. So, you can enjoy wandering through different cafes, restaurants, and shops and don’t miss your own country.

One of the most important factors that make this city’s real estate market popular is that you can live the lifestyle you have always wished for, from a simple one to a more complicated one with any budget. So, as an immigrant looking for his desired lifestyle, Alanya properties are great options.

Whether you are employed or a retired immigrant, if you would like to live close to the sea, be sure that Alanya’s homes are what you are looking for. There, you will enjoy your different urban lifestyle close to the beach while breathing in pleasant weather. So, I strongly suggest these homes if you are a fan of slower-speed life, stunning scenery, long stretches of sandy beaches, and endless swimming opportunities.

What are the different types of properties for sale in Alanya, Turkey?

Now that you know about this city and its home advantages, it is time to talk about its different types of properties. Read the below list, then choose which type of Alanya property is the best for you based on your budget and interest.

Different factors, such as pleasant weather, avoiding city bustle and commotion, panoramic views, and high-end facilities have led to the construction of villas and villa-building towns in particular and massively followed in Alanya. So you can choose your dream property among the stylish villas for sale in Alanya with a private swimming pool and sea view for permanent and temporary living.

Popular Alanya apartments for sale are offered in different types, such as studios with minimal space and a great design, one-bedroom apartments with a kitchen, living room, and bathroom, two-bedroom apartments with an area of about 80 to 120 square meters in more facilitated complexes, and 3-bedrooms or even more luxurious and spacious Duplex units.

You can also buy commercial units for sale in Alanya with the help of trusted advisors, sellers, and companies and invest with guaranteed output and return.

Buying land in Alanya is a reliable investment because its value is growing considerably. It means not only will your money not become worthless in the future, but it will make a significant profit if you sell in the future.

How much should I pay to buy a home in Alanya?

Talking about property prices, whether in Alanya or any other city, is not easy because it is a variable factor that might change based on different points, such as the neighborhood, the size of the home, the number of rooms, the type of property, facilities, and so on. And if you want to know about the Alanya homes’ prices, I should say that there you can find different prices, from low-cost studio apartments to luxury units and modern and artistic villas. For example, you can buy a moderate apartment at around Euro 45,000, and it can increase to Euro 300,000 for a large and luxurious villa.

How is the lifestyle in Alanya, Turkey?

Above, I have mentioned different Alanya advantages, such as the Mediterranean climate, natural attractions, and historical heritage. But here, I want to add that this city lifestyle is another point that puts it among the best tourist and investment destinations. Below are some of the greatest features of the Alanya lifestyle.

No matter you are a visitor or an Alanya resident, there are different attractions to visit and enjoy your trip or have fun in your leisure time, such as:

  • Sharapsa Alanya Caravanserai
  • Amir Badreddine Alanya Mosque
  • Castle or Mosque of Sulaymaniyah Alanya
  • Seljuk Alanya shipyard
  • Port city of Yvtape
  • Ruins of Siden Alanya
  • Ruins of Mahmuttlar Alanya
  • Kizilkoli Tower Alanya
  • Alanya Museum of Anthropology

If you want to set up a seasonal business associated with tourists, Alanya would be a profitable option in the summer. The population of this city has grown greatly in recent years due to immigration and the large number of visitors who pass it every year.

As it is obvious, Alanya’s culture is part of Turkey’s larger culture. Also, I should mention that this city’s coastal location is of particular importance to many annual festivals, such as the Tourism and Arts Festival, which marks the beginning of the tourism season from the end of May or the beginning of June.

Alkhail helps you buy the best property for sale in Alanya!

If you are interested in buying a property for sale in Alanya, read the above text and find all you need to know about Alanya, its investment opportunities, property prices, and the lifestyle in this city. Then if you decide to buy a home there, you should know that Alkhail real estate can help you with years of experience in buying and selling properties in Turkey. Search our portal, choose the property you want to buy in Alanya, then click on the WhatsApp icon to get practical advice and enjoy buying your apartment. Also, I should add that to make everything easier for you, we provide special client services, such as:

  • Direct purchase from the developer
  • 100% free consultation
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  • Citizenship services


A wide variety of properties are offered by Alanya properties. These include new buildings, real estate properties, off-plan developments, luxury villas, and apartments for sale throughout Turkey to suit every budget.

By spending more than €80,000, you can get Alanya Luxury Properties such as penthouses suites, hotel-style facilities, and beachside properties. There are villas for sale in Alanya starting at around 100000 Euro ranging to 300000 Euro for larger and more luxury homes.

Unlike other parts of Turkey, where you may not find an apartment with a sea view, or if you find it very expensive, Alanya offers excellent apartments with sea views at unbelievable prices. You are provided with a good position to own a home in Turkey in Alanya.

The answer is yes, this city is really suitable for residence. There you can find different types of homes, such as one-bedroom apartments for sale, or spacious five-room duplex units with a total area of 300 m2.

The only thing you need to do is to explore and find your ideal property in Alanya for sale. We are here to help you come up with the best choice!

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