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In the past few years, buying a property in Turkey has been one of the most popular investment options in the Middle East. Bodrum city is located in the western corner of Mugla Province. Bodrum is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey where you can find amazing properties for sale. You can also experience a unique lifestyle. We have to say that Bodrum is a paradise-like holiday destination.
In addition to the many tourists from other countries, the city is also very popular among the people of Turkey and also draws them on official holidays and hot seasons. Bodrum has become one of the most popular holiday spots in Turkey in the last few decades, and we suggest you take a look at our collection of best villas for sale in Bodrum. Also we offer an amazing collection of apartments for sale in Bodrum on our website which you shouldn’t miss.

Bodrum is your best if you are looking to buy property in Turkey. when people want to purchase real estate over sea something becomes more important for them. We can say Bodrum has all of them. Great climate, and coastal views, in addition to the Aegean and Mediterranean coast, attract more foreigners to the city. For more information about Bodrum as well as marketable properties in Bodrum, follow along.

Bodrum property for sale
Bodrum property for sale

Bodrum property for sale

Bodrum city is a small and beautiful harbor located in Mughaleh province, 270 km south of Izmir and on the Aegean coast. Bodrum is a colorful city with eye-catching beaches and numerous recreational facilities, which is a very popular destination in Turkey for spring and summer. In addition to these hidden bays, beautiful beaches, and pristine villages around, Bodrum is a holiday destination even for Hollywood stars. The beautiful combination of modernity and tradition also ranks Bodrum among the most unique cities in the world.
On the other hand, recreational houses for sale in Bodrum are also popular among foreigners. That’s because Bodrum is a great destination for holidays. It’s not bad to know that Bodrum is a global space and has all the international parameters of a city suitable for living. If you want to move to Bodrum and live in this attractive city, you will find that it is completely different culturally from other Turkish cities and at a far higher level.

It is difficult to make up your mind as there are so many stunning properties in Bodrum. What makes investing in second-hand property worthwhile is architectural excellence. Both commercial and residential options are available in Bodrum real estate. Maybe getting your villa is better than these things. There are plenty of villas in Bodrum and also apartments for sale.

How is Bodrum’s lifestyle?

This charming city has easy access to the beach and has a natural and beautiful view. Nature and landscape that residents and tourists can enjoy the most. It is much easier to use yachts and cruises in this city than in other cities and regions of Turkey. Great nightlife, fantastic festivals and unparalleled summer entertainment are the language of everyone who has traveled or lived in the city. Below we examine some of the features of living in Bodrum:

 Bodrum’s climate is Mediterranean and is often temperate. The transportation system in Bodrum is very disciplined and extensive. Most areas of the city have buses. Of course, Bodrum can be easily traveled by boat to nearby cities. Since the average daily temperature in August is 33 °C and the average seawater temperature is 25°C, this region is ideal for water sports.

You are nowhere far from Bodrum and its surroundings, from the sea. Because of this feature, you can tour all the paradise beaches around the city and spend the night in Bodrum. It is a wonderful city on the Aegean coastal line.

The city’s cultural features include its charming, special and spectacular festival. It is held every year in Bodrum. The festival is related to ballet, which may be said to be held only in Bodrum.
In general, if you are looking to live in one of the Turkish cities where nightlife flows and also has a very good climate, Bodrum can definitely be one of the cities of your choice.

How is Bodrum’s lifestyle?
Buying Bodrum houses for sale, a good investment

Buying Bodrum houses for sale, a good investment

Bodrum is a conducive home for investment in Turkey and in recent years there has been an increase in domestic and foreign investment in all sectors including hotels, real estate, hospitals, tourism, sports, infrastructure, and other sectors. Buying property, houses and apartments in Bodrum, Turkey, is considered as a peaceful and economically future place for most Iranians, Iraqis, Syrians, and Russians as a good investment option by real estate agencies.

Bodrum is an appealing place to both local and foreign investors because of affordable prices, great weather, excellent food, vivacious nightlife, and diverse culture. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of investing in property in Bodrum if you’re wondering it is a wise investment or not.

The biggest advantage of investing in Bodrum Turkey real estate is getting Turkish citizenship. You become eligible for holding a Turkish passport by investing at least the minimum amount of 400000$ in real estate in Turkey.

Buying a property in Bodrum Turkey is very suitable for investment because it is a safe and fast area. In buying Bodrum Turkey real estate, you should also note that you can buy houses in the village of this region on a credit basis. The interest on loans for people who are not indigenous is 7 to 10 percent and you can borrow half the price of the purchased house. Many people live in Bodrum like the citizens of that region by buying property.

As mentioned above, a huge appeal to migrators who looking for Bodrum real estate is the Mediterranean climate of this city. The weather is mostly mild throughout the year which means the living conditions are comfortable in Bodrum.

A wide community of ex-pats has taken place in Bodrum properties for sale over the years due to the city’s long-standing popularity among ex-pats.  Locals of Bodrum are really friendly and hospitable and they got used to having foreigners around as well. You’ll never feel lonely because of these two reasons and you’ll quite effortlessly expand your network of ex-pats even if you stay in Bodrum during the whole year.

There are various options for Bodrum properties for sale such as villas, flats, penthouses, bungalows, and luxury houses. This variety of properties ensures that you can own a property in Bodrum with any taste and budget.

Why buy Bodrum homes for sale?

Bodrum is one of the most important cities in Turkey, known for its touristic and geographical nature to real estate investment, which has given it impressive views to be the best place to live and meets the high demand for luxury properties and special tourist resorts. Below we will examine the reasons for buying a property in Bodrum, Turkey:

Investing in Bodrum by buying property and a home is not only an unparalleled and reliable saving but also the price of a property in this city is cheaper and more affordable than in European countries. With the lowest possible budget, you can buy property in this coastal and touristic city and apply for investment.

Many people make investments by buying property near the beach and they rent out the purchased property. There are no restrictions on people buying property.
Houses for sale in Bodrum are suitable options for those who wish to earn money through short-term rental and property investment.

The forefront of a revolution in the architectural style in Turkey is Bodrum. With the best architect in the country designing homes, business, and leisure facilities, homes are no longer just practical, but also cozy, geared up with technology, and designed to fit in with landscapes to maximize sea views.

The Bodrum peninsula steps up to mark where most buyers want easy access to the transport network. The whole of the region with just an hour of transfer time to the main center and two hours to the surrounding coastal resort on the outstrike by  Bodrum airport.

Cheap and frequent schedules to most other places in Turkey are offered by the central bus station within the town center. Any property owner in Bodrum has access to international and domestic transport right on the doorstep.

Bodrum repetition is the birthplace of a hedonistic lifestyle that attracts artists, writers, spiritualists, and celebrities in their droves. Bodrum has encouraged people with pleasure and fun at the forefront of a life worth living.

It attracts sailors, and yachting enthusiasts from around the world as a significant hub of the Turkish Riveria. If you take a look at the tours offered for Bodrum, you’ll find that the city not only attracts tourists but also attracts investors to buy Bodrum real estate and make money from it by renting and starting a business.

You can’t say Bodrum is one of the tops holiday destinations in Turkey.  It is also a hub for foreign property owners who had formed an established ex-pat community. You can easily see foreigners everywhere in Bodrum like hospitals, tax offices, legal departments, or even a man in the corner shop market.

Property buyers in Bodrum will always have a wide range of shopping and nightlife venues at their disposal to round off a lifestyle with everything on their doorstep.

Why Buy Bodrum Homes For Sale?​
How to buy property for sale in Bodrum?

How to buy property for sale in Bodrum?

Bodrum is one of the few important and very good cities of Turkey, which is highly regarded by foreigners and Europeans for buying a home and investing in this way. The things which make it easy to invest in Bodrum’s real estate market are having many options and the straightforward process of buying property in Bodrum. In general, you must have a lawyer to buy a property in Turkey as a foreigner. Someone who is aware of all the rules and conditions of buying a property in this country and can help you. Alkhail real estate with years of experience in buying and selling properties in Turkey is ready to serve and help you buy a house in Bodrum and other Turkish cities.

Something is crucial for you to consider before making your purchase of Bodrum real estate are mentioned below:

It is better to know that in summer property prices in this beautiful city increase as most foreign nationals choose to buy a house and villa this season.
Also, houses located near the beach and newly built, are more expensive than to buy apartments in Bodrum like everywhere in Turkey and have a higher price.

Bodrum properties for sale are negotiable like every other thing you buy in Turkey. before you go to viewing make sure you have a general idea about the prices of Bodrum real estate. With this work, you can negotiate at a more confident level.

Observe a neighborhood you consider buying a house in every section. Try to know about the education, transportation, and hospitals in the area. Check out if there are any restaurants, café, or shopping centers.  How much is the distance to the beach, park, or any recreational spaces?

Check carefully that the previous owner is providing you with the all required documents for a property like planning permission. If you think the house is being sold for a price that is considerably below its original value you have to pay attention to these. To finalize the legal process effortlessly it is better to get help from a real estate agent throughout the process.

Types Of Bodrum Real Estate Available On Alkhail

For anyone thinking about buying a home in Bodrum and on the Aegean coast, decision making about choosing the best area to live in Bodrum is highly regarded and is completely related to the personal lifestyle of the individual. The city’s main center and its smaller beach resorts offer a wide variety of architectural locations, including luxury, modern and traditional architectural locations, and for this reason, the variety of choice of buying a home in Bodrum and its promenades is very high. Due to the diverse urban features of this region, living in Bodrum will be an uncontroversary life with undeniable charm.
It is a fact that Bodrum has a range of properties for sale. Therefore, buyers and investors can choose whatever they want, and that’s why properties for sale in Bodrum are very popular. Alkhailtr is one of the most popular real estate agents in Turkey, and every type of property ranging from luxury villas to modern apartments for sale in Bodrum. Interestingly, most of these amazing properties for ferro in Bodrum have unique features. These vigils provide residents and buyers with a fun and comfortable lifestyle

Types of Bodrum real estate available on Alkhailtr
Bodrum property for sale

Why Do People Purchase Their Properties From Alkhail Real Estate?

Thank you for accompanying us until the end of this article.  In this article, we talked about properties for sale in Bodrum, Turkey, living conditions in Bodrum, the Advantages of investing in Bodrum properties, and why to buy property in Bodrum, Turkey, etc.

For more in-depth information about the region, and smaller coastal resort or to receive a portfolio of property for sale in Bodrum contact us through WhatsApp or telephone.

Alkhailtr is a large real estate institution with a variety of properties for sale in most Turkish cities. With the support of experienced experts, leading consultants and extensive activity, we are ready to offer a variety of advice and transactions in the areas of buying a home in Turkey. Alkhailtr through numerous successful transactions brings with him valuable experience, so experience starting a dream life with us.


Yes, there are. But as you know all properties by the sea are more expensive than others. There are very high-quality and luxurious mansions and villas next to the bay in Bodrum, where these Bodrum Properties are equal to villas built in Europe and the United States in terms of building standards.

In these years, one of the top spots for snapping up holiday homes overseas is the Bodrum real estate market on the southwestern Aegean coast of Turkey.

Both foreign and local property investors are interested in Bodrum real estate. Properties for sale in Bodrum are invested in it because of their facilities and excellent facilities and conditions for living in the city. Bodrum caters to all budgets with bargain properties available as well as some of Turkey’s most luxurious villas with price tags in multiples of million.

Another benefit of buying a property in Bodrum is high possibility of renting the property. It is the result of the fact that Bodrum is a desirable holiday destination. Its fabulous climate, diverse community and also beautiful nature are other things that property owners in Bodrum enjoy.
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