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Kusadasi or Bird Island, a city in Turkey’s Aydin province, next to the Aegean Sea, located 95 km south of Izmir, is one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey due to its proximity to small and large islands. Due to the unique features of Kusadasi, villas and apartments for sale in Kusadasi have attracted the attention of investors in the last few years. Because the city is very touristic and developing, its properties and especially villas are expected to face price increases in the next few years. So the villas for sale in Kuşadası are checked at the bottom.

Villas for sale in Kusadasi Turkey
Villas for sale in Kusadasi Turkey

Villas for sale in Kusadasi Turkey

Kusadasi is an island located 71 kilometres from Aydin, Turkey, kusadasi is located on the coastal strip of the Aegean Sea. It is one of the closest cities in Turkey to the Greek islands, kusadasi has a population of nearly 100,000. The purchase of a villa in Kuşadası has attracted the attention of most of Turkey’s wealthy people because it has a spring air in almost 9 months of the season. Therefore, the high culture of residents will make you feel comfortable for applicants to buy a house in Turkey.
In terms of climate, the city has a temperate climate and has made the area attractive due to its diverse entertainment centers.
Kosadasi is very popular among British and German tourists who make up a large part of the tourist area. A large number of Germans have bought many villas in Kusadasi. They create a community of immigrants close together. Industry experts are watching the very fast development of Kosadasi, where this popular city is definitely on the rise of successful Kusadasi real estate.

How much do villas for sale cost in Kusadasi Turkey?

You can still find apartments older than around €45,000 and €80,000 villas in Kosadasi. Yet these are surely the way to input for low-budget overseas buyers into Turkish home markets. Modern villas in Kosadasi start at around €125,000 and are generally considered luxury properties with shared pools and landscaped gardens or on large private land. As expected in most coastal areas, you are expected to pay more for Kosadasi Real Estate located near the beach.

How much do villas for sale cost in Kusadasi Turkey?
Pros of buying villas for sale in Kusadasi

Pros of buying villas for sale in Kusadasi

The rental potential in kusadsi is good. Especially if you wish for a family villa. Rental yields are expected to be between 5% and 6% if you own a high-quality property in Kusadasi. Prices are rising by about 8% each year. Continued investment in the region’s infrastructure and tourist areas means that this upward trajectory should continue for several years. Some other advantages of buying a villa in Kusadasi are listed below:
● By buying a property, you can open an account in Turkish banks.
● You can get a Turkish passport and have permanent residency in the country.
● You can start a job or company in the country.
● For your children, there is the possibility of free education.
● You can get free Turkish health insurance services.
● You can obtain concurrent citizenship for your spouse and children under the age of 18.

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