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Situated in the Asian Side of Istanbul, Sancaktepe is filled with an array of beautiful properties for sale in Istanbul

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Sancaktepe District of Istanbul is one of the Asian regions that has become an independent region since 2008. This region, which is very quiet and far from the commotion of the city, is located in the rainforest. In this article, we want to examine the properties, apartments and villas for sale in Sancaktepe.

Property for sale in Sancaktepe
Property for sale in Sancaktepe

Property for sale in Sancaktepe

Sancaktepe area is neighboring with Kartal from south, west with Atashhir and Cekmekoy to the north and Pendik to the east. Due to the fact that there are many pristine and attractive attractions in this part of Istanbul, building makers are interested and in different parts of it can see many modern and newly constructed buildings. According to the statistics obtained, the number of migrants and foreign residents of the area is increasing every day.

If you want to live in peace and prosperity with your family, Sancaktepe Neighborhood will be a good offer for you. It is true that this neighborhood is not very famous, but by being located in the heart of nature and the presence of dense forests around it, Sancaktepe is one of the most pleasant neighborhoods.

Sancaktepe is one of the best options for those looking to invest in properties for sale in the Asian Istanbul. One of the reasons that pinhole properties have gained popularity among domestic and international investors is its proximity to Istanbul’s new financial center.

Apartment for sale in Sancaktepe

Sancaktepe apartments include new high-quality projects that bring amazing features and benefits to their owners. Easy and quick access to the surrounding areas and the main parts of Istanbul also adds to the value and popularity of this region. Therefore, buying an apartment in Sancaktepe is an opportunity that should not be missed. In general, apartments for sale in Asian Istanbul always be good options to invest in.

Apartment for sale in Sancaktepe
Villa for sale in Sancaktepe

Villa for sale in Sancaktepe

Villas built in Sancaktepe Istanbul are very beautiful and stylish with forest landscape. These villas have special architecture and all amenities. Villas for sale in Istanbul Asia have attracted investors’ attention, and Sancaktepe is also one of the most sought-after areas.

Advantages of investing in Sancaktepe

There are approximately 20 neighborhoods in Sancaktepe, each with high amenities. Below are some of them to check out:

It is said that one of the largest and most modern hospitals in Istanbul called Sancaktepe Şehit Profesör (İlhan Varank Hastanesii) is located in this region. The hospital, which has 4,200 beds and includes various wards, will attract many migrants to live in the not too distant future. It is even said that Sancaktepe Hospital is one of the most massive health and medical projects in Turkey, which also has skilled doctors.

If we want to talk about Sancaktepe Shopping Malls, you need to know that there are three shopping malls called Rings Shopping Center, Sancakpark Mall and Rings Alışveriş Merkezi in this region that you can find any supplies you have, including food, clothing, home appliances, etc. provide. In these modern centers, there are many immigrants from different countries every year.

In general, teaching is very important in all parts of Turkey. Istanbul’s Sancaktepe neighborhood is no exception. There are many private schools in this spot of Istanbul that teach students with the most advanced tactics and modern strategies.

In relation to its universities, istinye University Çekmeköy Campus, which has many experts and experts studying at the university and welcomes immigrant students at their university.

Below are some examples of them:

  1. Machka Park

If we want to mention one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of this neighborhood, we can mention Machka Park, which with its lush and beautiful atmosphere, pleasant parts for children’s play and cleanliness weather, is an excellent place to spend leisure time, walking and morning sports and games. The park also has stylish and modern cafés and restaurants that you can make a happy memory for yourself with your family.

  1. Idus Forest Park

Idos Forest Park located in Sancaktepe neighborhood, which is located at the highest point of Istanbul and has many beautiful high hills, is one of the most astounding natural forest parks in Istanbul. As we have already told you, there are many lush and pleasing forests in this neighborhood, one of which is the forest park. Idus is an ancient forest that has existed since Roman and Byzantine times and is also known as the Castle of Idus.

Advantages of investing in Sancaktepe
Advantages of investing in Sancaktepe

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Our dear users and companions, if you are also planning to travel and migrate to Sancaltepe neighborhood of Istanbul, you can make a dream living by buying property and houses in this part of Istanbul. One of the most important issues for immigrants is the educational and welfare facilities of the region, which we have tried to prepare and compile to familiarize you with its characteristics, I hope you will get useful information from these sayings.

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