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Maltepe is a beautiful waterfront neighborhood offering an array of sought-after properties for sale in the amazing city of Istanbul

Property for sale in Maltepe
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Maltepe district is located on the Asian side of Istanbul between Kadikoy and Kartal and on the Sea of Marmara. It is neighboring Kadıkvi region to the west and Kartal region to the east. The name of the area was Bryas in the past, which is reportedly named Bryas from the ruins of the Bryas Palace.  Due to its location, the properties of Maltepe have sea views and the views of Princes Island. The number of new developments on Maltepe means Maltepe real estate is in demand with locals and investors. Maltepe offers competitive prices per square meter especially when compared to Kadikoy the high-profile neighbor. Thus, real estate investors and first-time buyers are instantly impressed by property for sale in Maltepe. Maltepe was known for its 6-th century history and its underground spring waters. But these days its reputation is for prominent educational hub, and excellent summer coastal destination. This region is a perfect place for all levels of society. Maltape is a good area for recreation, relaxation and living. Here, we are going to examine properties, apartments and villas for sale in Maltepe.

Property for sale in Maltepe
Property for sale in Maltepe

Properties For Sale In Maltepe

Maltepe is one of the region of Istanbul, it is located in the Asian side, between Kadikoy and Kartal, the Maramara Sea, and Cekmekoy. Maltepe is one of the biggest and oldest district of Istanbul which has a separated sub-municipality. This region is a little far from the city. A bustling area with shops, shopping malls, cafes and large restaurants.

 Maltepe municipality was established in 1928, and after 1960, due to the expansion of public transportation, rapid progress was made in this region and the area was filled with modern urban construction. There is a majority of low rise and old buildings where you can expect a flat with a sea view on the upper floors or a street view in the lower ones in the older areas of Maltepe close to the sea and around Bagdat street. Over time, construction in the area increased and the hilltop property was filled with luxury houses, residences, residential projects. Forexample, there are towers or high-rise buildings which provides more options of offices, home-office apartment, or shops close to the D100 highway. These modern towers and commercial building present various investment opportunities with their apartments, offices, and shop options, as all can be rented for business purposes which means a higher income. Properties for sale in Asian Istanbul are always good options to invest in.

Apartments For Sale In Maltepe

Maltepe has grown significantly in the field of construction and apartment building in recent years. This region is one of the beautiful regions of Istanbul city in luxury towers and apartments. We can say the most common type of property in Maltepe is apartment than other types of like hoses, villas, offices, or shops. In Maltepe one-bedroom apartments are not the most common although we look in the new towers or complexes on D100 highway side. For those who are looking for a good option for renting investment these small apartments can be the best, as there are close to the metro line, and the size of them makes them on highly demanded and easy to be rented. New and modern complexes are seen in recently developed areas replacing the old separated small houses north to the D100 highway. 2 and 3 bedrooms apartments are the most common size of apartments in Maltepe which are spread close to the coast and between the three main roads.

Malltepe Istanbul has now become an authentic and migratory area where you will see lush and peaceful streets in its new sections. 4-6-storey apartments designed among the greenery and pleasant. Residential complexes with sports facilities, tennis courts and children’s playgrounds supported by security guards in the entrance section of the complex. Foreign investors have always had a special interest in apartments for sale in Asian Istanbul.

Apartment for sale in Maltape
Villa for sale in Maltape

Villas For Sale In Maltape

With extensive construction projects and excellent location of the region in Istanbul, investors in the real estate sector take a special look at it. This area has a fabulous, glamorous, and picturesque view as a result of sharing borders with the Marmara Sea. It is the most popular place for tourists, investors, and affluent characters due to the distinctive nature of Maltepe. Maltepe is a prestigious and modern area with the help of investment and financial absorption.

It is one of the most modern and suitable Asian parts of Istanbul for investment and living. The presence of luxury villas and excellent amenities, shopping malls, pleasant green spaces and touristic places have made people welcome to live in this geographical area. Experienced investors take a special look at villas for sale in Asian Istanbul

Advantages Of Investing in Maltepe properties

For several years now, in this modern part of Istanbul, luxury residential complexes have been established next to the garden of villas and shopping and entertainment centers. All of this is mainly due to its location in the heart of Istanbul and its proximity to Turkey’s largest tourism and leisure events. Below we will discuss some of the benefits of living in the Maltepe:

Ankara-Istanbul Highway is adjacent to Maltepe district and has created a strong transportation network to connect to other parts of the city.

Transportation in Maltepe district of Istanbul is by rail and road. The important highway of this region is the D100 Highway, which runs right through the middle of the Maltape.

We have to say that life in Maltepe is very simple and comfortable, and due to the abundance of restaurants, cafes, business centers, and parks, you can take your daily life by bicycle or walking.

Since the cost of living in Istanbul’s Maltepe district is lower than in Kadikoy neighborhood, young couples choose new homes in this area to start living.

One of the great advantages of this geographical location is that it is just 26 km away from Sabiha Gokcen International Airport and 30 minutes away from Taksim Square. In other words, despite easy access to the airport, you are not close enough to the area to have any crowding and noise.

The natural vegetation of Maltape area is forested. Currently, vineyard gardens and fruit orchards in flat areas have unfortunately declined somewhat and now apartment, workplaces, workshops and factories have been established.

If you ask about the landmarks, this legendary and historical area has many sights, among them Ramzi Pasha Mansion, Lantern Mall Hill, Five Fountains, Mall Hill Beach Park, etc. Noted. In Maltepe, in addition to enjoying sea and beach views, the vast forests of Idus also allow you to explore the forest and explore nature.

Mediterranean weather features can be seen in this beautiful region. Maltepe is hot and dry in summer and rainy and cool in winter. In spring, the weather is very pleasant and cool and often rainy, but it is mild in autumn and accompanied by heavy rains.

Advantages of investing Maltape
Mesa Panorama Apartments in Maltepe, Istanbul

What is the price of Maltepe properties?

1100 USD to 2500 USD/m2 is the price range of square meter in Maltepe.

D100 high way and toward the sea are the most active part of the Maltepe district.  In addition to Mamary railway Bagdat street and the coastal road both pass in this area. Maltepe is made of a flat land which is close to the sea, with three main streets and two train lines, lots of greenery and a big public park. So Maltepe makes a great combination of city life that everyone would like to have.

The high price for properties in Maltepe is justified by the features mentioned above. In the north of D100 high way you can find some old or less modern developments with lower square meter prices.

What kind of property could you buy in Maltepe?

To know more about Maltepe, Alkhail real estate helps you. Alkhail offers different kinds of properties for sale in Maltepe with varieties of locations. For those who are searching villa for sale in Istanbul and are prosperous people, there are luxurious villas on coastline in Maltepe. These coastal villas are favorable for most Arabs.

Reasonable apartments could be a convenient choice for investing. At the center of the city a commercial flats or apartments could be suggested. The best item should be based on your purpose, priority, and budget.

Advantages of investing Maltape

Why Buying Maltepe Real Estate From Alkhail?

Above we talked about the characteristics of the Maltepe area and the properties, apartments and villas for sale in Maltape, as you need this information to decide whether to immigrate or invest by buying a property. Maltepe is located on the middle of Asian part of Istanbul. It is well covered with public transportation in addition to beautiful views of the sea islands and the forest. For both residential and commercial purposes Maltepe made a highly demand location. For sure a safe and a profitable investment is buying and investing in Maltepe property.

Alkhail is one of the largest and most experienced real estate agents in Turkey. you just need to think about your dream home. By talking to our experts, you can make your dreams a reality. Because Alkhail can offer you any property you want in all regions of Turkey. You can also find your favorite home by visiting our site and reviewing it. Be in touch with us.


The location of Maltepe on Marmara Sea is the reason why properties for sale enjoy the spectacular views of the sea. Another reason is boasting a unique architecture of Maltepe properties. The incredible benefit of property for sale in maltepe is its high investment return.

Maltepe is located on Marmara Sea so the Maltepe apartments have sea view over the coastline and Princes Island.

1100 USD to 2500 USD/m2 is the price range of square meter in Maltepe. The high price for properties and apartments in Maltepe is justified by the features mentioned above. In the north of D100 high way you can find some old or less modern developments with lower square meter prices.

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