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As one of the best neighborhoods in the Asian Side of Istanbul, Tuzla is filled with a number of stunning properties and an array of amenities

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Tüzla district of Istanbul is a relatively quiet area in the city, which is located on the southeastern border of the Asian Istanbul. The Tuzla region used to be a popular destination for summer tourism, now becoming Turkey’s largest shipyard. In this article, we want to explore the features of this region and properties, apartments and villas for sale in Tuzla.

Properties for sale in Tuzla
Properties for sale in Tuzla

Properties for sale in Tuzla

Tuzla is one of the Asian-side neighborhoods of Istanbul with affordable properties. Tuzla Properties are not only affordable but also beautiful and stylish. There are many types of properties for sale in Asian Istanbul, and Tuzla is a neighborhood where you can easily find properties with sea or island views that are perfect for those who want to experience beach life in the beautiful city of Istanbul. In this region you can find property at affordable prices compared to the rest of Istanbul.

Apartments for sale in Tuzla

This region, because it is located along the Sea of Marmara on the border of the commercial and industrial city of Kocaali province, is a good location. Apartments for sale in Asian Istanbul are good options to invest in, and Tuzla apartments are considered as very profitable investments. As mentioned earlier, this area is quiet and far from the bustle of the city. Of course, there is the same texture in neighborhoods close to the forest such as Oren Hill and Gooch Bailey. In general, Tuzla is a newly built area where the old texture is less common, and there are usually many newly built complexes and apartments. Tuzla is also a unique investment destination in Istanbul. Yes, this region is suitable for any purpose.

Apartments for sale in Tuzla
Villas for sale in Tuzla

Villas for sale in Tuzla

Tuzla region has hot, dry summers and mild and rainy winters. The average annual temperature is 15 °C. In winter, the temperature in the region drops to below zero.

In terms of the texture of the residents of Tuzla area, there are stylish and luxurious villa houses in the neighborhoods close to the sea. Due to its beautiful nature and good climate, many tourists come to this region every year who want luxury villas to the sea or forest landscape. Villas for sale in Istanbul Asia are very popular and Tuzla villas have their own place due to their pristine and beautiful nature. Also, the latest international standards have been used in the construction of these villas.

Advantages of investing in Tuzla

The Tüzla area is not very cheap in terms of its proximity to the beach, away from the bustle of the city and located at the exit of Istanbul towards the main body of the Turkish land, I.E. Anatolia, but in this region you can also find property and apartments at reasonable prices and relatively cheap. Tuzla is known for its seafood restaurants these days. Tuzla Pier is one of the most important loading docks in Istanbul, business always continues. In the following, we will examine other features of Tuzla:

Tuzla region has desirable facilities and equipment in terms of health care services to residents. Specialized hospitals and private health centers are equipped to provide services 24 hours a day. we’ll introduce some hospitals and clinics to get to know.


In complete peace, families living in Tuzla can choose their desired school and their children, whether private or public. These schools are scattered to cover the entire area. To get to know more, we introduce some schools in Tuzla.

  • Özel Tuzla Açı Koleji
  • Özel Tuzla Uğur Okulları
  • Özel Bilfen Koleji
  • Vehbi Koç Vakfı Okulları

Some universities in this region are among the good universities in Turkey. To get to know some of the more famous universities in Tuzla region:

  • İTÜ Tuzla Kampüsü
  • Istanbul Okan University
  • Piri Reis University – Sea Campus

To reach Tuzla, the Marmara metro line is active and the continuation of the M4 metro line will soon reach the area. Buses and delmoş operate within Tuzla like the rest of Istanbul.

The tourist attractions of Tuzla region are very high, below we introduce the example of it:

1- Istanbul Marina Water Park

2- Tuzla Zoo – Aslan Park Tuzla

3 – Tuzla Plage

 4- Pirate Recreation Center

Advantages of investing in Tuzla
Advantages of investing in Tuzla

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Thank you for accompanying us until the end of the article and we tried to provide you with all the features of the region that are needed to make investment decisions. We also reviewed the features of properties, apartments and villas for sale in Tuzla district of Istanbul together.

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