How to move to Turkey 2022 ultimate guide

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how to move to turkey 2022 ultimate guide

Turkey’s position is very strategic due to being among the Aegean, Mediterranean, and black sea, and having a common border with these countries. Turkey creates a connection between Asia and Europe, allowing migrants to experience Eastern culture in the Western world. Because of its location, many tourists come to Turkey every year to make a good vacation, and some of them are interested in moving and living in Turkey by seeing Turkish attractions. If you haven’t yet decided to live and move to Turkey, be sure to read the reasons that make Turkey a good place to live. That’s why in this article we will have a complete guide on how to move to Turkey.

how to move to turkey 2022 ultimate guide

How to move to Turkey

Because Turkey is neighboring many countries, such as Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, and has been able to create a relative level of prosperity living in its cities, migration to the country increases annually. It is quite clear that these migrants choose Turkey in the hope of a better life with different goals such as studying in Turkey, obtaining Turkish citizenship, working or living in Turkey, investing, etc.

Large cities like Istanbul, Ankara, or Izmir are highly regarded by immigrants for buying and residing. For instance, Izmir villas have a high demand for buying these days. However, the percentage of foreign employees in Turkey is still very low. 70 – 75% are Turkish, about 18% are Kurds, and just 7 – 12 % belong to others.

how to move to turkey 2022 ultimate guide

Living conditions in Turkey

 Below we take a look at the living conditions in Turkey:

– An economy of industry and services

The industry and services sector is highly regarded by immigrants to find work. We must say that the latter has become a very important economic branch in turkey’s national industry. In addition, there are a wealth of job opportunities in import and export, banking, finance, and insurance.

Traditional agriculture only covers 8.2% of the economic income in Turkey. Taxes and the clothing industry cover an important part of economic income in Turkey. Other industries may make an entry for immigrants a very good future, with the automotive, construction, and electronics industry. Privatization changes in Turkey are rapidly taking place in various industries, and the government is looking to lessen its role in industries like banking, transport, and communication. If you are looking to take advantage of these job opportunities in Turkey, be sure to check out everything you should know before living in Turkey beforehand.

how to move to turkey 2022 ultimate guide

– Do’s and Don’ts in Turkey

Muslims are people who refuse to drink alcohol and eat pork and as you know many Turkish people are Muslims. As if some people may not follow these principles. If you have managed to buy one of the Villas for sale in Istanbul Europe and have invited your Turkish friends for dinner, first welcome them with lamb, chicken, or fish for dinner, until to get to know their beliefs.

Hospitality is a big part of Turkish culture. Usually, many migrants initially have difficulty identifying privacy borders in Turkey. Moving to Turkey and settling in one of the Trabzon apartments for people with a great personal distance have challenging at first. But you have to be careful not to let others, for example, your neighbors interfere.

Avoid talking about political issues. Also, be aware not to talk about relations with Cyprus, Armenien, and Kurd people. Because these are sensitive topics for Turkish people.

how to move to turkey 2022 ultimate guide

Steps to migrate to Turkey

There are 3 stages of moving to Turkey in terms of Alkhail real estate:

  • The first step to migrating to Turkey

Firstly, you have to choose how you want to move to Turkey. There are different ways to include buying property in Turkey, rent a property, working in Turkey, set up a private company in Turkey, and so on.

  • Second step to take to migrate to Turkey

The second stage relates to how to go to Turkey. Depending on your migration, it can take between 3 days and 3 months.

  • The third and final step to migrate to Turkey

All steps to migrate to Turkey should be reviewed legally by Turkish lawyers and official experts in the Turkish judiciary at this stage. Then they are implemented. 

how to move to turkey 2022 ultimate guide

The process of travel and immigration to Turkey

Be sure to bring all the documents you need before you leave your home to immigrate to Turkey. When you are looking to live, work, buy a home, and study in Turkey, you need documents to present.

The steps to immigrate to Turkey are reviewed below:

> Get a Turkish visa

You must apply to the Turkish embassy or Turkish consulate in your country to obtain a Turkish visa. It would take several months for the Turkish authorities to process your visa application so do this well before leaving for Turkey. You can ask the embassy officials if you have any questions about the type of visa you need. If there is any deficiency in your documents provided they may lead to rejection of your application.

how to move to turkey 2022 ultimate guide

> Work and residence permit in Turkey

By renting a property or buying a home, you can obtain a residence permit in Turkey. If you want to work in Turkey, you need a residence permit and a work permit in Turkey. The best way to obtain these is to apply to the Turkish embassy or Turkish consulate in your country.

If you’re looking for Turkish citizenship you can achieve it by investing in Turkey, all points about it have been collected in how to get Turkish citizenship by investment.

how to move to turkey 2022 ultimate guide

Immigration routes to Turkey

There are 6 ways to immigrate to Turkey, which are thoroughly reviewed below.

– Immigration to Turkey by buying real estate

One of the most popular ways to immigrate to Turkey is to buy property in Turkey. If you buy a property worth 150000 Liras, you can get a residence permit for you and your family. Of course, you should note that property prices vary in different Turkish cities. For example, to buy Antalya villas, which is a popular city for tourists, you have to pay more than buy Yalova villas that are not yet well known. For more information check out the price range of real estate in Turkey.

how to move to turkey 2022 ultimate guide

– Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying real estate with a value of at least 250000$

These days, buying a property in Turkey worth $250,000 and receiving Turkish residency and citizenship is highly regarded. In this way, you must buy property or properties worth $250,000 and not less. These properties can be residential, commercial, or a combination of both.

You can then apply for citizenship, with your spouse and children under the age of 18, and you will benefit from all the features of Turkish citizenship. We should also say that don’t worry about the cost of living in Turkey at all, because Turkey is not an expensive country.

how to move to turkey 2022 ultimate guide

– Immigration to Turkey through obtaining a work visa

Some immigrants in Turkey are looking for Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport, for which there are different ways to get Turkish citizenship and passport which you can use based on your own situation. However, some are looking to work and get a work visa in Turkey. Perhaps the work before moving to Turkey is to go to the nearest embassy to get a work permit and work visa. Below are the documents required to obtain a work permit in Turkey.

how to move to turkey 2022 ultimate guide

What do you need for a work visa in Turkey?

You will first need to reach an agreement with a Turkish employer that will allow you to work in Turkey if you want to immigrate to Turkey in this way. To obtain your work visa you have to apply to the Turkish embassy or consulate in your country with the documents and invitation from the business owner.

For your work permit application for Turkey, you will need to bring the following in order to fulfill the application requirements.

  • One copy of your passport (with the translation if it is not in the Latin alphabet)
  • One copy of your residence permit
  • Official translation of you’re diploma
  • Completed work visa application form
  • One copy of your work contract

After your work permit has been granted, you must submit the following documents to the embassy.

  • Valid travel document with your work permit
  • Non-refundable work visa processing fee
  • Non-refundable work permit processing fee

The amount of tax varies depending on the validity period of the work permit, but it is between 181 TRY and 910 TRY.

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In Turkey, we have two types of work visas that are checked below:

– Temporary work visa in Turkey:

This type of visa is issued for one year for a specific company and job. The good news is that your family members can get a work permit after 5 years of living in Turkey. If you got this visa and you want to choose a place to live, you could check out the best places expats love to live in Turkey.

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– Unlimited work visa in Turkey

This visa is issued in certain circumstances. These conditions include that you have lived in Turkey for 8 years or worked in Turkey for 6 years consecutively. There should also be no special treaty between Turkey and your country.

Self-employed people will only receive a visa if they have lived in Turkey for 5 consecutive years.

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– Finalizing your move to Turkey by residence permit

You must apply for a residence permit to receive a (pin book) from the alien branch of the local police department. Don’t worry because Your employer will take care of this. Within 30 days after your arrival, you need to submit the following documents:

  • Residence permit application form
  • Work permit and visa
  • Your original passport and copy
  • Two or four passport-sized photos depending on the length of your stay
  • A letter describing your situation (employment, education, marriage)
  • Processing fee

You should make contact the local department for proper information because the processing fee is often raised. You will receive your residence permit after 3 or 4 working days.

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– Immigration to Turkey by registering a company

You must be present in Turkey at the time of the application in order to register a company in Turkey. Required documents are a passport, first-page translation of an ID card, and company articles of association. Between 3-5 days takes to register a company in Turkey and it costs around 1000-2500 dollars.

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– Immigration to Turkey through studying and education

You need to obtain admission from a Turkish university when immigrant to study in Turkey. Like other countries, there are two types of universities in Turkey. Turkey’s public and private universities accept students from all over the world annually. Depending on your degree and degree, the admission process at Turkish universities varies. You can apply for a Turkish student visa from the Turkish embassy or consulate in your country or from Turkey itself.

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– Immigration to Turkey through marriage

After marrying a Turkish citizen you can apply for a residence permit this way to immigrate to Turkey. You must be in Turkey for at least three years from the time of registration for marriage, in order to obtain Turkish citizenship by marriage.  There were both pros and cons of getting Turkish citizenship for everyone, so everything depends on you. are you ready to get married and use the opportunity or not?

how to move to turkey 2022 ultimate guide

The ultimate guide to moving to Turkey

Highly qualified foreign professionals and experts from other countries are attracted by Turkey to immigrate. These ex-pats are from the USA, European countries, and neighboring states. In this article, we have provided you with a complete guide on how to move to Turkey. As mentioned earlier, it is the easiest and most popular way to buy property in Turkey. Alkhail can be by your side in this regard and give you a sweet experience of buying a property. You can get in touch with us via WhatsApp.

how to move to turkey 2022 ultimate guide

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