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Property for sale in Atasehir
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Atashehir is one of the Asian districts of Istanbul city. Ataşehir is neighboring Kadikoy region to the south, Uskudar to the west, Pintepe And Maltepe to the east and Umraniye district to the north. The western side of the Atashehir region gained popularity when large construction companies in the western part of the area created and operated large buildings and residential and office projects. That’s why we’ll look at property, apartments and villas for sale in Atasehir at the bottom.

property for sale in Atasehir
property for sale in Atasehir

property for sale in Atasehir

Istanbul’s Atasehir district is one of the Asian districts of Istanbul, formed in 2008 by the disintegration of the Kadikoy, Umraniye and Uskudar regions and became an independent region. This region joined the 39 districts of Istanbul after independence. Atasehir had a population of 405,000 and 67 neighborhoods during the 2013 census in Istanbul. In recent years, construction in this region has flourished. And because of its proximity to the center of Istanbul, it has attracted the attention of investors. If you are looking for properties for sale in Istanbul Asia, do not miss Atasehir district.

Apartment for sale in Atasehir

Atasehir Municipality was established and operated after local elections in 2009. It is one of the most successful municipalities in terms of construction and completion of construction projects in Istanbul. During these years, construction in this region has flourished and attracted the attention of many investors to buy apartments for sale in Atasehir. There are many commercial projects in this region and many office units, in addition to residential projects. Follow along to check out some of the features of this region together. There are many apartments for sale in Istanbul Asia, you just have to know where you are interested in.

Apartment for sale in Atasehir
Villa for sale in Atasehir

Villa for sale in Atasehir

Atashehir District of Istanbul is one of the modern districts of Istanbul in Turkey. Luxury living area of more than 80,000 people with high incomes. Istanbul Atashehir district is home to the directors and managers of the companies and is also a commercial area. Luxury villa houses are built in this region, although they do not have a sea view. But they compete with other villas in other areas with luxury amenities and luxury green spaces. Villas for sale in Istanbul Asia and villas in Atasehir, are suitable for those who are looking for tranquility after a busy working day in the area.

Why buying real estate in Atasehir?

Atatsehir is one of the good districts of Istanbul with a flourishing economy and numerous innovations. Atasehir consists of 17 neighborhoods with primary school, middle school and medical center available in all of these neighborhoods. There are many entertainment centers, cafes, restaurants and chain markets in Atashehir. Banks and economic centers with many applications in this region are seen.
we want to check out some of it’s features:

Large and well-known shopping malls such as:
✔ Palladium
✔ Optimum
✔ Brandium
✔ Novada
✔ Carrefore
And there are numerous other recreational and commercial centers in the area.

Customs office with an area of 28 thousand square meters is located in one of the main boulevards of AtaSehir area which itself has different parts.
Ataşehir district has many parks and green spaces. In 2012, a park with an area of 8,000 square meters was built in this area. The park is equipped with basketball courts and lounge footballs.
Yeditepe and Acibadem universities are located in this region.
Atasehir is equipped with a metro and bus area that makes transportation easy for residents.
Why buying real estate in Atasehir?
Investment and price range in Atasehir region

Investment and price range in Atasehir region

If you want to buy in the Asian region of Istanbul, Atasehir can be a good option for you because of its youthful texture and reasonable prices. Another advantage of this region is its proximity to Bustanji Pier and access to the Prince Islands.
Renting a residential unit in this area varies between 2 and 7 thousand TL and the purchase price of housing continues from 250,000 TL in low to 5 million TL.
Most houses on the western side of Atasehir are located in luxury towers and within the town. Most residents of the western part of Atashehir are affluent. But in the eastern part of Atasehir, there is a lot of financial and cultural diversity among the residents.
In the eastern part of the region, there are two neighborhoods called Küçükbakalköy and Içrenköy as good neighborhoods in Atasehir.

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Investment and price range in Atasehir region

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