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Ümraniye is a high-end neighborhood in the amazing city of Istanbul. An array of amenities and wonderful properties for sale are what this incredible neighborhood offers

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Istanbul’s Umraniye district is one of the most important Asian regions of the city. The area became very popular after the discovery of a cache of weapons purportedly from 2007. Uamraniye, with its unique natural landscape, claimed the title of the cleanest district in Istanbul. In this article, we are going to examine the characteristics of Omraniye area and properties, apartments and villas for sale in Umraniye.

Properties for sale in Umraniye
Properties for sale in Umraniye

Properties for sale in Umraniye

This region is neighbored to the northeast by Çekmeköy , sancaktepe to the east, Atashehir to the south, Eskudar district of Istanbul to the west and Beykoz to the northwest. With Umraniye district of Istanbul located in the lush and forested part of Istanbul, most apartments and properties in this region have forest and greenery views. With the growth of this region, most of the projects and complexes in Omraniye region have full amenities.

In terms of investment and purchase of property in Umraniye in Turkey, considering the existing commercial and welfare positions, it can be said that it is a suitable investment location for people who want to buy property for sale in Asian Istanbul. Another advantage of investing in Umraniye Istanbul is the existence of a variety of options for buying property at a variety of prices. In Umraniye, many residential projects are ready for delivery. Umraniye Properties are a variety of suites, small and large apartments and old and newly built villa houses.

Apartments for sale in Umraniye

Umraniye is one of the districts of Istanbul where the population and rate of urbanization in this region is rapidly increasing. Modern apartments with excellent access to shopping malls and public transportation systems are among the most preferred investment options in this region while investing in apartments for sale in Asian Istanbul is always a sure decision. Umraniye district with its natural landscapes and urban design has been chosen by ISTAC foundation as the cleanest area of Istanbul. There are entertainment centers everywhere in Umraniye and many apartment projects are built to meet the needs of all social classes.

Apartments for sale in Umraniye
Villas for sale in Umraniye

Villas for sale in Umraniye

Umraniye neighborhood is one of the old and old-fashioned areas in Istanbul city, which in the past was all this dense area of forests and green trees because its climate was very suitable for forest growth. In general, the Umraniye district of Istanbul is more populated than other Asian regions of Istanbul, and hence there are good amenities in this region. This sought-after area has one of the most beautiful natural parks in Istanbul.

Villas for sale in Asian Istanbul have it’s own fans, but Umraniye today is a region with golden opportunities to generate income for investors. Many construction companies are operating in Umraniye and have built many luxury villas with forest landscapes.

Advantages of investing in Umraniye

Today, modern and large shopping malls, entertainment centers, luxury buildings and residential towers were built in Omranieh and were recognized as the most important areas in the business industry.

There are generally about 104 schools in the area, of which there are 61 elementary schools, nine high schools, 34 kindergartens in Umraniye.

There are also 29 hospitals and polyclinics in the area that provide good services.

There are several Tourist and historical attractions in this region. But these are the most famous:

  • Ihlamurkuyu Ormanı Forest
  • Dudullu Tepesi
  • Şile Yolu Ormanı Forest Path
  • Trabzon Park
  • Hekimbaşı Av Köşkü Mansion
  • Birlik Mahallesi

There are several shopping centers in this region and you can reach any thing you want. But these are the most famous:

  • Asia Park Shopping Mall (ASYAPARK AVM)
  • AkYaka Shopping Mall (AKYAKA PARK)
  • YİĞİT AVM Shopping Mall
  • Meydan AVM Shopping Mall
  • John Park Shopping Mall (CANPARK AVM)
  • Metro GARDEN AVM Shopping Mall
  • Buyaka AVM Shopping Mall

There are two highways in Umraniye district that make it very easy for residents to access other areas of Istanbul. Through these routes you can easily and in the shortest time head to Istanbul. Of course, don’t underestimate the public transport system in this region.

There are several metro stations in Umraniye district that make commuting very easy. In addition, there are bus and taxi lines in Umraniye region that are ready to serve you.

Advantages of investing in Umraniye
Advantages of investing in Umraniye

Why buying Unraniye real estate from Alkhailtr?

Investment in Umraniye has always attracted investors’ attention due to the existence of modern apartments with excellent access to shopping malls and public transportation systems. To buy a house in this Asian region of Istanbul, just contact Alkhailtr’s expert advisors to introduce you the best positions at the best prices.

Alkhailtr is at your service with years of experience in buying and selling property in Turkey and Umraniye. Our consultants are ready to respond to you about all the features of different regions of Turkey and the properties in it. You can also visit our site to learn about the features of different regions of Turkey and see the properties in each region.

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