Best 10 places expats love to live in Turkey

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Best 10 places expats love to live in Turkey

Turkey has long been a destination for spending holidays and enjoying the sunshine, beaches, and historical attractions, good food, and interesting culture. There are awesome places and cities to visit in Turkey. It can certainly be predictable for you that all of this, and sometimes more, belongs to people who choose Turkey as their place of residence. There are cities in Turkey that have built a very modern nature for themselves, and we have to say that there are also cities that have a traditional structure alongside their modern amenities. Attractive prospects for ex-pats are offered because of the low cost of living in Turkey and the cultural variety. If these facilities are attractive to you, below we will introduce you the places to live in Turkey that are highly regarded by immigrants.

Best 10 places expats love to live in Turkey

Best places ex-pat love to live in Turkey

For foreigners looking to live in Turkey, the country have much to offer. With fundamental changes in the way and trends of life in the change in infrastructure in 15 years, today we can compare the way of life in Turkey with any developed country. There are several reasons to live in these places in Turkey such as safety, English speaking, low prices, and beautiful scenery. Therefore, people with different conditions choose different parts of Turkey to live in.

For example, retired immigrants are interested in living in Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. Foreigners property buyers are attracted by the northern coastline. Below we review 15 places to live for foreigners in Turkey:

Best 10 places expats love to live in Turkey

1. The professional ex-pat’s choice is Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the best places to live for those seeking employment, particularly in the world of business. If you ask why Istanbul is a good place for business, the answer is, that it is the country’s historic, economic, and cultural sector.

You’ll find the best internet service in Istanbul, so it is a good place for digital nomads. For obvious reasons the cost of living in Istanbul is higher than elsewhere in Turkey. But you can get around the city by looking in suburbs and commuting to work.

As you know, Istanbul is divided into Asian and European sections, and for a long time some immigrants have chosen villas for sale in Istanbul Europe, and some other villas for sale in Istanbul Asia, there are only environmental differences and what nature you prefer.

Everything is available in Istanbul, from a metropolitan space of this kind, to vibrant nightlife, plenty of shopping, and excellent local and international schools. Of course, we have to say it has famous tourist attractions like the Hagia Sofia, the blue mosque, and more. These are the reasons which make Turkey a good place to live.

The weather in Istanbul doesn’t go hot in summer, but it gets cold in winter so it is not uncommon to see snow in Istanbul. So you should know everything before living in Turkey to not be shocked.

Best 10 places expats love to live in Turkey

2. Tourism-related business opportunities and retirement city is Antalya

If you are thinking of setting up a business like a restaurant or a hotel Antalya is the best place due to it is an ideal tourist destination. Whether this work may be seasonal but it offers good opportunities nonetheless.

When the Tories come here and see these beauties, they wish they lived in one of Antalya villas. Antalya is a clean and safe city, and it has a weekly food market. This market help to keep the cost of living down. The city is a good choice for those who are looking for a job, because of superior internet speed and public transport.

Retire could have a great time on Antalya’s coastline. Some amazing things are prepared for lifestyle seekers, such as natural beauty spots, fishing village, and great countryside walk. It is clear that all of these are full of amazing restaurants and some good shopping opportunities.

If you are interested in activities outside the home, Antalya can be the perfect place for you, one of the most exciting activities is having the largest walking path in the world. Konyaalti and Lara are two of Turkey’s best beaches which are in Antalya. It is cost more for you to live in the city or its outskirts. But living elsewhere in the Antalya district would be much cheaper. With all this a family could live in the city for less than you’d expect.

Best 10 places expats love to live in Turkey

3. A high-class living city in Turkey is Bodrum

Bodrum hosted many artists and writers from around the world in the 1960s, which has led to the rapid growth of the city and it is becoming a luxury city in Turkey.

Nowadays it becomes a popular destination with celebrities. Gumusluk, Turkbuku, and Gumbet are some rustic destination ideal for retirement. Bodrum villas have gained immense popularity among other Turkish cities. There are plenty of mega-hotels for tourists along the coast. If you look hard enough you can find amazing bargains on houses and villas. Bodrum has an annual music festival that attracts plenty of talented musicians from all over the world as well as classical music lover. It is held in the magnificent 2500 years old Antique Koyunbaba Stone Quarry.

About the weather because it is located in the Aegean the temperature goes high. The average summer temperature is 3 C but it raised to 45 C. but in the winter the weather is so good it’s about 15 C.

If you are looking for work or you want to raise your family this city will be a good choice for you.

Best 10 places expats love to live in Turkey

4. The city of heritage in Turkey is Bursa

If you travel to turkey you have to know the Turkey travel tips that come in handy and Bursa is one of the cities you have to visit. Because Bursa is a state of real Turkey.

It was the second capital of the Ottoman Empire in the 14th century. The city keeps its connection with this heritage. Due to its connection to Ottoman architecture, the entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many places to visit such as mausoleums, palaces, and mansions. While it is a city, there are plenty of green spaces. Local people know the city as the green Bursa. It is because of the local government’s push to preserve natural spaces such as parks and forests. So it doesn’t feel too urban and it is a good destination for families to live.

The price range of real estate in Turkey is different base on the region, but villas in Bursa Turkey have their fans. If you are a ski lover, this city is perfect for you. because Mount Aldeaga is home to skiing in Turkey and the city’s skyline is dominated by it.

The weather in summer typically peaks at around 31 C and in winter around 10 C. you can easily go for a short drive to a comfortable altitude if the weather gets too hot because the city is close to the mountain.

The city always got plenty of employment opportunities. Because Bursa is home to several factories like Kia and Renault, Bosch, and Coca-Cola.

One thing to note is that there are no international schools in Bursa. And finally, we have to say that Bursa shows you a different form of Turkish culture.

Best 10 places expats love to live in Turkey

5. A perfect city for retirement in Turkey is Izmir

You won’t do much better than Izmir if retirement is the purpose of your relocating to Turkey. All amenities you’d expect to come with this Item are prepared in the city and Izmir is one of the largest cities in Turkey.

Izmir got great national and international transport links and is a popular cruise port. If you are interested in walking and loathe the bus ride, this city can be the perfect city for you. Because it has so many hiking trails.

There are many small cities around Izmir that are very suitable for retired life. We must say that all these small towns are connected to the metropolis of Izmir. Izmir has a good position, it is located on the Aegean Sea and has all the features you think. There are plenty of water sports, sailing opportunities, and a really good climate. So these days, many immigrants have been encouraged to buy Izmir villas.

If you are looking to immigrate to Turkey but you are confused you can check how to move to Turkey, in this article, there are many tips and points which help you to be ready to immigrate.

Weather temperature in summer reaches 33 C and drops to 13 C in the winter. Sometimes it gets a bit rainy but it is a welcome change from the drier summer. Izmir is one of the westernmost parts of Turkey and it is easier to talk to real estate consultants than in other regions. If you search very well, you can find a property at a very reasonable price. Keep in mind we examine all you should know for buying property in Turkey as a foreigner in our blog, and if you are looking for Turkish citizenship after buying a property, you can apply for it, of course, there are different ways to get Turkish citizenship and its passport.

Best 10 places expats love to live in Turkey

6. One of the fast-growing hotspots in Turkey is Alanya

Alanya is a city and a province too. It is located on the south coast f Turkey in the Mediterranean. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in Turkey and is 133 km away from Antalya.

Alanya is a small city in Turkey so it offers plenty of rural-feeling suburbs so the property prices could be attractive. So buying villas in Alanya become so popular among tourists. Although there are pros and cons of Turkish citizenship, some people after buying a property in Turkey get Turkish citizenship fast. Mahmutlar is one of the places in Turkey which has the lowest prices.

If you are looking for an active lifestyle. It is a good place for you. The city got plenty of walking spots and also plenty of water sports. In addition, there are numerous annual festivals such as the jazz festival and an international culture festival.

The city’s population is a large number of immigrants. Numbers show more than 17,000 migrants own property in Alanya. Alanya has different features to attract ex-pats such as a combination of rural areas, good amenities, low property prices, and good international connections.

Best 10 places expats love to live in Turkey

7. Marmaris is a sea lover’s dream in Turkey

In southwest Turkey on the Turkish Riveria Marmaris is located.  As the title implies, there is a unique lifestyle going on in this region. A national hub for sailing and diving, a popular choice for wintering location for boaters is Marmaris in Turkey.

There are numerous beaches and small marinas which are ideal for keeping a boat in. don’t worry, if you fancy land-based activities, Marmaris is prepared it for you. you can bike riding, safari tours, climbing, canoeing, and much more to keep you active.

It is one of the natural historical areas in Turkey. The Nimara Cave on Heaven Island is a particular highlight which is just off the coast of Marmaris. A place that is definitely worth a visit in Marmaris is a site of religious worship for thousands of year.

Lots of historical landmarks make Marmaris a perfect place for history lovers. Ottoman Empire selected Marmaris as the key site and plenty of its buildings reflect it such as Marmaris Castle.

For everyone, the weather is an important thing, the weather in summer is mid-30s, and the winter drop to 15 C. we have to say the rainy winter is a welcome break from the hot summer.

One of the most popular tourist hotspot in Turkey is Marmaris. Around 400,000 tourists visit Marmaris every year. Depending on your opinion, this can be a good or bad point. Marmaris is an excellent place for you to start a business that connects with tourists.

Best 10 places expats love to live in Turkey

8. An all-year-round destination for tourists is Kusadasi in Turkey

Kusadasi has been one of the oldest holiday areas in Turkey, which today has attracted the attention of many tourists and has gained a great reputation. So that most tourists who come to the city are looking for Kusadasi villas to have a safe place to spend their holidays.

Because all year round luxury cruise ships travel to Kusadasi, everything is in the city throughout the year and no business can be seasonal. For this reason, and kusadasi’s great potential in attracting tourists and tourist-related businesses, Kusadasi was able to transform from a small village into the busiest city in a short time.

Turkish retirees from metropolises are looking to move to or around Kusadasi. One of the most famous beaches of Kusadasi is the Ladies’ beach. Ladies Beach is like a small facility for passing the holidays, which includes all amenities such as bars, restaurants, and water sports facilities.

Kusadasi doesn’t have an airport, but tourists use Izmir airport which is one hour away from Kusadasi or Bodrum airport which is 2 hours away from Kusadasi.

While Kusadasi is a bustling center, the surrounding areas and lands are very tranquil. These areas have different views and property prices in Kusadasi are considered relatively cheap. That’s why most tourists are looking to buy Kusadasi villas for a luxury holiday by seeing the pristine nature. That way they come here easily every year to spend the holidays and no longer worry about hotels and other things.

Best 10 places expats love to live in Turkey

9. One of the cities located on the Black sea is Trabzon in Turkey

The city of Trabzon is located in a humid subtropical region with heavy rain throughout the year. Trabzon is one of the Turkish cities where many migrants have long lived in the city, such as Americans, Greek, Georgians, Turkmen, Russians, and more on.

The cost of living in Trabzon is estimated to be low and moderate. And the price of a property in this city is also suitable. Immigrants looking for a peaceful city with facilities to live in choose villas for sale in Trabzon. Trabzon is a sparsely populated city, but it is a completely safe city and there are places for security in mountainous areas of the city. Although Trabzon is a small town, it has wonderful beauty and is one of the most popular Turkish cities among tourists. The city has many tourist attractions, some of which are the Hagia Sofia Mosque, Ataturk palace, Gulbahar Hatun Mosque, Sumela Monastery, and more.

Trabzon has great nightlife like most cities in Turkey.

Best 10 places expats love to live in Turkey

10. Yalova is the most peaceful city in Turkey

Yalova is a small coastal town in northwestern Turkey with very few populations, but in summer it is a very busy and busy city. Yalova was originally part of Istanbul and has become a city today. After Yalova became an independent city, it was able to attract a lot of people to live, and both Turkish locals from other Turkish cities and some migrants became interested in living in Yalova.

Yalova is one of the most intimate cities in Turkey where the migrant population is growing due to natural capital. That’s why Yalova Villas have a lot of fans today. Of course, we have to say that the price of the property in Yalova is very reasonable, but depending on the type of land and the location and the surrounding scenery can vary the price. And you have to keep in mind that there are different types of real estate taxes in Turkey.

Yalova can be considered a green or blue city because it has stunning views of the forest and the sea. You will never have a shortage of natural beauties to discover in the city. From the Delmece and Erikli Plateaus to the Sudusen waterfall.

You can do many kinds of sports such as hiking, trekking, biking to the mountains, and paragliding. To have more fun, you can engage in many sports activities in the city. Yalova Hot Springs may be the city’s most important tourist attraction. The spring is said to have the ability to heal some patients. Many tourists travel to the city annually to use them.

Best 10 places expats love to live in Turkey

Best places to live in Turkey for ex-pats

Thank you for accompanying us until the end of this article, Turkey is a very vast country that has long been considered by other countries. Because it has a stunning nature and has been able to use these natural attractions well to attract tourists. There are different cities in Turkey, each of which has its own fans to live and explore because of its different features. In this article, we reviewed some of the cities of interest for immigrants to live in Turkey.

Best 10 places expats love to live in Turkey

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