Pros and Cons of Turkish citizenship

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Pros and Cons of Turkish citizenship

Turkey is a vast country that has long been considered because of its abundant natural resources and strategic location. Because of this strategic location and connecting the Western world to the Eastern world, many merchants have traveled to it and have also seen many empires. Today, Turkey has a very good position and many immigrants are looking to live in Turkey and get Turkish citizenship. Having Turkish citizenship has advantages and disadvantages that we review in this article.

How to get Turkish citizenship by investment

The pros and cons of Turkish citizenship

Turkey is a country capable of attracting tourists, which itself has many brokers. Turkey is a four-season country and has beautiful nature from forests, waterfalls, seas, and oceans to beautiful old mansions and buildings. There are excellent cities and places to see in Turkey.

Some tourists who come to Turkey are thinking about how to move to Turkey when they see the conditions of the country. But keep in mind that they need to know everything before living in Turkey. There are many reasons that make Turkey a good place to live, to the extent that some are looking to get Turkish citizenship and a passport. We have to say that there are different ways to get Turkish citizenship. But getting Turkish citizenship also has advantages and disadvantages.

Certainly, the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship are greater than its disadvantages. In this article, we will examine them.

Pros and Cons of Turkish citizenship

Top ten advantages of having Turkish citizenship

As we said, there are different ways to get Turkish citizenship, after you have been able to get this possibility, you will see a lot of benefits in front of you, here are ten of the most important benefits of having Turkish citizenship.

  • You will be able to work, study and live in the country when you have Turkish citizenship.
  • You can invest in different properties and real estate and make a profit on rent.

 The price range of real estate in Turkey is very different. And the price of each property depends on the city you have chosen, the location of that property, and other options. For example, you cannot compare the prices of villas for sale in Istanbul Europe with Yalova villas. Nor can you compare the prices of Antalya villas with Izmir Villas. Because each of these cities has its own characteristics. Some are by the sea, some are very well-known among tourists and are busy. So there are many different reasons that affect the price of the property.

  • When you have Turkish citizenship you will be able to travel to more than 140 countries without any visa application.
  • Your children will have a right to have Turkish citizenship directly if you have children after you have Turkish citizenship.
  • When you buy a property in Turkey there are many different locations where you will be able to make a profit.
  • You will never have a problem with food if you are planning to live in Turkey because Turkey provides world cuisine in countless restaurants in the country. Also, Turkey cuisine is also rich and appeals to everyone.
  • There are also diverse work and education opportunities.
  • Turkey is developed its health and education systems in these years. If you have children don’t worry to live in small cities, because it is possible to find schools and hospitals in every location.
  • Everyone lives freely in Turkey. You can live in diversity in Turkey because Turkey has hosted many different citizenships and Turkish people are hospitable to ex-pats. There isn’t any discrimination against religions and nationalities.
  • Maybe the most important thing is the cost of living in Turkey. Turkey has a lower cost of living compared to most European and developed countries. While it offers a good standard of living.
Pros and Cons of Turkish citizenship

Cons of having Turkish citizenship

We can inform you about the cost of renewing the property and real estate that you purchased, while it is hard to find cons of having Turkish citizenship. You may need to renew the real estate or the property after three years when you get Turkish citizenship by investing in the country. According to the property that you have the cost of the renewing process can be changeable. You can consider it as cons of having Turkish citizenship in Turkey even if it will not be costly. It will be much cheaper in Turkey than in other countries because renewing the property is required in every country.

Pros and Cons of Turkish citizenship

Advantages and disadvantages of having Turkish citizenship

If you are also looking for Turkish citizenship, and you are concerned about its disadvantages, we should say that it has many advantages, while there are no disadvantages. In this paper, the advantages and disadvantages of having Turkish citizenship were investigated. Thank you for being with us until the end of the article.

How to get Turkish citizenship by investment

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