Reasons that make Turkey a good place to live

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Reasons that make Turkey a good place to live

Turkey is one of the most suitable countries to live and settle in. due to it, living in Turkey has become a target for many people, especially Arabs. Many advantages distinguished Turkey from the rest of the countries of the world such as urban development, continuous development, natural wealth, quality of education and health, and some more. Many reasons make Turkey a good place to live, which we will examine below.

Reasons that make Turkey a good place to live

Reasons that make Turkey a good place to live

As you know Turkey is surrounded on three sides by the sea. It is considered as the center of gravity in terms of tourist attractions because there are many awesome cities and places to visit in Turkey. It is one of the most favored regions for foreigners to invest and live in, but keep in mind to know everything before living in Turkey. Below we explore the reasons why Turkey has become a good place to live.

Reasons that make Turkey a good place to live

1. Cost of living in Turkey

The cost of living in Turkey is very low although there is global development in the country. For each budget, real estate investment can be made appropriately. Below we talk about the price of some things.

Reasons that make Turkey a good place to live

2. Property prices in Turkey

It is easy to retire here on your social security, because of the exchange rate between the US dollar and the Turkish Lira. You can cost 250 $ a month and rent a furnished one-bedroom apartment in the center of the coastal town with panoramic Mediterranean Sea views. You’ll get three-bedroom property if you pushed your budget to 500$.

The price range of real estate in Turkey is different based on the location and the kind of property. Some are looking for big cities with a lot of crowds and looking for businesses, these people are sure to choose properties for sale in Asian Istanbul or properties for sale in European Istanbul. Others are looking to spend their holidays. For this reason, Antalya villas or Alanya villas are more suitable for these people.

And another group maybe are retired people who are looking for a peaceful, beautiful and city-like location, Yalova villas are the most suitable option for these people. The properties mentioned for you each have different prices that are not comparable to each other due to different circumstances, their only common wedge is that these properties and these cities are much cheaper than properties in other countries because of the facilities they offer.

Reasons that make Turkey a good place to live

3. Food prices in Turkey

You will probably remember the array of colorful fruits and vegetables if you’ve ever been to Turkey. Locally produced pastries and honey are in all markets. Fresh, cheap, and generally very healthy are Turkish food features. Articles have shown that people who are on a Mediterranean diet live longer and enjoy greater health.

It cost about 6 $ for you to eat a filling dinner of shish kebabs, including rice, vegetables, and fries. Turkish cuisine is usually served very thoroughly and has delicious options such as olives, bread, and classic Mediterranean dips. This is due to the intimacy and hospitality of the Turks.

Reasons that make Turkey a good place to live

4. Regional Transportation prices in Turkey

Regional transportation by plane is cheap. For example, if you want to travel to European countries, it costs about $40 to travel.  An hours-long bus trip costs you about 5 $.

Reasons that make Turkey a good place to live

5. Ease of residence in Turkey

US citizens can only stay in most European countries, for 90 days out of every 180 days. It is a general rule. However, in Turkey, one can obtain a renewable one or two-year residence permit relatively easily.

You apply online and provide evidence of loading for the duration of the request for permission to obtain a residence permit. After residing in Turkey, people are looking for Turkish citizenship. The good news is that there are different ways to get Turkish citizenship and a passport. But there are advantages and disadvantages to obtaining Turkish citizenship, which is better to have complete information before applying for it.

Reasons that make Turkey a good place to live

6. Natural beauty in Turkey

Turkey is a country that may not have a rival in beauty. Wooded mountains, greenery forests, and very beautiful seas and oceans. Different and stunning scenery in different parts of the country has attracted a lot of attention around the world. The Mediterranean, Aegean, Black Sea, and the Marmara Sea are four seas that lapped Turkey. The country has mountain ranges Parallel the approximate 5000 miles of coastline.

Turkey may be a country of different colors of nature, such as the crystal clear turquoise, jade, and sapphire-infused sea, the forest-blanket emerald green valleys, and mountains, and the stark white cliffs provide staggering beauty.

Whatever different colors you can see in Turkish cities, we can say that there is little to say. The abundance of vegetation lends pops of color from silvery-green olive groves, ruby red pomegranate bushes, fields of lemon and orange trees, and carpets of sun-bronzed tomatoes.

So it depends on your taste to choose villas in Bursa Turkey to live in or like the landscapes and colors of nature in other cities, for example, apartments for sale in Bodrum or properties in Izmir Turkey.

Reasons that make Turkey a good place to live

7. History and architecture in Turkey

With good reasons, Turkey is known as the world’s largest museum. You can visit a sea of sites of historical, architectural, and archaeological buffs including many UNESCO world heritage sites. You can walk through the mansions and houses of historical figures like Alexander the Great, Helen of Troy, and St, Nicholas. Istanbul alone can be a huge source of these architectures in Turkey.

Reasons that make Turkey a good place to live

8. The climate in Turkey

Turkey is a country with a pleasant climate. Turkey hosts tourists from all over the world all year. With beautiful coastal cities located next to the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea, with hot weather in summer and temperate in winter, it welcomes tourists.

Coastal cities in the west and south of Turkey, have Mediterranean climates, the average temperature in winter is 48 F and 84 F in summer.

Reasons that make Turkey a good place to live

9. Hospitality in Turkey

Turkey is a country whose people are known for intimacy and affable. Tolerance and civility reign in it. It is the only Muslim secular country. It is the only country in the world that straddles both Europe and Asia. Turkey is a country where differences are not only respected but also are what makes the country so diverse and it is a meld of cultures.

Foreigners are welcomed with open arms and appreciation and tourism is a huge part of the Turkish economy.

Reasons that make Turkey a good place to live

10. The healthcare in Turkey

Turkey’s strong economy has enabled Turkey to provide an excellent infrastructure for its hospital sector in the past 20 years. It is still unknown to many that Turkey is one of the best countries in the treatment of diseases. Hospitals and hospital equipment in Turkey are very modern and specialized even in small towns. In the past, Turkish doctors may have had to study abroad, but today students from different parts of the world come to Antalya and Izmir to study and study medicine.

Reasons that make Turkey a good place to live

Is Turkey a good place to live?

Thank you for accompanying us until the security of this article. In this article, we talked about the reasons that make Turkey a good place to live. As you can see, there are reasonable reasons for this, which is why many people in Turkey choose to continue their lives and immigrate to it every year.

Everything is available for every slap in Turkey. There is a Mediterranean lifestyle that is dreamed up by many people at unbelievable and very cheap prices in Turkey.

Finally, we should say that if you have been encouraged to immigrate and live in Turkey by reading these reasons, Alkhail website provided very detailed information about this country. Also, our very qualified experts and experts in buying and selling property in Turkey are ready to help you. You can contact us via WhatsApp for faster communication.

Reasons that make Turkey a good place to live

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