How to get Turkish citizenship by investment? Ultimate guide to getting Turkish citizenship by buying property in Turkey!

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How to get Turkish citizenship by investment

Many people are looking to obtain citizenship and passports in a country other than their own. Turkey is one of the countries where applying for citizenship is very high. There are different ways to get Turkish citizenship and a passport. One of the most popular ways to invest in Turkey and get citizenship is to get citizenship. This article will examine how to get Turkish citizenship by investing in Turkey. So stay with us until the end.

How to get Turkish citizenship by investment

About Turkey and Turkish citizenship

In the last decade, Turkey has become an attractive destination for people who are looking to immigrate from their home country. Perhaps the most important reason is the cost of living in Turkey. But some obvious reasons make Turkey a good place to live.

The important thing is that you need to know everything before you live in Turkey. Turkey connects two important points, freedom and development similar to European countries while respecting the Religion of Islam.

Some people who come to Turkey to live after a while are thinking about obtaining Turkish citizenship and a passport. There are advantages and disadvantages to obtaining Turkish citizenship, although with this volume of demand for Turkish citizenship surely more advantages are in doing this.

How to get Turkish citizenship by investment

Analyzing Turkish citizenship by investment

Concerns about capital security are one of the most common concerns in investment in other countries. Maintaining initial capital is very important in addition to making a profit. What can ensure the security of your investment and facilitate getting Turkish citizenship by investment is that Turkey has signed bilateral trade agreements with various countries in the world.

It is important to note that most countries take a lot of money to give you citizenship of the country, and this does not have any financial or investment benefits for the individual. But by investing in Turkey, both the Turkish economy benefits from this, and you can benefit financially and achieve Turkish citizenship.

How to get Turkish citizenship by investment

Getting Turkish citizenship by investment step by step

The steps to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment are as follows:

  • Meeting the requirements of the Turkish citizenship program

You should search buy property in Turkey, start a business worth of 500000 US dollars, or open a bank deposit account in Turkish banks.

  • Gathering the necessary documents for Turkish citizenship

Besides the basic documents such as the application form for Turkish nationality, photos, bank documents, showing you bought a property in Turkey for investment, state fees, and taxes.

  • Getting a residence permit in Turkey for short term

If you mention your goal in the application form as Turkish citizenship by investment or investment citizenship you can easily get a residence permit in Turkey. 

  • Apply for Turkish citizenship

Application for Turkish citizenship will be investigated and most probably replied in 3 months if you apply to the registry office in Turkey with your documents or to the Turkish embassy in your country.

Your documents will be checked by the Ministry of Internal affairs and signed by the president if Turkish citizenship by investment is approved.

  • Get your Turkish passport

You need to come to Turkey to receive your Turkish passport by investment or assign a lawyer to receive it.

How to get Turkish citizenship by investment

General requirements to get Turkish citizenship by investment

In order to obtain Turkish citizenship, you must observe the points. Some tips are checked below:

  • Perhaps the most important of which is that you should never enter Turkey illegally. You can easily enter Turkey on a tourist visa and complete the process of obtaining citizenship.
  • You should not have any criminal record in Turkey if you want to apply for Turkish nationality.
  • You should be minimum 18 years old to apply for Turkish citizenship by investment program.
  • You should completely pay the taxes, cost of the property, and cost of the Turkish citizenship process.

You will get Turkish citizenship for life as well as your spouse and your children once you held the property or the Turkish government bond for three years.

How to get Turkish citizenship by investment

What documents do you need to get Turkish citizenship by investment?

The documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship are listed below:

  • Birth certificate
  • International passport
  • Proof of residence
  • 12 biometric passport photos
  • A clean record of the police report from the country of residency
  • Certificate of marriage (if there is any)
  • Certificate of death or divorce of spouse (if there is any)
  • Health insurance certificate (valid for Turkey)

For Turkish citizenship investors:

  • Proof of bank transfer of $ 250000 UAD into Turkish bank account or lawyer’s client account
  • Turkish tax number ( Tax ID number)
  • Application forms
How to get Turkish citizenship by investment

What are different ways of getting Turkish citizenship by investment?

In order to get Turkish citizenship by investment, you must invest in one of the sectors designated by the Turkish government and as minimal as it has been approved. This means that you can obtain Turkish citizenship for yourself and your spouse and children under the age of 18.

It takes between 3 and 6 months for an investor in Turkey to get their citizenship. It takes about 2 months to issue Turkish citizenship to the investor’s family. Since the Turkish government allows you to have dual citizenship, you do not need to lose your country’s citizenship.

Below are the ways to get Turkish citizenship by investment:

How to get Turkish citizenship by investment

1. Invest in Turkey by buying a property to get Turkish citizenship

Buying a property in Turkey is one way to get Turkish citizenship. 250 thousand US dollars is the minimum capital to immigrate to Turkey through the purchase of a property. You should not sell the purchased property for three years, this is one of the conditions for investing in this method.

You can also get a 3-year Turkish residency by buying a property worth US$60,000. But you should know that you will not be allowed to work in Turkey with this residence permit.

As you can see, the price range of real estate in Turkey is very different and there are many factors affecting it. There are different areas in Turkey where migrants love to live in.

 For example, some people care about the bustle and viability of the city, they can choose a property in Istanbul European side or  Izmir villas. The difference between the two is only in the cityscape. Some are also looking for comfort and tranquility while also having urban amenities, the best option could be Yalova Villas. Some are looking for beachfront luxury recreations and great holidays, the best option for them is Antalya villas or Analya villas.

We have to say that the price range in the cities mentioned for the property is completely different and also the types of property taxes in Turkey are different. It depends on what type of house you are looking for and how much funding you have. Be sure you find the option you want and you can take help from Alkhailtr Sales Experts.

How to get Turkish citizenship by investment

2. Invest in Turkey through bank deposits to get Turkish citizenship

You can get Turkish citizenship by investment through bank deposits in this country. In this way, there is no need to invest in any field, you just have to deposit at least US $ 500000 in Turkish banks. In the past, it used to be three million but has recently dropped to $ 500000. Like the previous one, your money must remain in yank for 3 years.

How to get Turkish citizenship by investment

3. Invest in Turkey by buying stocks to get Turkish citizenship

By investing in the stock sector in Turkey you can get Turkish citizenship. To get Turkish citizenship by this way you have to buy 500000 us dollars shares.

In the past, you had to buy $2 million worth of shares that you could get Turkish citizenship. But in a new program, the Turkish government has reduced that number to the US $ 500,000.

The Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology must approve your investment, this is one of the conditions of this type of investment in Turkey. Like the terms of previous investment ways to get Turkish citizenship, you must hold these shares for 3 years.

How to get Turkish citizenship by investment

4. Invest in Turkey by buying governments bonds to get Turkish citizenship

If you purchase government bonds you can get Turkish citizenship. You should not sell your bonds for at least three years which is one of the conditions of this method of investing in Turkey. Don’t forget, the Turkish Ministry of Treasury and Finance must approve your investment.

You need 500000 $ amount of money for getting Turkish citizenship by investment through the purchase of government bonds.

How to get Turkish citizenship by investment

5. Invest in Turkey by choosing real estate companies

You can get Turkish citizenship by investing in one of the real estate companies in Turkey. One of the conditions of this investment method is that the minimum amount of your investment must be $500,000.

How to get Turkish citizenship by investment

6. Invest in Turkey through entrepreneurship and company registration

A foreign employer in Turkey has had to employ 100 local Turkish people to obtain Turkish citizenship. Today, however, this number has dropped to 50 in the new Turkish law.

Your business plan must be approved by the Turkish Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Your capital for getting Turkish citizenship by investing through this method must be at least 2600 $.

How to get Turkish citizenship by investment

Last word about Turkish citizenship by investment

Thank you for accompanying us until the end of this article. Countless opportunities are offered by Turkey for individuals to get Turkish citizenship. For this reason, perhaps the easiest way to get citizenship is to buy a property in Turkey. You will enjoy the economic benefits of investing in this country and the benefits of its passport superiority by acquiring Turkish citizenship by investment.

After obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment, do not neglect that different ways have been reviewed in this article. You can also contact our experts to buy property in Turkey via WhatsApp.

How to get Turkish citizenship by investment

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