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If you are looking to a stunning property in the Asian Side of Istanbul, Pendik would be a nice option for you. It is also a place where you can buy a waterfront property

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These days Pendik, is one of the main tourist destinations as well as buying and renting a variety of properties in Istanbul and it has been able to take several places. Pendik is one of the most popular neighborhoods located on the Asian side of Istanbul. Since in the Pendik neighborhood of Istanbul, there are a variety of hotels, markets, touristic places, hospitals, medical centers, etc, Pendik is one of the best offers to buy and sell houses and property. Therefore, in this article, we examine properties, apartments and villas for sale in Pendik.

Property for sale in Pendik
Property for sale in Pendik

Property for sale in Pendik

At the beginning, it is better to have a general familiarity with the neighborhood. The aim is to know the geographical location of the area, which is a great help to you in the field of work as well as living. As mentioned at the beginning of the text, Pendik is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, the easternmost possible point. It has also been able to neighbor different regions in different ways. These neighborhoods in different regions are as follows:

  1. West: Kartal District
  2. Northwest: Sultan Bi li District
  3. East: Gebbs District
  4. North: Forests of Istanbul

The area dedicated to this neighborhood is 200 km, of which 9 km is surrounded by coastal roads. Since Pendik Istanbul has been able to bring with it a variety of amenities, it is one of the main destinations for buying a variety of properties. Properties for sale in Asian Istanbul have their own fans  but Pendik can provide perfect welfare conditions and citizens experience a special pleasure through them.

Apartment for sale in Pendik

Pendik is the gateway between rainy weather in the Black Sea and temperate weather in the Mediterranean. Strong winds from the Balkan Peninsula in winter and rainy Black Sea weather are showing their impact in the area.  Due to its proximity to the sea, beautiful apartments are built with sea views that have all the amenities. Apartments for sale in Istanbul Asia are good investment options, But it is the apartments built in Pendik Istanbul that can provide you with a beautiful sea view in times of rain.

Apartment for sale in Pendik
Villa for sale in Pendik

Villa for sale in Pendik

Pendik is generally known as a rugged area where the beach is covered with dirt and sand. Omerli, one of the largest water resources in Istanbul, is located in The Pendik Region. If you are looking to buy villas for sale in Istanbul Asia, villas built in Pendik can be a good option. Pendik Villas are suitable for people who want a beautiful view. Due to the geographical location of this region, some villas have sea views and some of them have forest landscapes. Also, these Villas are built with the latest international standards and have all the amenities for a dream life.

Advantages of investing in Pendik

Below we will familiarize you with the various facilities that can be service or recreational:

As you know, the main reason that can be effective in choosing a neighborhood is the medical services and affairs that Pendik has been able to showcase a good position in this regard.

Istanbul’s Pendik neighborhood has its citizens considering day markets for Saturdays to Thursdays. That is, if you bought a house in this neighborhood, you can go to the existing markets on weekdays and meet your needs in terms of food and… Provide.

Shopping malls are among the options that are popular among different people and can make them feel good. These centers include the following options:

  1. Viaport Asia Outlet Shopping Mall
  2. Atlantis Shopping Mall (World ATLANTIS AVM)
  3. Axis AVM Istanbul Shopping Mall
  4. Asia Shopping Mall
  5. Pendorya Shopping Mall

Istanbul’s Pendik neighborhood has been able to accommodate numerous spectacular and historical places. Visiting any of these areas is a good opportunity that can allow you to come up with history, culture and… Learn more about this neighborhood. If you are interested in visiting historical and recreational places, you can welcome the following options:

  1. Pendorya Recreational Complex
  2. Pendik Tenis Kulubu Tennis Club
  3. Sabiha Gokcen International Airport
  4. Pendik Gari Railway Station
  5. Pendik Sahili Beach
  6. Gozdagi Korusu Park
  7. Viaport Recreational Complex
Advantages of investing in Pendik
Advantages of investing in Pendik

Alkhailtr and buying Pendik real estate

Istanbul’s Pendik neighborhood has become one of the best opportunities for various real estate transactions due to its modest and growing population, high recreational places, shopping malls and day markets, and a variety of hospitals and medical centers. Undoubtedly, Pendik is one of the top neighborhoods in Istanbul that can offer people the opportunity to bring you special recreational conditions in addition to living the right life. Therefore, you can do the necessary checks and finally make the best decision for your choices.

Alkhailtr is present to serve you with years of experience in buying and selling property in Turkey and areas like Pendik. You can choose the property you want to save time and money by checking our site and reading about the different features of different regions as well as seeing photos of properties. Then get in touch with our experts so that the rest of the process of buying a home in Pendik is easy for you.

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