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Known as one of the best areas of Istanbul, Üsküdar is a place where you can have a beautiful property and experience a unique lifestyle

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In order to introduce the neighborhoods of Istanbul that we have addressed in the past, we will meet Üsküdar today. One of the largest available areas in Istanbul city is located in the Asian part of it.  Those who are interested in staying in the Asian part of Istanbul or studying in the city, it is good to be familiar with Uskudar. This region leads to the Strait of the Bosphorus and has many sights. As it is an iconic residential neighborhood, property for sale in Uskudar is highly sought after. Thanks to its Bosphorus location, this is not new-found fame either because throughout history it has kept a prestigious reputation. Apartments for sale in Uskudar Istanbul offering a magnificent-views of Bosphorus as well as the green living spaces around. Uskudar has an infrastructure which is open to renewal and highly developing in every term day by day. Buying houses for sale in Uskudar Istanbul will be a smart investment for future.  Now, we want to explore properties, apartments and villas for sale in Uskudar and the features of region and investing in it.

Properties for sale in Uskudar
Properties for sale in Uskudar

Properties for sale in Uskudar

Uskudar district is one of the famous neighborhoods of Istanbul and is neighbored by Beykoz district in the north, Umraniye district in the northeast, Kadikoy district to the south and Atasehir district to the east. It is interesting to know that the length of 12 kilometers from the west is connected to the Sea of Marmara. Uskudar is located at the base of the Bulgurlu Hills mountains and is one of the most pleasant areas of Istanbul, Turkey. Some people say real Istanbulites live in Uskudar, but the district has its remarkable ability to captivate your attention at every turn. It would be every one dream to have a property for sale in Uskudar.

This region is one of the most densely populated residential areas of the city. That’s nearly half a million people living in this area. The old area, as well as its proximity to the European side, make this region one of the most traveled parts of Asia. This region has attracted investors in recent years. Reasonable prices and variety of construction projects along with its good geographical location have led to the growth of this region as quickly as possible. Properties for sale in Uskudar include luxury homes with high investment potential. With average population count of 530000 people, residents will find everything they want such as shopping, nightlife, entertainment, leisure, and pleasure pursuits. There are so many properties for sale in Istanbul Asia but some of the most famous residential and commercial construction projects of Istanbul are located in Uskudar district. You can choose one of their most beautiful properties to buy and invest in Üsküdar district of Istanbul.

Apartments for sale in Uskudar

Istanbul’s Eskudar district is very famous for its gardens, which encompass much of the area. Now, if you stand next to the Strait of the Bosphorus and stare at Uskudar, you will see small and large wooden houses of various colors, some of which are more than 100 years old.  In addition, location of Uskudar on the Bosphorus shore, allowing residents easy access via bridge or ferry to the central city. Many people in Istanbul go to Uskudar for paperwork or recreation on a daily basis because this area has easy access and can be reached by paying a small amount.

Uskudar always has been at the center of Istanbul real estate market, off plan, and new apartments for sale in Uskudar Istanbul are hard to come by since there is a lack of land available for building. Apartments for sale in Uskudar Turkey are ideal for professionals seeking property within commutable distance of the central city as well as buy to let investors. The variety of apartment purchase prices in Uskudar is another advantage of this region, which has made many buyers interested in it with different tastes and budgets. Apartments for sale in Asian Istanbul are good options to invest in and the wide range of luxury and medium-sized apartment projects in Uskudar allow you to have the best option.

Apartments for sale in Uskudar
Villas for sale in Uskudar

Villas for sale in Uskudar

Many experts consider the European side of Istanbul more suitable for recreation than the Asian sector, such as the Uskudar region for living. Because the congestion of foreign tourists in this region is less than in the European region. Istanbul’s Uskudar district has one of the best sea views and during peak hours, the dock is overcrowded. This region of Istanbul has one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey that many lovers come from all over the world.

Villas for sale in Asian Istanbul have its own fans, and As the Uskudar region grows and casters build in it, the demand for villas has also increased. The great variety of projects in this region due to their different locations has led to a variety of options for applicants to buy villas in Uskudar district of Istanbul. Some old villas in Uskudar are also in dire need of repair. So, high demand, as well as lack of new constructions, means prices per square meter are higher, and budget or first-time property buyers tend to look further inland.

Advantages of investing in Uskudar

Located along the coast, Uskudar district has become one of the entertainment and tourism centers of Istanbul, where numerous restaurants and cafes can be found along the coast. Below we examine the features of Istanbul for investment:

The value of the money will be multiplied upwards, when the right residence is chosen in Uskudar and the right investment is made for the purpose. In protecting the value of money the Uskudar risk level is low.

Compared to other European countries, cost of living such as electricity and gas bill, insurance, and property taxes, are inexpensive in Turkey.

Uskudar is a district with a large number of successful housing projects. It has become an investment area of many and varied types in Istanbbul. There are many opportunities and there are different projects and different types of housing in Uskudar.

One of the important reasons that made Uskudar crowded was the existence of the University of Uskudar. It is the first university of behavioral sciences and health in Istanbul.

The most important point that has turned Eskudar into a vibrant area is the existence of numerous ferry docks on its shore. Important ships such as Şehir Hatları, TurYolferries and Dentur Avrasya, which go to Aminono and Kadikoy, Kabatash and Besiktas, all take over in Uskudar.

Just inside the ferry docks are bus, minibusses and taxi stops, in other words, passengers from Uskudar can access all neighborhoods of Istanbul and even travel east to west of the Bosphorus Strait.

There are also Marmara metro stations near the Uskudar ferry docks.

Istanbul is a touristic city and it is no surprise if the number of tourist attractions in a wide area such as Uskudar is high. Below we introduce some of them:

  • Istanbul Üsküdar Park

It is one of the largest parks in Istanbul city, starting from the hillside and ending on the shore of the Basphorus Strait.

  • mosques in Uskudar

There are also many mosques in Uskudar that you will notice with a search on Google. There are 180 mosques in Uskudar!!

  • Churches of Uskudar

The number of Uskudar churches is not comparable to its mosques, but there are also a few churches in the area.

  • Uskudar Museums in Istanbul

Museums are among the other sights in most neighborhoods of Istanbul city. In this city, you can find outdoor museums to war and sometimes scary museums. There are also a few museums in Uskudar

By investing in Uskudar Istanbul, you will also have the advantage of proximity to the most luxurious shopping malls in the city. Below are some examples of these centers:

  • Emaar   square mall in Uskudar

Emaar Shopping Mall is a very beautiful center with stylish architecture and convenient shopping facilities in Uskudar district of Istanbul.

  • Capitol shopping center in Uskudar

Capitol Shopping Mall is a large and beautiful shopping mall in The Uskudar District of Istanbul, which has been working for about 25 years.

  • Akasya mall in Uskudar

Akasya Shopping Mall is a modern shopping mall in Uskudar neighborhood with about 260 stores from famous domestic and foreign brands in Turkey.

Advantages of investing in Uskudar
Nef Kandilli Apartments in Uskudar, Istanbul

What are the standards of living in Uskudar?

Uskudar region is located on the Anatolian side of the Marmara region of Istanbul province. It is among the quite old and decent districts of Istanbul. In terms of transportation, Uskudar is one of the important regions in Istanbul. Most transportation network connections that are provided by both land and sea pass through Uskudar. Marmary project which is an important project has been completed and increased the importance and centrality of Uskudar.

The people who are living in this district do not have problem with transportation. Business people consider the region as a trade center. The people who are living in a coastal-and-inner districts of Uskudar have a high standard of living and Uskudar is one of the precious districts where Istanbul brings green and blue. There are many places to visit, and it has quite a lot of forest land. Uskudar is a socially advanced town.

Why buy properties for sale in Uskudar, Istanbul?

Uskudar Bosphorus location sitting opposite Eminonu is a big lure for Uskudar property buyers. Workers and retired locals often take advantage of regular ferry transport routes to reach the European side.  If you speak to any locals they will tell you the Bosphorus views are the best in Istanbul. These great views are reflected in the laid-back atmosphere of waterfront cafes and restaurants.  Social life revolves around the center. If you home to ferry port and Salacak the long promenade fills up during weekends as locals emerge to make the most of the views and idyllic weather.

Given its shorefront, prominent location, and reputation, make Uskudar property prices higher than other districts. Homebuyers are tapping into an exclusive lifestyle found nowhere else in Turkey by buying property for sale in Uskudar Istanbul. Luxury home buyers will also be surprised by what is on the Uskudar real estate market. Buyers are grabbing a prime price of real estate with all modern cons, trendy décor, and design dominating the market’s upper end, and many homes featuring Bosphorus sea views.

Nef Kandilli Apartments in Uskudar, Istanbul
Advantages of investing in Uskudar

Alkhail And Uskudar Real Estate

As explained above, Uskudar is a large and old neighborhood in Asian Istanbul that has attracted the attention of construction companies due to its unique features and there are significant properties for all income strata. So if you want to invest in Turkey, be sure to visit Properties, apartments, and villas for sale in Uskudar Turkey.

Alkhail is one of the most experienced real estate agents in Turkey and Uskudar. Our sales experts are ready to guide you to choose your home and dream neighborhood with detailed and up-to-date information on the properties and features of each region of Turkey. You can also contact us via WhatsApp. By visiting our site you would visit properties in each region of Turkey and check the conditions of that region for investment.


The average price of a 100 square meter property ranges between US$ 106700, and US$ 184400 in Uskudar.

The reasons to buy property in Uskudar are listed below:

  • Seaside apartment
  • Garden for each villa
  • Close to Metrobus station
  • Shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes
  • Luxury facilities
  • Turkish citizenship

Properties in Uskudar suitable for people listed below:

  • Families with children
  • Working professionals
  • Investors
  • Single people
  • Retires

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