What Are The Best Places To Live In Bodrum? And 10 Reasons To Live There

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best places to live in Bodrum
best places to live in Bodrum

If you want to move to Turkey and live a comfortable life, there are plenty of reasons to live in Bodrum. Once a remote and quiet cluster of fishing villages on the coast of Aegean Sea, Bodrum’s untamed natural beauty was discovered by outsiders in the 1960s. Soon the tales of this beautiful area went viral and tourists began to hit it wave after wave. Over the years, Bodrum showed profound growth and became one of the most popular resort towns of the Turkish Riviera.

In this article, we’re going to talk about 10 reasons to live in Bodrum and the pros of living in Bodrum. Read along with us. This beautiful peninsula, made up of small beach resorts, attracts the attention of any investor looking to buy property in Turkey. You just have to find the best areas to live in Bodrum.

Why Do Foreigners Like Living in Bodrum?

Why Do Foreigners Like Living in Bodrum
Why Do Foreigners Like Living in Bodrum

Nowadays, Bodrum has retained her old-school Turkish charm and natural beauty while, at the same time, offering a modern and peaceful life to those who want to live there. Bodrum’s gorgeous beaches, opulent villas, lively ports, and colorful culture attracts people not only from major cities of Turkey, but also from all around the world.

If you are looking for a calm place to retire to or want to have a romantic honeymoon away from all the daily distractions, Bodrum is the perfect spot for you. It does not matter if you are going to Bodrum to travel or to live, it is important to find the best places to live in Bodrum. Moreover, the economic situation of Bodrum city is improving day by day and the prices and cost of living in Bodrum are becoming more affordable. Since the 20th century, when the economic activities of the region were more oriented towards tourism, the economic situation of this city improved.

 In addition, here is the advantages of living in Bodrum:

1. Bodrum has an appealing climate

Just like other coastal resorts of the Turkish Riviera, Bodrum, too, is blessed by the incredible Mediterranean climate. The golden sunshine warms the long summers of this beautiful town and keeps the temperature almost always above 14 degrees Celsius during mild autumns and winters.

This means you do not have to wait for high seasons to enjoy a sunny beach. During The off-season, you can indulge in Bodrum’s peace and quiet while making the most out of all the beauty and fun it has to offer. Imagine that with these great weather conditions, you also have an amazing house in the best place to live in Bodrum!

2. Bodrum Is Small, Yet Full Of Beauty

Bodrum is small, yet full of beauty
Bodrum is small, yet full of beauty

The first question that pops up in your mind after arriving in Bodrum is how can one fit this much beauty in such a small area? Regardless of where you live in this compact resort, you can get to wherever you want in just a tiny fraction of time and you do not have to own a car to be able to do so; Bodrum’s public transport is efficient, fast, and quite cheap. You will be lying back comfortably on your seat while enjoying the peninsula’s enchanting landscape from the windows. 

However, the compact size of the town and efficient transportation system does not mean that you should forget about getting a car! In fact, Bodrum is a paradise for car lovers who enjoy roaring their ride’s engines on a road trip through some of the most beautiful natural scenery in all of Turkey. You will find the roads quite demanding especially during off-seasons, when you get to see the quiet side of the peninsula. Conquer the hills full-throttle and enjoy the panoramic view highlighting the sea, vividly green land, and modern city life residing together in harmony.

In addition, there are many amazing places to see when in Bodrum. So if you don’t know these spectacular and unique spaces in Bodrum yet, it’s better to get detailed information about this.

3. Bodrum Is Highly Accessible

Bodrum is highly accessible
Bodrum is highly accessible

If you think living in a small town will get you completely disconnected from the outside world, Bodrum will prove you otherwise. Thanks to the modern Milas-Bodrum airport located only 36 kilometers northeast of the peninsula, traveling to and from Bodrum has never been this easy. The airport becomes a hub of international flights during summers while remaining open during winters for domestic flights. 

The sky is not the only way to reach Bodrum though. The peninsula’s harbor makes it accessible by the sea not only from other regions of the Turkish Riviera, but also from other Mediterranean countries. Since Bodrum is located on the coast of the Aegean sea, its extensive ferry and water taxi network allows you to organize a trip to the nearby Greek islands easily and with a fair price. You can also embark on your journey on a car ferry so that you can take your trusty ride with you to your holiday destination. 

Furthermore, Bodrum offers a well-connected bus network that covers all the peninsula and its nearby resorts. You can also book a bus ticket online to travel to Istanbul and other major cities of Turkey. Since the issue of transportation is always important for choosing the best area to live in Bodrum, this city offers you the best access to different types of vehicles in and out of the city.

4. Bodrum Benefits from a Rich Culture and Fascinating History

Bodrum fascinating history
Bodrum fascinating history

Did you know that Bodrum is home to one of the seven wonders of the ancient world? The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus which served as a tomb for Mausolus, the ruler of the ancient Caria, used to proudly stand tall on top of a hill overlooking the city. However, its glory was reduced to ruins due to a series of earthquakes that shook the city in 15th century. Today, the remains of the tomb still lie on the hill for the public to visit. It’s just a 15-minute walk from the city center to this once glorious wonder.

Bodrum’s historical and cultural allure is not limited to the remains of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus though. Built by the knights of Rhodes in 15th century, the Bodrum Castle calls out all the tourists and residents to take a stroll in its lively bazaars and enjoy drinking Turkish coffee in its old-school cafes. Don’t forget to visit the Museum of Underwater Archeology in Bodrum Castle too. Here, you will enjoy the sight of a wide collection from the Bronze Age to the Medieval times. 

In addition to all the historical monuments, Bodrum still retains many aspects of its traditional lifestyle and provides its visitors and residents with a great chance to get a taste of old-school Turkish culture. Therefore, here is the best place to live in Bodrum. Investing and buying property in Bodrum is like living in the city of your dreams. You can embrace this colorful culture by paying a visit to a rural village and blend in with the locals. You will find their hospitality, traditional foods, and beautiful handicraft quite to your liking. 

5. Bodrum Is A Great Spot For Sailing

Bodrum is a great spot for sailing
Bodrum is a great spot for sailing

You won’t find a better place than Bodrum to unleash your inner sailor and embark on a magical journey on the Mediterranean blue. Bodrum offers an expansive coastal line to sail along and several small offshore islands to head for. Bodrum’s rich sailing passes along ancient ruins, seaside villages, and mountains dressed with pine trees and can take a whole week to explore completely. 

You will never get tired of living in Bodrum. Because this beautiful city has many surprises to offer to tourists and new residents. You just need to find the best area to live in Bodrum to be close to all the amazing places and historical spaces.

6. Bodrum Lets You Enjoy Turkish Cuisine To The Fullest

Bodrum Turkish cuisine
Bodrum Turkish cuisine

As mentioned before, Bodrum has been successful in maintaining balance between its old-school and modern life-style. This means you get to taste the real flavor of traditional Turkish foods and fortunately, there are lots of cozy restaurants and seaside diners to cater for you. 

In the city of Bodrum, you can see different types of areas that either continue to live with traditional culture and food or have completely changed the direction of their life in a modern style. So do not worry at all! Bodrum offers the best for every taste.

7. The Sunsets Are Gorgeous In Bodrum

The sunsets are gorgeous in Bodrum
The sunsets are gorgeous in Bodrum

Bodrum’s beauty expands very well beyond its alluring nature and historical sites. Here in this coastal resort, every sunset looks like a live painting. The mixture of red, orange and yellow combined with a dash of white clouds and blue sky gives rise to a magical scene you can never have enough of. Buying a seaside villa in Bodrum allows you to enjoy the enchanting sunset every evening. 

Have you heard that laughter is the best medicine?

8. Bodrum Has Spectacular Beaches

Bodrum spectacular beaches
Bodrum spectacular beaches

Bodrum’s gorgeous beaches can satisfy any taste with their beauty and diversity. If you want to enjoy the Mediterranean blue and prefer to stay close to the city, Bodrum Beach with its myriad diners and beautiful promenade rests only a 20-minute walk away from downtown.

If you crave for some thrill, Gumbet Beach, only a 10-minute drive away from Bodrum, is ready to greet you with a vast array of recreational activities and water sports such as parasailing, scuba diving, and water skiing. Last but not least, Kadikalesi Beach is the perfect spot for those who wish to enjoy the Mediterranean in peace. There are also several cafes and restaurants near this unspoiled beach that can satisfy your hunger with a wide range of traditional Turkish foods.

9. Bodrum’s Off-Seasons Are Very Enjoyable

Bodrum peninsula
Bodrum peninsula

Bodrum becomes really full of life during summer as tourists are attracted to its warm sunshine and golden beaches. However, there is another face of this beautiful resort town that you can only see during off-seasons. First of all, winters are short and mild and the weather remains warm after the summer, so don’t worry about losing your chance to enjoy the appealing Mediterranean climate. Secondly, when the holiday season is over and the tourists leave, you can still enjoy this cozy peninsula. The beauty of Bodrum is different in the peace and quiet of off-seasons. 

10. Bodrum Offers A Vivid Nightlife

Bodrum nightlife
Bodrum nightlife

When a town has a street nicknamed Bar Street, you can safely assume that you will have a plethora of fun in this town. You can find the one-mile-long Bar Street in the middle of Bodrum’s old town district that offers a variety of bars and clubs with a variety of themes and a wide range of prices. Take a stroll in this lively street and you will eventually find a bar or a club that is perfectly tailored to your style and budget.

The fun doesn’t end here though. In fact, all the party and joy spreads to the sea too! During summer, party boats and yachts depart from Bodrum’s harbor every day and the good news is you can often book a ticket even up to a few minutes before departure. The most popular party boat in Bodrum is Club Catamaran which can host up to 2500 guests and offers a transparent dance floor and VIP booths and invites renowned DJs.

Bodrum city really has it all. A real paradise in Turkey! All these reasons mentioned above are the most important reasons to invest and buy real estate in Bodrum. Make the best use of your capital and buy a property with excellent conditions in Bodrum right now. We will help you in this process to make the best choice.

Best Places for Living in Bodrum

Best Places for Living in Bodrum
Best Places for Living in Bodrum

Don’t let its compact size trick you; the colorful districts of Bodrum can still satisfy any taste and suit a vast array of different lifestyles. If you want to buy property in Bodrum, we suggest you do so in one of these neighborhoods:

  • Yalikavak is the best place to live in Bodrum

Care for a stylish night out? Then Yalikavak is the right spot for you. This modern and well-developed neighborhood offers some of the finest villas for sale in Bodrum and provides its residents with pleasant sea views and enchanting forest outlooks. This luxury neighborhood also offers a variety of shops, cafes, and restaurants in addition to hosting Bodrum’s most prominent fishing port.

  • Gumusluk and its unique culture in Bodrum!

 The district of Gumusluk sits close to Yalikavak but does not follow the trends of a conventional seaside resort. It has its own culture and offers a unique traditional lifestyle. The same cannot be said for the real estate market for all the properties have been perfectly modernized.

Gumusluk is famous for serving the best fish and seafood in all of Turkey and you can find a variety of seaside restaurants and barbecues in this district. Therefore, it is one of the best places to live in Bodrum for living and buying a property.

  • Turgutreis has the best apartments in Bodrum 

If you want to enjoy the Aegean sea to the fullest, you should not miss Turgutreis and its well-developed harbor. In this district, you will find a wide range of Bodrum’s high-end apartments for sale in addition to having the option of buying villas. It is well-positioned along the Aegean sea and is suitable for families with kids thanks to its safe beach.

  • Find your dream house in Ortakent Yahchi district in Bodrum

To all the house lovers out there, don’t forget to check out Ortakent Yahchi’s dreamy properties! Ortakent and Yahchi were two separate districts once, but their merger was followed by development and expansion of their beach area, giving rise to seaside resorts with coastal villas adjacent to charming gardens. 

  • The best area to live in Bodrum: Gumbet

The district of Gumbet suits the buyers who want to buy modern convenient housing with a fair price. Most of the houses here are located in residential complexes that feature all the necessary amenities for the residents. In Gumbet, you’ll be living close to the beach while having access to the delights of Bodrum downtown as well.

  • Kadikalesi is the best place for living and investing in Bodrum

The small seaside village of Kadikalesi is perfect for those who want to enjoy Bodrum’s rural lifestyle in modern state-of-the-art houses. It’s a quiet neighborhood with stunning sea views and a soothing traditional vibe.

  • Enjoy the nature  in Golturkbuku district in Bodrum

Located 23 kilometers away from the center of Bodrum, Golturkbuku greets its residents with its charming nature and refreshing tangerine gardens. You wouldn’t want to miss its famous wooden walkway that passes along a variety of shops and restaurants. There is also a wide range of properties available for sale in its real estate market.

  • Find peace and beauty in the Bitz region in Bodrum

Located only 10 kilometers away from Bodrum downtown, Bitz is home to some of the most beautiful bays in Bodrum. Known for having the longest coastline in Bodrum, Bitz’s gorgeous beach attracts many visitors from all around the world. 

Bodrum is the best city for buying a property in Turkey!

Best Places for Living in Bodrum
Best Places for Living in Bodrum

There are many good reasons to live in Bodrum. Once a cluster of small fishing villages, Bodrum’s beauty was discovered by outsiders and attracted many visitors from all around the globe; turning this area into a modern seaside resort. Bodrum has retained its traditional vibe and is a great place to get a taste of Turkish culture and delicious cuisine. It also offers breathtaking natural beauty and gorgeous beaches that stretch along the Aegean sea.

Bodrum is not all about old-school Turkey though; it offers a vivid nightlife and a plethora of recreational activities. Although small, Bodrum features many distinct neighborhoods that can cater to any taste. If you want to move to Turkey and are considering to buy property in this gorgeous resort, Yalikavak, Gumusluk, Turgutreis, Ortakent Yahchi, Gumbet, Kadikalesi, Golturkbuku, and Bitz are the best areas to live in Bodrum and can offer you some of the finest holiday homes and permanent residential properties you can find. 

Investing in Bodrum property market is much more beneficial than buying a property in any other city in Turkey. There is a wide range of state-of-the-art villas and one-of-a-kind apartments for sale in Bodrum. If you want to make a lucrative deal and buy property in Bodrum, our team at Alkhailtr.com can guide you through every step of your purchase. With 24/7 customer service, you will get the support you need whenever you have questions.

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