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Turkey was the 17th largest country economically in the world and sixth compared to the European Union in 2013. The economic foundations of this struggle have taken on a new force in the last 10 years. According to the Central Bank of Turkey, more than $135 million of investment has been made by foreigners in the country. Turkey’s economic growth is estimated at an average of 5.1% over 10 years. Turkey is connected from east to west and from north to south with several bridges. Which has led to Turkey’s economic progress in terms of access to major markets. These routes are accessed for 1.5 million customers in Europe, Russia, the Middle East and North Africa, which increased GDP about $2.5 billion. In the following, we will discuss investment and buying property for sale in turkey.
property for sale in turkey
property for sale in turkey

Property for sale in Turkey

Types of housing in Turkey can be divided into 4 general categories, including apartments, ordinary complexes, residence complexes and detached houses and villas. Among each of these types there are options for buying ready or pre-purchase property projects under construction for buyers and investors.
Apartments in Turkey are suitable for different lifestyles for everyone due to the variety of prices, spaces and designs. Many families prefer apartments among all types of housing in Turkey. Luxury apartments for sale in Turkey are usually built in accordance with the latest advanced technologies and luxury smart homes.
The ordinary complex is more popular among immigrants than apartments, as most of the time their amenities are higher. Ordinary complexes mean a collection of several apartments and residential towers. The complexes are usually within a space of several thousand meters, protected by a central guard. Considering that the central guard oversees the commutes of the complex, it can be said that this type of housing is one of the safest types of housing in Turkey.
Among the different types of housing in Turkey, residents are attracted by many immigrants for their modernity and many facilities. There are a wide variety of amenities in the residences, including sports complexes, swimming pools and saunas, and in some cases restaurants and children’s playgrounds. Another main feature of this type of housing is the vast green space and central security. Let’s point out that in addition to the central guard, usually each tower or residence block has a separate guard that oversees the building’s commutes.
Detached houses and villas in Turkey are the most expensive types of housing in the country and are the choice of many property investors in Turkey. Some Turkish villas are located in complex and others are built independently. Due to the security facilities of the complex, villas located in them are more suitable for immigrants or those who do not reside in Turkey permanently.

Reasons to invest in buying house for sale in Turkey

In the below we will explore 5 reasons to buy a house in Turkey.
Citizenship through the Investment Program, which is perhaps the most attractive reason for buying a home from all of them, allows international investors to obtain a Turkish passport through the purchase of a property. You can benefit from a powerful Turkish passport that has access to many countries without a visa and enjoys the rights of a country. Since 2020 and the passage of the Turkish Passport Act through property investment worth $25,000, Turkish property has been welcomed by many foreign investors, which is the reason for the boom in the Turkish property market and the rising house prices in different Turkish cities. With an investor worth $250,000 and up, you can get a passport for yourself and your family from the Turkish government. Of course, this does not mean that only this method is the only way to get Turkish residency.
Thanks to the highly advanced construction sector, urban renewal projects and infrastructure development, real estate is among the strongest and most dynamic industries in Turkey. The return on investment time is 20 years, which is shorter than many countries, including the UK, Norway and Spain. The Turkish government relies on the real estate industry as a means of domestic and foreign income and therefore continuously invests in the sector. Undoubtedly, investing in a property in Turkey is a wise and profitable investment.
As mentioned earlier, the construction industry is well developed and has provided a way for first-class homes to dominate the market and find their buyer from all over the world. Whether it’s a luxury villa in Bodrum or a penthouse in a desirable area in Istanbul, properties, especially newly developed projects, reach a certain standard level and usually surpass them. The recent trend in the real estate market is the creation of luxurious spaces for living. Many housing projects follow this trend by developing homes suitable for luxury people.

The portfolio currently starts the Alkhailtr real estate of real estate at prices of about $44,000, which makes more sense than in many countries around the world. However, its quality is not compromised, the affordable property we offer fully meets your needs. Given the fact that the LIRA/USD ratio is now changing, this may be the best time to look at choosing our property and finding a suitable investment opportunity. In addition, installment plans offer easy payment options to buyers when moving into a new home.

Although it may not seem like a logical reason to buy a home in Turkey, a simple purchase process will save you from significant problems and promise an easy purchase. The entire process of deciding your home until the signature of ownership documents may take place within just one week.
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The Best City To Buy A House In Turkey​

The best city to buy a house in Turkey

Turkish cities have different houses at different prices in terms of diversity. The diversity in these cities makes it possible for anyone who wants to immigrate to Turkey to buy a home according to their budget. In different Turkish cities, there are houses with a variety of classic, Byzantine, Ottoman, or very old architecture, so their variety of appearances can be considered one of their successful reasons for attracting buyers of different tastes.

But what is the best city in Turkey to buy a house in? Take a look at the best of them:

Istanbul, the best investment option

When it comes to investing, this city is the first option. Apart from being popular and touristic, you should keep in mind that it has both a higher population (15 million people) and that house prices are more expensive. But one of the most important reasons to buy a property in Turkey is the stunning growth and development in the city! Istanbul, which is the most famous and popular city for investing and buying property in Turkey, has 2 famous sides. You can see a complete list of properties for sale in Istanbul Europe and properties for sale in Asian Istanbul just by one click.

Istanbul, The Best Investment Option​
Antalya, Turkey's Most Touristic City​

Antalya, Turkey's most touristic city

The next popular city is Antalya in Turkey. More than 21% of investors visit properties and houses for sale in Antalya city to try their luck to immigrate to Turkey. When buying property in Antalya, get ready to enter one of the most important and growing parts of Turkish real estate. Thousands of properties are bought and sold monthly, making Antalya the second most popular destination in the country to buy a home. Antalya’s property market, especially in the past five years, has been thriving. The city has a population of 12 million. Antalya coastal city draws most migrants due to its water attractions. The reason for investors buying a house in Antalya is different.
the reasons that target the choice of Antalya as a suitable destination for living are mentioned below:

● Diverse and special markets
● homes with a variety of amenities
● relatively old neighborhoods with special architecture
● suitability of the price

However, your reasons for buying a house in Antalya can vary. But if you are looking for relaxation in a seaside town, it is suggested that you try this popular destination.

Yalova, Beautiful and pristine city

The city of Yalova in Turkey is next door to Istanbul. Yalova Province is a province of Turkey located on the Asian continent. The province is located in the northwest of the country and the eastern coast of the Sea of Marmara. The city is famous for its central location and public transportation point. Yalova has attracted the focus of domestic and foreign investors due to its unique nature and its beach. There are many water fountains that are naturally boiling from the heart of the earth in this province. Yalova is one of the main health tourism reception centers in Turkey. If you want to find more details on properties for sale in Yalova, we are here to help you. Just click the link.

Yalova, Beautiful And Pristine City​
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How much should you pay for buying a house in Turkey?

According to the rules, there are no restrictions on investment, but you need to know about the minimum property price in Turkey before you think about buying a house in Turkey. Property prices in Turkey, like elsewhere in the world, depend on the city, region, property location, property age and view of the property. The price per meter of a house in Turkey is approximately 3 to 5 thousand TL.

Why Alkhailtr real estate?

For all investors and applicants who want to immigrate to or invest in Turkey through the purchase of home for sale in Turkey and in this way want to obtain residency for themselves and their families, online Alkhailtr real estate website provide services so that you can take steps more safely to review the rules and conditions of immigration to Turkey. Alkhailtr real estate specializes in providing advice about Turkish real estate for sale. We help you make the best decision about investing in buying property in Turkey. just touch the Whatsapp icon and ask for free consultation now!

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