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Perfectly connected to other parts of the city, Eyüp is a perfect neighborhood in the European Side of Istanbul to live in

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Eyup is a historic and touristic area, located on the European side of Istanbul. This region has an audible and attractive history compared to other areas of Istanbul. In addition to the industrial dimension of the area, the presence of Eyüp Sultan’s tomb and the various and exciting stories heard from this tomb have provided the necessary platform for tourists and adventurers to explore and add to the number of incoming travelers daily. In this article, we review properties, apartments and villas for sale in Eyüp.

Properties for sale in Eyup
Properties for sale in Eyup

Properties for sale in Eyup

The Eyüp Sultan neighborhood leads to the Black Sea from the north and sultan qazi, Arnautkoy, Qazi Osmanpaşa and Bayrampaşa from the South, and from the east to the regions of Beyoglu, Kayythaneh, Sisli and Sarir.

It is worth noting that the texture of residential buildings in Eyüp Sultan area is old, but some neighborhoods are being renovated and in many neighborhoods of the region, we are witnessing luxury buildings with modern design. Buying properties for sale in European Istanbul has attracted the attention of a large number of investors in recent years, this region is one of the most valuable and key areas of Istanbul. Property and commercial investment in Eyüp Sultan district of Istanbul is expanding and developing day by day and will become one of the hotspots for buying property in the next few years.

Apartments for sale in Eyup

Eyüp sultan is one of the famous neighborhoods in Istanbul. The area runs from Golden Horn to the Black Sea coast. This neighborhood is a very important historical area for the people of Istanbul, especially muslims of this city. In the past, this small rural area was outside the city gates.

Today, the Eyüp district is located in the central part of Istanbul along the Golden Horn and the Black Sea. Apartments for sale in European Istanbul are good options to invest and  Eyüp is the perfect place to buy apartments. The construction of luxury projects with plenty of facilities and increased demand for property in this region of Istanbul make it a desirable option for local and foreign investors.

Apartments for sale in Eyup
Villas for sale in Eyup

Villas for sale in Eyup

From the mid-20th century onwards, due to the industrialization of the Eyüp region, the gardens of this region were destroyed and the construction of main roads in the area took place.

In recent years, many factories in the area have been closed and the possibility of reusing the beach has been made possible. After these, large construction companies started building beautiful villas in the area. Villas for sale in European Istanbul have their fans, and villas in Eyüp district are good investment options due to the growth of this region in the coming years. This has increased investment interest in the real estate area of Eyüp District of Istanbul, Turkey.

Advantages of investing in Eyup

Eyüp has many amenities, medical facilities, shopping and commercial centers, educational centers and gyms, making the residents of the region of all needs. Below are some of them to check out

There are different shopping malls in Eyup. We introduce some of them below:

  1. EyüpPare Shopping Mall
  2. Life Shopping Mall (Yaşam merkezi)
  3. Istanbul Mall
  4. Axis Istanbul Shopping Mall
  1. Eyüp Sultan State Hospital
  2. Alibey Private Hospital
  3. Göktürk Medical and Service Center

Regarding the tourist attractions of Eyüp Sultan region, it is necessary to say that this area, Eyüp Sultan Mosque, Istanbul Amusement Park, museums and natural parks, has attracted a lot of tourists annually.

It should be noted that one of the most important attractions of this region is a hill known as Pirlotti, it is located near the grave of Eyüp Sultan and has a wonderful view of the Golden Horn Bay. By cable car, you can go to the top of the hill and sit in its beautiful café with a view of the bay and have a good time.

One of the key and most important educational centers in Istanbul, entitled Bilgi University in this region, which accepts a large number of indigenous and international students annually under the cover of its scholarships, this university has a high reputation among universities in Turkey and Middle Eastern countries, so this has caused a large number of non-natives to apply to study at this university annually.

Eyüp has good access to all parts of Istanbul by public transportation.

Advantages of investing in Eyup
Advantages of investing in Eyup

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Thank you for accompanying us until the end of the article. In this article, we introduce the conditions of the Eyüp area and the properties, apartments and villas for sale in it, and we hope you will use this information in your decisions to make a smart decision.

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