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If you wish to own a beautiful and affordable property in Istanbul, Esenler would be a nice option for you

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One of the most beautiful and historic districts of Istanbul is Esenler. This region has some strengths and weaknesses that we have thoroughly reviewed for you in this article. This region of Istanbul is very suitable for buying property and investment and its conditions and culture are excellent. This region has many private hospitals, shopping malls and tourist attractions and is suitable for the general public. We will also review properties, apartments and villas for sale in Esenler in this article.

Properties for sale in Esenler
Properties for sale in Esenler

Properties for sale in Esenler

Esenler District of Istanbul is one of the European regions of Istanbul, which is neighbored to the south by Sultangazi district, to the east by Gazi Osmanpaşa and Bayrampaşa and Zeytinburnu districts, to the west with Bacilar and Başakşehir districts, and to the north by Gonghorn region. Istanbul’s Esenler district has 18 neighborhoods and an area of 227.5 km.

Although it is located on the European side of Istanbul, it is not yet possible to say that it is one of the most luxurious and developed areas of the capital. Of course, in the not too distant future, this will definitely change a lot. There are many types of properties for sale in European Istanbul and In the Esenler region, we are witnessing the formation of new settlements. These settlements are no longer merely receptive to the working class, and people from the middle economic class reside. Property prices in this region are convenient and cheap.

Apartments for sale in Esenler

Esenler is one of the cheapest residential areas of Istanbul. Recently, a number of newly built apartments have been built in the more northern neighborhoods of the area, which has been both welcomed and changed the texture of the building in the area. Apartments for sale in European Istanbul are good options to invest in and these apartment complexes have desirable amenities and have tried to make the residents of these towers feel comfortable.

Apartments for sale in Esenler
Villas for sale in Esenler

Villas for sale in Esenler

In the past, this region has not been heard from luxury villas due to its old texture and poorness. But today, with urban construction and the arrival of investors in it and creating demand for luxury villas, the texture of the region is changing. Villas for sale in Istanbul Europe have always had many fans, and small and large villas with different facilities are under construction in Esenler Turkey, which are very suitable for investment.

Advantages of investing in Esenler

Considering that Istanbul is one of the most popular and touristic cities in the world today, this region has not been deprived of amenities, entertainment and good living conditions. Esenler has many recreational and spectacular places, numerous shopping malls, well-equipped medical centers and well-equipped educational facilities such as private and public schools and universities. Here are some of the introductions.

Esenler also has many luxury and local shopping malls. Local day markets are established on all weekdays in different neighborhoods of the region. Local day markets feel beautiful and can be attractive to tourists as well. Of course, if you are interested in large and luxurious shopping malls, you can also visit the centers we introduce below:

  • Istanbul Class Shopping Mall (Klas AVM)
  • Yun Istanbul Shopping Mall (Yön Avm)
  • Soylu AVM Istanbul Shopping Mall
  • Esprit outlet center
  • Pazar elbistan avm Shopping Mall

This region can be considered as one of the most important historical areas of Istanbul because it has many historical monuments. Among them are the remaining monuments of the Byzantine period, fountains, aqueducts and many ancient inscriptions that exist in the area. Below are some examples of them:

  • Magic Ice Museum
  • Turkvazo Istanbul Aquarium (SEA LIFE Istanbul)
  • Sultan Ahmed esenler Mosque (Hacı Ahmet Akar Cami)
  • Hunkar Kasri Palace
  • Davutpaşa Kışlası Monument
  • Atishalan Historical Aqueduct (ATIŞALAN SU KEMERİ)

Although there isn’t Metrobus in Istanbul’s Esenler neighborhood, you can use metro, buses and delmushans to access the neighborhood. Metro stations located in the city include Tarazyra, Autogar and Menderes, allowing you to easily reach the area from Istanbul city center. One of the roads in this region is the road from Ayazma to DawoodPasha, which today has been transformed by the municipality into Istanbul’s largest passenger terminal. This road has been used as a water channel for the deceased, but is now one of the most beautiful examples of Turkish architecture.

The many good medical services of Esenler region include:

  • Esenler State Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology ESENLER KADIN DOĞUM VE ÇOCUK HASTALIKLARI HASTANESİ
  • Oral Medicine Center and Specialized Internal Medicine Center Max ÖZEL ESNAN ESENLER AĞIZ VE DİŞ SAĞLIĞI MERKEZİ

Also, in terms of educational services, this region has full educational facilities at different educational levels and has many private and public schools.

Private Özel Eksen Koleji, Private Buds Flower Secondary School and Tacirler Özel Eğitim Uygulama Okulu are in this region.

Istanbul’s Essenler neighborhood does not currently have an independent university, but it is home to many of the main buildings and technical and engineering faculties of the famous Yildiz Technic University of Istanbul, so the residents of this region will have no concerns about educational and medical facilities.

Advantages of investing in Esenler
Advantages of investing in Esenler

Alkhailtr and Esenler real estate

Thank you for accompanying us until the end of this article. In this paper, the features of the Esenler area and the properties for sale were examined. According to the explanations given, buying property in cheap but developing neighborhoods such as Esenler is a good move to invest in Turkey or immigrate to the country.

Alkhailtr is one of the experienced real estate companies in Turkey and Esenler, Our experts overlook all the different features of different regions of Turkey and know the properties in each region well. Just share your dream of your desired home with our experts to give you the best offers to buy a property.  You can contact us via WhatsApp. You can also visit our site to save time and get acquainted with the properties of each region of Turkey and then decide.

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