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Bağcılar is a popular neighborhood in the European Side of Istanbul. It offers properties with incredible features

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One of the most attractive districts of Istanbul is Bağcılar neighborhood, which although it is not a coastal area and has no common line with the sea, has been a popular touristic area in recent years and thanks to the surrounding highways, it is easy to access the important ports of Istanbul. Bağcılar is located in the middle of European side and it has strategic place in Istanbul. Due to availability of transportation and life facilities, Bağcılar could be place for living and of course place for investment. Because of its price varieties the real estate sector in Bağcılar has high demands and investors are always looking for Istanbul Bağcılar properties for sale. You can find mega projects for investors and businesses and projects for families and living in Bağcılar. If you’ve never had a name for this neighborhood, this article gives you a good definition of it. Stay with us to learn about the quality of life, investment, property, apartment and villa for sale in Bağcılar neighborhood of Istanbul.

Property for sale in Bağcılar
Property for sale in Bağcılar

Property For Sale In Bağcılar

Bağcılar district is one of the districts of Istanbul which is located on the European side and is the most populous area of the city. During the past few years, migration to Bağcılar, especially from eastern and southeastern provinces, has been increasing. In 1992, following the disintegration of the Bakırkawi region, Bağcılar changed in today’s form.

This region was one of the important villages in which the Greeks resided during the Ottoman period. The area is 22 km away from the migratory areas of Istanbul. For this reason, in recent years, much attention has been paid to construction in this region. And the property is built with a variety of features in Bağcılar. Bağcılar is popular for being a live-and-work area which attracts constant attention from foreigners interested in investing in Bağcılar property and settling close to their workplace. Another important reason which attracts foreigners is renting property easily to other workers. Luxury houses for sale in Bağcılar have attracted the attention of many investors around the world. Properties for sale in European Istanbul are good options to invest in and Bağcılar is one of the good areas too.

Apartment For Sale In Bağcılar

For the past 30 years, about 72% of the land in the area has been suitable for agriculture, and residents have been using the sale of crops and livestock breeding. Facing a huge wave of workers and migrants over the years, the region suddenly experienced unplanned and uninterrupted construction that eventually made Bağcılar one of Turkey’s top 5 industrial zones. With the boom in construction in this region, stylish apartments are built that are very suitable for investment. The demands of Istanbul apartments in Bağcılar for sale is increasing due to its good access to other parts of Istanbul. Two main highways are passing through it and there is metro in Bağcılar so the workers choose Bağcılar apartments for sale because they can have an easily commuting.  Apartments for sale in Istanbul Europe are very attractive to investors, we offer to visit the apartments in this region as well. Bağcılar apartments for sale are high quality, on large, modern complexes with excellent facilities and liks to the broader city.

Apartment for sale in Bağcılar
Villa for sale in Bağcılar

Villa For Sale In Bağcılar

As the Bağcılar neighborhood changes and urbanization, in 2010, 710 industrial establishments were registered in the Istanbul Industry Room located in Bağcılar. The municipality has also made promises to create order and improve urban space and, with careful planning to reduce ongoing traffic, tries to develop the city and properly manage the population. Due to increased interest in the area, Bağcılar became very urbanized with new investments and infrastructure developments happening continuously. The neighborhoods close to the Basin Ekspres highway were becoming a home for a growing financial district and luxurious villas in Bağcılar. Overall, Bağcılar has a wide range of prestigious villas which allowing you a lifestyle of your dream.

As we said earlier, just because the area does not have access to the beach, there is no villa with sea view in this area. However, holiday homes and villas built with green spaces created beautiful eyes for them. Villas for sale in European Istanbul are attractive options for investors.

History Of Bağcılar Neighborhood Of Istanbul

The neighbourhood was originally a small village where only 63 families who emigrated from Bulgaria lived, but over time, it became home to the Balkan Turks and Greece. In the early 1990s, with the gradual emptying of the area from the previous inhabitants, it hosted many immigrants who are now the main inhabitants of Istanbul’s Bağcılar neighborhood. Over time, with the creation of a variety of construction projects and the establishment of numerous commercial, cultural, residential and recreational centers, this region has become the most populous region of Istanbul.

The root of the area’s name, Bağcılar, which means grape gardeners, dates back to the time when it was named yesilbag by distributing grapes by the government and growing it by the people, but before that it was called yesilbag, i.e. green vineyards.

History of Bagcilar Neighborhood of Istanbul
Reasons to invest in Istanbul Bagcilar

Reasons To Invest In Istanbul Bağcılar

Located on the European side of Istanbul and within the municipal limits, this region is located in Marmara district and between the two major roads TEM and E5. Bağcılar leads from the north to Esenler and Arnavutkoy, from the south to Bakyrkui and Bahcelievler, to the west to Kucukcekmece and to the east to Ayyub. One of the unique districts that is striving to become one of the Istanbul’s most desirable places to live is Bağcılar. As more buyers and real estate investors invest in the city it is growing every year with its roots as a small village.   Here are some of the features of this region:

Bağcılar Neighborhood of Istanbul is about 15 minutes away from Atatürk Airport and 30 minutes to the center of Istanbul. Using car, you can get to Taksim in just minutes by using the Basin Ehspers and TEM highways. It is also connected to the transportation network of Istanbul mainly through two metro lines and a Tramway line.

The local council had planted over 150000 trees and opening 120 parks with children playgrounds. By creating green spaces and regional-level parks, the municipality has transformed Istanbul’s Bağcılar into a preferred area for Turkish residents, especially Istanbul and it promotes and thrives on a family-friendly repetution.

It is noteworthy that the Istanbul Olympic Stadium is built in this neighborhood.

One of the most important economic facilities created in this sought-after neighborhood is the locomotive and textile sector. There are also large and well-known business centers in Baghcilar, including Otocenter and Istoc.

Clothing and leather industry, paper and printing products, machinery equipment, etc. are active in the Istanbul industry precinct located in Bağcılar neighborhood. Development continues in industries such as food, transportation and metal industries.

Also, the offices of reputable newspapers in the south of Bağcılar are working and are constantly matched with the current conditions of the world.

In Bağcılar, there is one of the most prominent universities in Istanbul called Kemerburgaz. Altinbas university which is established in 2008 and has a various several departments and around 9000 students.

Living and investment make a demographic situation in Bağcılar. It has many of real estate projects for families and living. In addition, Bağcılar has different mega projects for investments and content of a various of holding companies. Do you know why we can find a variety of apartments or offices prices, because the real estate movement in Bağcılar never stopped and it is always under construction.

Why Invest In Bağcılar?

Today, Istanbul’s Bağcılar neighborhood offers a variety of new construction projects that can be a good option for commercial or residential investment. Gradually, this region has seen a significant increase in popularity and is also a tourist privilege.  Excellent transportation has a good effect on developments and investment in infrastructure. The area has well connection to other regions of European Istanbul such as 30 minutes-drive from the busy Taksim district.

Although the region is somehow faced with a shortage of building land, but buying property and investment is a useful choice because of the increasing development of Baghcilar and the continuous use of modern technology in the world.

Despite all the shortages that Istanbul’s Bağcılar neighborhood has had in the past, with appropriate measures and planning, today it has become one of Turkey’s most valuable and famous public areas and has opened its place among the most popular parts of Istanbul. The neighborhood welcomes tourists, investors, buyers, sellers or immigrants who want to stay permanently.

Why invest in Bagcilar?
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Why Buying Bağcılar Real Estate From Alkhail?

Thank you for being with us until the end of this text. In this article, Karim talks about properties for sale in Istanbul’s Bağcılar and the reasons for investing in it.

The investors who are looking for an ideal investment in property in a developing area with increasing prices, could choose Bağcılar. Istanbul Bağcılar property for sale are located on the European side of the city and this region is being developed at a fast rate as infrastructure improved in the area.

Alkhail is one of the largest real estate consultants in the region. You can get in touch with us via WhatsApp and our specialists are ready to answer your questions. You can also find the property you want by visiting our site and leave the rest of the purchase route to us. If you are looking for advice on buying a property in Bağcılar, contact us via WhatsApp.


Bağcılar is a preferred region for those who are look for a property close to anywhere in the city. With many alternatives for transportation you have all the city in the palm of your hand by buying a property for sale in Bağcılar.

Bağcılar is one of the most crowded cities of Istanbul which has developed social facilities in line with its population. With the aim of meeting the increasing social needs many social facilities have been built.

Despite all the shortages that Istanbul’s Bağcılar neighborhood has had in the past, with appropriate measures and planning, today it has become one of Turkey’s most valuable and famous public areas and has opened its place among the most popular parts of Istanbul. The neighborhood welcomes tourists, investors, buyers, sellers or immigrants who want to stay permanently.

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