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One of the cities located in the north of Turkey is Trabzon city. This beautiful city is located next to the Black Sea and is one of the most densely populated cities in Turkey. In the last few years, this beautiful city has grown dramatically in the home and property construction industry, which has led many investors to buy houses in Trabzon, Turkey. Visitor numbers from Trabzon are growing year after year. There are many reasons for the serious demand for investment and real estate, especially from the Persian Gulf countries. Research on the area also confirms that there is an ongoing demand for annual rents around all types of accommodation options ranging from hotels to private residentials.

The market of Trabzon property is the most demanding real estate that potential buyers want to invest in. While there are many cities to invest in property in Turkey, Trabzon alone can meet all a person’s needs to invest and buy a property. Trabzon is one of the most famous places in Turkey and its name is totally significant and a storehouse of enormous opportunities.

 According to the above reasons, we will discuss properties for sale in Trabzon.



There are many different cities all around the world where buyers can get all the needed things which they have been looking for. For all the potential investors the sea sides’ views of Turkey, have been one of the significant attracting forces. Thus, one has to get a clear idea about the different natural and geographic features in different cities, while buying the properties. Buying properties for sale in Trabzon is not only very exciting for Turks, but also exciting for foreigners to buy these properties and live in them. There are many types of Trabzon real estate, from small comfortable apartments to spacious luxury villas. There are many options you can consider in this city surrounded by nature. You can buy real estate in Trabzon to live a privileged life, you can rent it out or resale it. In addition, it is possible to pay in cash or installments. In addition, buyers have the right to check the internal and external security of Trabzon properties before the purchase process.

Location of Trabzon and its history

特拉布宗是土耳其郁郁葱葱且非常美丽的城市之一,每年都会吸引大量游客。许多人都知道特拉布宗是城市之王,其独特的性质使许多人称这座城市为蓝色与绿色相遇的地方。目前,许多阿拉伯和欧洲国家正在计划购买 特拉布宗待售公寓, 土耳其, 有现代时尚 特拉布宗待售别墅 too. The wonderful climate of this city has made it very attractive to buy a house in Trabzon, Turkey.


One of the most breathtaking places in turkey is Trabzon. Trabzon is selected by people who are looking for a property in the middle of some fresh greenery and fresh pollution-free air.  

The city is attracting many tourists and investors day by day. Trabzon residential areas keep developing and they have a good connection to many transportation roads. Due to it becoming a tourist destination, investment offers, and dynamic city life, one can easily say that “Trabzon may become the Dubai of Turkey”. You can find many services and amenities in the city like hotels, resorts, hospitals, universities, and airports when you buy Trabzon real estate for sale. Here are a few features of life in Trabzon:

Trabzon city has many pristine places that are in the heart of nature and have no name or address for tourists, each of the mountain paths in Trabzon city directly go up to nature which is like heaven. The city’s sights are diverse and plentiful, ranging from the Black Sea coast to the lush mountains and the city’s historic and spectacular places.

Considering that Trabzon city is located on the edge of the Black Sea, it is expected to have a subtropical and humid climate. Summers are hot and humid and the highest temperature is 26.7 °C in August. Winters are cool and humid and the lowest air temperature is about 5 degrees Celsius in January. Summers are warmer than expected and its temperature fluctuations are due to the impact it takes from the sea. Like other major cities on Turkey’s Black Sea coast, Trabzon is right next to the coast. Rainfall is very heavy in autumn and winter, with snowfall between December and March (December to March), sometimes with heavy snow for about one to two weeks. Water temperatures, like the rest of the Black Sea coast, are cool and fluctuate between 8 and 20 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

There is a natural growth of flora and fauna all around the year. One of the significant activities that carry on in this place, is agriculture.




A tricky thing is deciding to buy an apartment in Turkey. So many varied places are comprised by Turkey each standing out from the others with its beautiful, unique features. Trabzon is emerging as one of the unique places among all other cities in Turkey so potential buyers are ready to buy or purchase Trabzon real estate. The town displays a wide range of unique and compelling features in terms of geological formation. One of the important things is people will also get a spiritual or religious touch in this place.  Due to such a beautiful combination of religion and nature at the same time, the properties for sale in Trabzon will rise at a much higher rate and it is an evident fact.




Trabzon is now modernizing its homes, and people can buy land at the lowest price per square meter and build and invest in this beautiful city. In the next few years, investing in this city can create a huge profit for individuals. And the properties for sale are generally very large, the 2 bedroom apartment can be 200 m2.

特拉布宗 (Trabzon) 拥有美丽的景色,沿着这座壮观城市中的几个最壮观的地方:
▪ 特拉布宗城堡
▪ Vazelon Manastırı 修道院
▪ 苏姆拉修道院
▪ 古尔巴哈哈顿墓
▪ 特拉布宗圣索非亚大教堂博物馆
▪ 阿塔图尔克宫


By buying a property in Trabzon, Turkey you can be easily obtain residency in Turkey, which in itself has a great advantage and benefit. buying a house worth $250,000 in Trabzon city you can stay in the city and easily enjoy the country’s educational and medical services.

  • Excellent sea view in Trabzon
  • Conservative and very safe area in Trabzon
  • Excellent weather year-round, Trabzon is cool and comfortable all year round.
  • Deep in history in Trabzon and it has stunning nature which is very green.

Trabzon is one of the most suitable places for habitat due to all these advantages. Buyers will grab the offer to buy the Turkey property in the city of Trabzon as soon as they find it by giving all these advantages.


Trabzon is a city where you can find a wide range of villa and apartment properties to buy. More interestingly, the city also has a lot of holiday homes for sale. That’s why Trabzon is becoming more attractive to investors and tourists every year. As you know, each property has its own price depending on its features. All you do is determine the features of your ideal property in Trabzon and contact us.

In this area, the price of real estate is currently incredibly reasonable, and these prices will continue to rise. Trabzon would be an excellent choice, whether you are looking to purchase a property to retire to and have a complete lifestyle change, or you are just looking for a holiday home that you can rent it during the period that you aren’t using it.

 Trabzon’s real estate market looks forward to a bright future. To find investment opportunities and buy a commercial property in Trabzon take a look at Trabzon real estate listings. A way to use your money wisely is to buy property for sale in Trabzon which is a profitable option and there is a high demand for rental.

The area is undergoing rapid development which makes Trabzon property prices continue to rise in the near future.  You are advised to act now in order to ensure that you do not miss out on this exceptional prospect.

 In this article, we talked about properties for sale in Trabzon, the lifestyle of Trabzon city, the benefits of buying property in Trabzon, and the suffering of property prices in it.

A comfortable, peaceful, and safe place to live is Trabzon city in Turkey. You are offered by urban transformation and developing properties projects to have a great deal to make an investment in Trabzon. A major influence for those who want to buy Trabzon real estate is including city’s coastline, beautiful and historical places, reasonable prices, and rising prices in the future.


Why Do We Recommend Buying Trabzon Property For Sale From Alkhail?

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阿尔哈伊尔 is by your side with different properties in different neighborhoods of Trabzon and other Turkish cities. You just need to share with us the city, the features of your ideal home, and the budget. Our expert sales team will show you all the options that match your request. You can also check all properties with different photos and complete descriptions by choosing the city and type of property you want on our site. All the steps to buying a house with Alkhailtr are so easy and fast that it can’t be believed.

Apart from all of these benefits, the property for sale in Trabzon is highly affordable. On the other hand, the cost of living in this city is so low. This is what makes Trabzon a highly valuable place for property investors and also second home buyers.


There is a good choice of property for sale in Trabzon, with new apartments on brand new development starting from just 50000 $ and detached villas in beautiful countryside locations starting at just 150000 $.

As the choice of Trabzon property available is only set to rise, the opportunities for anyone investing in this area are plentiful with numerous options for investors to see a good return on their investment particularly.

Trabzon has a lot to offer, with the shifting preferences in tourism. It has far more to offer than just sun, the weather is extremely cool and comfortable at all times of the year, and it is ideal for a wide variety of holidaymakers.

In this area, the price of real estate is currently incredibly reasonable, and these prices will continue to rise. Trabzon would be an excellent choice, whether you are looking to purchase a property to retire to and have a complete lifestyle change, or you are just looking for a holiday home that you can rent it during the period that you aren’t using it.


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