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The Asian part is an important part of the composition of Istanbul’s civilization and enjoys relative tranquility compared to the European side as well as attractive greenery. Numerous tourist areas and features make the Asian part of Istanbul a destination for special investors and tourists. After all facilities provided by the Turkish government in the real estate sector, Turkey which has been and continues to be a world tourist destination is now a second home for many of those who have found a chance to get a property in Turkey, especially in Istanbul. If you are thinking about having a home in Istanbul, the market of Istanbul real estate for sale stilling at a very nascent stage and it has a lot of offers. The national economy is very stable, and prices are still relatively low. The quality of the property is generally high and the area is a great choice for working professionals. Also, it is a great place for families to live. That’s why below we’ll discuss houses for sale in the Asian part of Istanbul.



The Asian part of Istanbul is characterized by an important geographical location, linking the two largest continents, and its infrastructure has been particularly favored by the government over the past two decades. The Asian part of the south borders the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea to the north, and the Bosphorus Strait separates it from the European part of the city with the Sea of Marmara, located in the western part of it.

 There are a variety of transportation types in Istanbul that allow you to easily go anywhere you want, Kadikoy port is also a transportation hub in the city between Asian and European sides via the Bosphoruse Strait with ferry docks. It also has a lush nature and investment in its structure is distributed with the growth of the region’s service centers, shopping malls, universities, schools and mosques according to the population. That’s why buying a house and investing in Istanbul is a smart decision.


伊斯坦布尔的亚洲部分拥有美丽多变的生活的所有元素,特别适合那些喜欢在最古老的历史名声中放松并结合现代感的人。以及找到许多选项,包括 亚洲伊斯坦布尔待售豪华别墅 在最新、最迷人的建筑和最美丽的豪华内饰中,独特的物业是理想的选择。基础设施项目的实力和多样性,如广泛的交通网络、公共服务和公园的现代技术,以及优质的医院和国际机场,都有助于在亚洲地区成为伊斯坦布尔拥有和投资的最佳地点。

You can find many Istanbul homes for sale. You can look for a house with a good rental history if you are a couple. You might want to choose a house near the main lake if you are a single person. When you decide to purchase a home you should consider the price of Istanbul real estate for sale are usually competitive.



伊斯坦布尔亚洲部分的投资特点多种多样,包括确保金融发展,因为该城市部门的需求呈上升趋势,从而产生了无与伦比的商业和房地产流量。由于人口密度、旅游业和经济优势,综合基础设施和多元化投资,包括具有广泛选择的工业、农业、食品和房地产投资,完全是一股真正的力量。它的一些领域是最畅销的 伊斯坦布尔亚洲区的公寓, and Istanbul’s continued expansion has continuously created high-quality areas with frequent markets and business parks, close to the vital center of the city as well as other investment areas.

Some other advantages of buying a property for sale in Istanbul Asia are checked below:

Migration chooses Turkey because of the major reason which is the advantageous exchange rate. This gives foreigners considerably more for their money than ever before. Affordability becomes the number one driving force for foreign home sales when the price of per square meter is compared to countries such as France and Spain.

Purchasing Istanbul homes for sale are less expensive than in other countries. The little deeds tax is just 3% of the property value and some services such as translator, lawyer, and agent costs are reasonable. If you combine this with the simple purchasing procedure which provided all funds in order, it can complete in as little as a week.

Istanbul is reinventing its housing market. As a result, an ample supply keeps prices low, but investors seeking for long-term capital growth possibilities. Strong liquidity and a worldwide audience reassure if you need to sell because there are global audiences both Turkish and international buyers choose Istanbul homes for sale.

Turkey reduce the minimum amount for the citizenship investment program from one million to two hundred thousand dollars.


伊斯坦布尔房屋的购买价格取决于多种因素,包括房屋所在的区域、房产类型和可用设施。平均而言,伊斯坦布尔不同街区的房屋购买价格估计在 400,000 里拉至 700,000 里拉之间。
一般来说,价格为 在伊斯坦布尔的欧洲部分买房子 高于亚洲部分,随着我们向西前往伊斯坦布尔,购买公寓的价格变得越便宜。伊斯坦布尔最昂贵的街区之一是 Babcock、Etıler、Ortaköy 和 Besiktas,而 Beylikdüzü、Esenyurt、Gaziosmanpaşa、Kurt Koi 或 Kartal 等街区则更实惠。

为什么我们建议从 Alkhailtr 购买亚洲伊斯坦布尔的待售房产?

Why Do We Recommend Buying Asian Istanbul Properties For Sale From Alkhail?

Istanbul real estate for sale is at the top of the selection of foreign investors in Turkey. In this article, we reviewed the advantages of buying property in Istanbul, the situation of Istanbul, and property prices in Istanbul. Buyers looking to invest in Istanbul real estate and are doing much more than that.

There is a huge amount of Istanbul real estate for sale, such as luxury apartments and villas, residential suburb homes, sky carper penthouses, waterfront mansions, and new-build, off-plan, or resale homes. So there are plenty of opportunities to find what you want at any price you want to pay.

Alkhailtr 是最大和最 土耳其最有经验的房地产经纪人. Due to the vastness of the properties at our disposal, both in terms of the type of property and the different neighborhoods of different cities, the power of your choice is greatly enhanced. With any budget you have, you will be offered any property you want. If you want to save time and money to choose the home you want, visit our site. With the right groupings that we’ve done, you can easily choose the home you want. Then contact us.


Home buyers in Istanbul who are in better financial condition prefer houses for sale in Istanbul to apartments. Because the houses are larger and offer more personal space. It should also be said that houses in Istanbul are less expensive than similar houses in Europe and the US.

There are numerous Istanbul real estate projects around the city, as Istanbul is the most populated city in Turkey and still receiving migration from all over the world. A great majority of these projects include apartment complexes, and a considerable amount of them is detached and semi-detached villas in compounds.

The areas are in central city districts, such as prime locations properties in Beyoglu, Sisli, Meka, Levent, Mecidiyekoy, Bebek, and similar Bosphorus line districts.

As everyone knows the price is known to be a critical element in any buying process. Real estate prices vary and it is the most important reason why the buyer accepts the ownership of property in Istanbul.

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