After Istanbul and Ankara, Izmir is Turkey’s third largest city and the most important city in the western part of Turkey. It is famous both for its tourism and as one of the industrial commercial hubs in the western part of Istanbul. According to the polls conducted in Turkey, Izmir is a city that has very high and ideal standards of living. The existence of valuable historical monuments and important universities in the city has also made Izmir world-class attention. Living in Izmir is becoming an increasingly tough life choice for both Turks and foreigners. The city is famous for its cosmopolitan liberal atmosphere. Many new development complete, or are underway, and significant cultural events across the city, such as live music performances in parks in the summer evening, or art galleries opening their doors late into the evening hours, all of them are available in Izmir city in Turkey. If you are looking for property, there is no excuse not to make Izmir your next destination. Renting and buying a house in Izmir is a good choice for all those who want to invest in Turkey or immigrate. Below we discuss 伊兹密尔待售物业.



Izmir is a beautiful city located in the western part of Turkey. In terms of population, modern Izmir is third place in Turkey. In addition, this metropolis belongs to the glory of the largest port. The area of the bay on the east coast is covered by its vast territory. Pristine beaches, luxurious shopping malls, 5-star hotels, 1st class relaxation, and pleasant weather make Izmir a great and unique center for holidays. It also has many educational institutions, colleges, universities, and international schools.

On the other hand, there are other people who choose this incredible city as a place to live. Izmir is also a perfect place for those who prefer to live in a modern city because it has become very advanced and modern in the past few years. In addition to these, the luxurious properties for sale in attract many people to this amazing city. The city of Izmir has recently been ranked among the most popular cities for foreigners who wish to buy property in Izmir and invest. About 8,000 properties in Izmir have been sold to foreigners, according to figures released last year. Foreign investment by buying a house in Izmir has made the face of the city different and large new complexes are built within the city, which has very complete and suitable facilities for accommodation.


The city of Izmir has a very good climate to live in. There are no very cold winters and very hot summers in the city, and there is a more temperate climate than in other parts of Turkey. The people of this city are very hospitable and the cost of living is more suitable than in other regions of Turkey.

 One of the other main points that is very noticeable while staying in Izmir is the transportation situation in the city. In Izmir, inner-city traffic is very smooth and you won’t need to lose hours of time in inner-city traffic. Metro and other public transportations are in place in the city and you will easily and cheaply access different areas of the city at the cheapest price.

One of the large businesses that have been launched in Izmir is automobile production. As you know in the whole country, agriculture, textile, and high-quality building material are doing as well. One of the major business centers in Turkey is Izmir. The Izmir international airport which is located in the city receives flights from different parts of the globe. Izmir is still a grand restoration, majestic and cosmopolitan. 

For those who want to live year-round in a prosperous city with developed infrastructure but do not want to live in a busy city like Istanbul, Izmir city and Izmir real estate for sale are the best choices.



It can be said that living in Izmir, Turkey, and buying a home in it, is suitable for every one of all tastes and desires of life. If we are looking for comfort and tranquility, we will definitely buy Izmir real estate for the following reasons. Here are a few reasons:


Thanks to its motorway network and public transportation infrastructure Izmir is easy to get around even though it is a sprawling city with more than 4 million people.

Many of Izmir’s super rich hip youngsters and extreme sports fans can go to 45 minutes away from Konal center, which lies in the upmarket town of Alacati.


In the last ten years, the number of large investment projects in and around Izmir has been very high. Also, the city of Izmir has been able to improve facilities like road and rail networks, improving pedestrianization, and traffic management.

In April 2017, Izmir opened a metro line running from Karsiyaka around the bay of Izmir.

The Izmir Gold Package which consists of a unique underwater tunnel and bridge to establish in a ring around the city to help reduce traffic congestion.



伊兹密尔是土耳其历史最悠久的地区之一,这引起了许多历史景点。生活在一个可追溯到公元前 6,500 年的城市将是一种独特的体验。


You don’t know what you are missing if you have never been to the back street of Kemeralti or the Sublime cafés of the waterfront in Alsancak. Alsancak is a thriving waterfront area. There is a café community, art galleries, nightclubs, and a small town center which gives it a unique atmosphere.

In addition, there are city center attractions such as the Izmir clock tower in Konyak square, the Agora, and the Kultur park, and there is a wealth of opportunities to soak city life in your own space.


Izmir is a city with a wide variety of what offers variety of properties for different financial budgets. One of the reasons why real estate for sale in Izmir Turkey is incredibly popular is the existence of a wide range of properties. No matter what type of property you prefer, Izmir will hand over any of your choices to you. From apartments and 伊兹密尔待售别墅 对于度假屋,伊兹密尔有一长串待售物业,您可以从中选择一个。

All you have to do is clear your mind on what kind of property you want because the options are so many. Do you think about a luxurious villa on the seafront or a double stories house in a commercial area? Perhaps your most important decision is about how much money you want to pay for the house. And so you can find the property you want from among the properties for sale in Izmir.



Laying the Antalya-Izmir highway is an important option for the Turkish government at this time. You may ask why it has become important for the Turkish authorities to build this highway. Residential and commercial construction projects in Izmir have increased following the increased demand for Izmir real estate. And since the Turkish authorities are always looking to establish more amenities for citizens and residents of cities, they have launched a highway construction project. After that, the cost of housing in Izmir increased by almost 35% and one square meter costs about 500 Euros today according to statics in 2020.

Izmir city is consist of 30 regions. The historical central areas and those located closer to the coast are observed the highest prices.

Most importantly, there is a wide range of prices for property for sale in Izmir. For example, a luxurious property by the sea may be a little more expensive. But don’t worry, you still have a chance to find a cheaper property in Izmir. So no matter how much your budget is, you will most likely find a property in Izmir and enjoy what this amazing city will give you.

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In 2017, Izmir has 22% in foreign property buys in Turkey. Due to its westernized attitude and vibrant city life, Izmir is the best place to benefit from increased interest from foreign investors. In fact, for all around Aegean experience it is probably the perfect city by the sea.

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Izmir as Turkey’s third-largest city provides for both investors and liberal buyers with different kinds of property for sale.  You can purchase the Izmir apartment for sale from as little as 60000 Euros.

These civillisations have all left a mark on the city. Izmir modern real estate reflecting features of the past that date back in to the rich culture of region. Architects and designers are fusing old with new to create spectacular Izmir properties that borrow on authentic features.

Today, Izmir is one of the most economically rich cities of Turkey. It has been growing significantly, since the 1950 into a forward thinking, developed city with a strong automotive, textile, food, and tourism industry.  No Turkish city has grown faster in this period except Istanbul.


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