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Istanbul is a city in Turkey and one of the country’s 81 provinces. It is the most important city in the country in terms of population, economy, history, and culture. Between Turkish it is famous that if you know something about Istanbul, it must be related to the European part of it. The reputation of Istanbul is mostly due to this part. Most famous monuments are in the European sector. On the other hand, most companies and employment centers are also on the European side. If you are thinking about buying a home in Istanbul Europe, it is still has a lot to offer, and the market of Istanbul real estate sitting at a very nascent stage. The quality of the property is generally high. The area is a great choice for working professionals and also a great place for families to live in. In the following, we check houses for sale in European Istanbul. Stay with us.

املاک و خانه‌های سمت اروپایی استانبول
املاک و خانه‌های سمت اروپایی استانبول

املاک و خانه‌های سمت اروپایی استانبول

Istanbul is Turkey’s largest and most important, city, economic, tourist and cultural capital, and its European part has famous tourist spots, important features and ancient fences. In addition to urban development, new residential areas, as the former Ataturk Airport, and the new Istanbul Airport, are also one of the largest organized urban neighborhoods in Europe.

The prices are still relatively low and the national economy is very stable. Consider Istanbul Europe if you want to own a house in an area with a high quality of life. It is an increasingly attractive place for ex-pats to live as Turkey’s capital is one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe. Its culture is multicultural and the cosmopolitan nature of the city makes it an ideal destination.

بخش اروپایی استانبول با عواملی همچون ارائه سبک زندگی، پیشرفت‌های متعدد و تاریخ غنی شناخته می‌شود. علاوه بر این‌ها آپارتمان‌های لوکس و املاک منحصر به فرد سمت اروپایی در میان جدیدترین و باشکوه‌ترین ساختمان‌ها و زیباترین مراکز استانبول قرار دارند. هنگام جستجوی آپارتمان‌های لوکس برای خرید آپارتمان های مدرن در استانبول اروپایی، گزینه‌های مختلفی وجود دارد. در واقع قسمت اروپایی استانبول شامل بهترین مناطق شهر استانبول می‌باشد.

زندگی در سمت اروپایی استانبول

انتخاب محل زندگی، به ترجیحات شما بستگی دارد. بخش اروپایی و آسیایی استانبول هر دو شرایط خاص خود را دارند. شما می‌توانید جزئیات مربوط به خاص‌ترین املاک برای خرید در بخش آسیایی استانبول را که در این صفحه لینک شده مشاهده کنید. در ادامه این مطلب ویژگی‌های منطقه اروپایی استانبول را بررسی می‌کنیم:

  • Crowds and population density are higher in the European part of Istanbul.
    The Asian part of Istanbul surpasses the European sector in terms of greenery and nature and has more vegetation and natural forests, parks and greenery.
  • The presence of historical monuments on the European side this time makes this part of Istanbul more distinctive than the Asian part. Istanbul’s historical monuments are mostly on the European side.
  • Istanbul New Airport is located on the European side.
  • The number of universities in the European part is higher than in Asian, and Marmara University is the only university in the world located on two continents.
  • Istanbul nights are livelier and more exciting in the European side.
     There are more bus lanes on the European side.
  • Sports centers and stadiums are mostly on the European side.
  • Istanbul metropolitan hotels are more likely to be seen in the European side as the European side is the center of commercial and tourist attractions. There are also more shopping centers on the European side.
  • The climate in Istanbul is mild. The weather in Istanbul is comfortable all year round with temperatures averaging around 27 degrees in summer.
زندگی در سمت اروپایی استانبول
مزایای خرید خانه در بخش اروپایی استانبول

مزایای خرید خانه در بخش اروپایی استانبول

Istanbul real estate investment is leading compared to other real estate investments, as well as other types of investments. Because it is one of the surest that comes with a permanent need for life. The value of the property usually increases and over time it gains more profit and is almost no harm. However, choosing the right location is one of the main elements in the success of real estate investment. In an article published by U.S. real estate consultant Live and Invest Overseas, Turkey is listed as the best country to own a property. As you know, European Istanbul is one of the largest selling points and the best type available for real estate investment in Turkey, and the Turkish real estate market is suitable for most investors’ budgets.

Another great reason to invest in a house for sale in Istanbul European side is the city’s booming economy. While looking to buy a house in Istanbul Europe, make sure to do ample research. A great reason to purchase a villa in Istanbul Europe is its potential to join the European Union. The city is home to numerous international companies, a diverse place, and a bustling. It is worth buying a house here and the property market is booming. As it is one of the most exciting cities in the world you should consider a property in Istanbul Europe if you are an investor. The other advantages of buying property in Istanbul Europe are checked below:

Foreign purchases accounted for 40000 home transactions in Turkey in 2018. The major reason which makes foreigners choose Turkey is the advantages of an exchange rate that gives them considerably more for their money than ever before. Affordability becomes the number one driving force for foreign home sales when the exchange rate is combined with a market where prices per square meter are already cheap compared to countries such as Spain and France.

Purchasing a home in Istanbul Turkey is less expensive than in other nations. 3% of property value is deed tax and the other services are reasonable such as translator, lawyer, and agent costs.

Istanbul is reinventing its house market with new projects. so an ample supply keeps prices low and investors are seeking long-term capital growth possibilities, especially on the European side. For both Turkish and international purchasers, Istanbul is the most popular destination.

محدوده قیمت املاک برای خرید ملک در استانبول اروپایی

The neighborhoods are very affordable and some of the best places to buy a property in Istanbul Europe are on the outskirts. The most important elements that determine the price of a house in Turkey are as follows:

  1. Distance and access to the city center.
  2. Proximity of the property from major transportations such as airports, metro lines, metrobus or important streets and roads.
  3. Proximity and distance from touristic places such as lakes, public parks and archaeological sites.
  4. The location of properties near important projects such as the Istanbul Canal, Istanbul Airport increases.
  5. Attractive views, such as a property located in a coastal area with sea views.
  1. Dating buildings or properties
  2. Property specifications and elegance,
  3. The location of the property in the building, for example residential complexes, includes many facilities such as swimming pool, restaurant and central heating services, while the property located in a normal building does not have any of these services.
محدوده قیمت املاک برای خرید ملک در استانبول اروپایی
املاک و خانه برای فروش در استانبول آسیایی

چرا توصیه می‌کنیم املاک خود را در بخش اروپایی استانبول از Alkhailtr خریداری کنید؟

Thank you for accompanying us until the end of this article. In this article, we talked about properties for sale in European Istanbul, the results of investing in it and the price range of houses for sale in European Istanbul.

The city has a quality of life and prices of a house in Istanbul Europe is also high so they are making a good investment in a foreign country. It is possible to find a house for sale in Istanbul Europe for less than half of what it would cost to live in the city and people live in Istanbul because of the low cost of housing in Istanbul.

Alkhailtr is at your service with years of experience in buying and selling houses in Istanbul Europe. We have taken photos of all the properties to help you and make it easy to choose your desired home, and we have posted a page with explanations. You can easily view all houses or خانه و ویلا در استانبول اروپایی را مشاهده و بررسی کنید. الخیل در تمام شهرها و محله‌های خوب و مدرن ترکیه خانه‌های مختلفی دارد. از این رو کافیست به وب‌سایت املاک الخیل مراجعه کرده و خانه مورد نظر خود را انتخاب کنید. کارشناسان ما آماده کمک و ارائه تخصصی‌ترین مشاوره‌ها به شما هستند.

سوالات متداول

Istanbul is a melting pot of hundreds of different nationalities and religions all with one thing in common, a desire to capitalize on everything, this incredible city has to offer especially Istanbul real estate. Istanbul property for sale values has skyrocketed by more than 240% between 2004 and 2012.

Inner city Istanbul Europe properties broadly speaking fall into three categories. First, well-managed, branded luxury residences, generally built in high-rise tower complexes with many facilities.

Second, an older Turkish-style Istanbul apartment block with very few facilities on offer.

Third, shanty homes are found almost in all corners of Istanbul even right next to some of the city’s most prestigious addresses.

A great number of new Istanbul real estate development have sprung up and catering to commuters on the outskirts of the city. These are lower priced and yield a rental income of around 5% pa. These start at 50000 Euros for a 1 bedroom apartment. It is generally around 1500 $ to 2000$ per square meter.

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