فلل للبيع في الانيا

Alanya is located on the southern coast of Turkey and it is 135 KM east away from Antalya. Alanya comes from a part of the Antalya region of Turkey. It is located near the airport of Ghazipasa, depending on the final destination, it offers much shorter airport transfer times of no more than 45 minutes or less. Alanya is one of the most sought-after cities for ex-pats and foreigners looking to buy villas in Alanya. For those looking to spend long summer vacations in Turkey Alanya villas for sale are the option. With living in Alanya villas you will have easy access to sandy beaches, daily amenities, top-quality restaurants, shopping malls, and family facilities. You will want nothing when you are living in Alanya. Below are some of the features of villas for sale in Alanya.

فلل للبيع في الانيا
أفضل 10 أماكن يحبها الوافدون للعيش في تركيا
أفضل الأشياء التي يمكنك القيام بها في ألانيا
فلل للبيع في الانيا
قائمة نفقات المعيشة في ألانيا

فلل الانيا للبيع

Whether you looking to buy an apartment or villa for sale in Alanya, you would have a profitable experience. This region of the Mediterranean is experiencing an influx of tourists. Some of these tourists are looking for a holiday home and some are looking to settle in the area. It’s hard to see why anyone wouldn’t fall in love with this town, with a thriving ex-pat community and amiable locals.

You may find out that villas for sale in Alanya have located some distance from the coastline. As many Alanya villas are set on the hillsides to the rare of the various town. Although, these elevated locations will very often offer a full panoramic view of the sea and on occasion the stunning castle too.

With the explanations given, you probably think the price of a villa in Alanya should be very high, whereas it’s not at all. Villa prices are also lower compared to other busiest cities in Turkey. Many Alanya villas are slightly older properties though always are very well looked after, and this is another reason for the lower price of Alanya villas for sale. So, if you seek to buy a villa in Analya closer to the sea and it is a more recent build, you would face higher prices. These Alanya villas are now being aimed at the luxury market.

Who buys Alanya villas for sale?

Alanya villas are types of property for sale in Alanya that are purchased for different purposes. Some buyers of villas in Alanya purchase them as holiday homes. They travel to this city very frequently to enjoy its Mediterranean climate (warm weather) and its enjoyable activities. Thus, they need a home to stay in during their vacation. Owning a villa in Alanya can cut their expenses. Another group of real estate buyers in Alanya are those foreigners that have immigrated to the city. They are young professionals or families who need a place to live permanently.

The last group of home buyers is the investors who wish to take advantage of owning a property in Alanya. Properties in Alanya offer benefits like:

  • الجنسية التركية
  • High ROI
  • دخول إيجارات عالية
  • أقساط سهلة
  • مكاسب رأسمالية كبيرة

So, this city is a perfect place for all of the home buyers to enjoy incredible benefits. No matter which group you belong to, if you want to buy houses in Alanya, this article is for you. From prices to property types to areas and benefits, here is everything you should know to buy property in Alanya. After reading the article, you’ll be able to decide whether Alanya real estate is suitable for you or not.

لماذا يجب عليك شراء الفلل والعقارات في ألانيا؟
كل ما يجب أن تعرفه عن شراء عقار في تركيا كأجنبي
أسباب العيش في ألانيا
الجمال الطبيعي في ألانيا

Why Alanya villas are popular by foreigners?

Compared to the villa price of other countries, Alanya villas are popular with foreigners. The prices are more affordable in Alanya. The features of Alanya villas are astounding which will make any foreign investment and buying Alanya villas pleasurable and profitable purposes.

Why Should You Buy Villas And Real Estate In Alanya?

Whatever your purpose, buying real estate in Alanya would be a nice decision for you. This is because this incredible city has amazing features and enormous benefits to offer. Some of them include:

الطقس اللطيف هو ما يجعل ألانيا ملائمة للعيش وجذابة للغاية. يتمتع سكان ألانيا وزوارها بطقس دافئ ناتج عن مناخ البحر الأبيض المتوسط.

جمالها الطبيعي هو سبب آخر لجاذبية هذه المدينة المدهشة. ألانيا هي موطن للشواطئ الرملية المذهلة التي تخطف الأنفاس حقًا. ألانيا مكان تستمتع فيه بشواطئ خلابة من جهة ومناطق خضراء رائعة من جهة أخرى.

تقدم ألانيا أسلوبًا فريدًا للمعيشة. إنه مزيج مثالي من الحياة العالمية في أفضل حالاتها مع جمال المدينة الطبيعي. إلى جانب ذلك ، تقدم هذه المدينة الرائعة:

  • Incredible safety
  • Colorful gardens
  • Amazing nightclubs
  • Bars and restaurants
  • مراكز التسوق
  • Cozy cafes
  • المنشآت الرياضية
  • Peaceful green areas
  • Stunning sandy beaches
  • 300 يوم من أشعة الشمس

الآن ، يمكنك أيضًا إضافة عقارات أنيقة في ألانيا إلى القائمة. فلل مذهلة للبيع في الانيا و شقق للبيع في الانيا هي ما يجعل هذه المدينة الرائعة أكثر جاذبية.

Investing in properties in Alanya, especially in its villas can be a highly valuable investment. This is simply because Turkey offers amazing advantages that other countries barely do. Some of these advantages are checked below.

عقارات راقية في الانيا
إمكانية استئجار منزلك في ألانيا عالية جدًا. هذا ببساطة لأن ألانيا هي وجهة مرغوبة للغاية لقضاء العطلات للسياح من جميع أنحاء العالم. لذلك ، فإن الحاجة إلى منازل العطلات في ألانيا آخذة في الازدياد. يمكنك بسهولة العثور على مستأجرين والتمتع بمبالغ عالية من الدخل الإيجاري!
إيجابيات الاستثمار في الفلل في ألانيا

Advantages of investing in Alanya villas for sale

A good investment for future opportunities would be considering buying a villa in Alanya. Because investing in Alanya villas can bring more fortune to investors and increase public relations with either other investors or construction companies, so this type of investment opens the door for greater income. As mentioned above, investing in properties and villas for sale in Alanya has many advantages, some of which are checked below:

The most prominent benefit of investing in Turkey real estate is getting Turkish citizenship. Turkish passport is one of the most valuable passports in the world allowing you to travel to over 90 countries. More importantly, Turkish citizenship removes the need of having a visa to travel to these countries.

يمكن أن يجلب لك شراء فلل في ألانيا أرباحًا كبيرة وعائدًا على استثمارك سنويًا. المبلغ المذهل من 5% إلى 7% هو ما يتمتع به مالكو العقارات في ألانيا.

Great capital gains is one of the benefits that the property owners in Alanya enjoy. It is the result of a continuous rise in property prices in Alanya.

For having a rental investment buying villas in Alanya is the best option. Because the villas cost more, a higher income can be made by renting a villa than by renting out a flat or an apartment. Also, the rental cost will have to be higher, if villas cost more.

إمكانية استئجار منزلك في ألانيا عالية جدًا. هذا ببساطة لأن ألانيا هي وجهة مرغوبة للغاية لقضاء العطلات للسياح من جميع أنحاء العالم. لذلك ، فإن الحاجة إلى منازل العطلات في ألانيا آخذة في الازدياد. يمكنك بسهولة العثور على مستأجرين والتمتع بمبالغ عالية من الدخل الإيجاري!

يعد خيار خطة الدفع لشراء منازل للبيع في ألانيا ميزة أخرى للاستثمار في هذه العقارات. الأقساط السهلة تجعل هذه العقارات مناسبة للغاية للميزانية.

Where to buy a villa in Alanya Turkey?

To come to the right place, you have to look carefully because Alanya is decorated with greenery and caressed by the Mediterranean Sea. This will not make Alanya villas a favorite place to stay in, but also a wonderful place with an amazing experience.

The most popular areas are listed below if you wish to buy a villa in Alanya:

  • Kagicak
  • Bektas
  • Tepe
  • Mahmultar
  • Kestel

These locations include a sightful sea view, landscape, and seascape which are heaven for villas. Because these areas are closer to a golden beach where you won’t miss out and get a better view of everything the areas are better for villas.

أنواع الفلل الموجودة للبيع في الانيا على الخيلتر
فلل فاخرة للبيع في الانيا
فلل للبيع في الانيا
لماذا يجب عليك شراء فيلا في الانيا منا؟

How Much Should You Spend To Buy Villa In Alanya Turkey?

The prices vary from villa to villa in all Alanya villas for sale depending on the location in different areas. The villas which are close to the beach have higher prices than Alanya villas for sale on the hills. If the villa has more rooms, if the villa is newly constructed, or if the villa has a private pool or private garden, it should cost more. So, the price of villas are depending on location, size, and features.

Although, it is interesting to note that villas in Alanya are considered affordable compared to villas in European cities. Here you can find prices for villas in Alanya:

الحد الأدنى لسعر الفلل النموذجية حوالي 150.000 يورو. هذه الأنواع من المنازل المعروضة للبيع في ألانيا عادة ما تكون فيلات داخل مجمع. توفر هذه العقارات مرافق مشتركة بما في ذلك حمامات السباحة والحدائق الخضراء.

If you want to buy luxury villas, you should spend around 400,000 Euros to 1750000 Euros. These kinds of villas are stunning ones with exclusive amenities including a private swimming pool. These villas in Alanya also offer their own private gardens and also wonderful views of nature or the sea.

Existing Types Of Villas For Sale In Alanya On Alkhail

First, we will look at the villas in Alanya that are divided into two groups, detached villas and semi-detached villas. To meet the buyers’ exception these kinds of villas are constructed. Below we will examine these two types:

This type of villa is for those who need more solidarity and a serene lifestyle. Detached villas consist of more private grounds, such as a private garden and a private pool. It means like a mono home as the villa is stand-alone.

Families with children and individuals who are more social than the rest, like to live in these villas. Semi-detached villas in Alanya are in a project with shared gardens and a swimming pool. So children can play to gather and adults enjoy the company of others.

There are both types of Alanya villas on Alkhail Real Estate Website which make other groups. These villas include:

Luxury villas are among the most popular properties in this city. These villas are the ones with stunning architecture and premium amenities such as private gardens and swimming pools. These villas also offer high levels of privacy, serenity, and beauty. Kargicak is one of the popular areas in Alanya where you can buy your luxury villa.

Sea view villas are also another category of villas on Alkhailtr. This type of villa is highly popular with holiday home buyers as well as real estate investors. Kargicak, Mahmutlar, Oba, Kestel and Avsallar are the best areas to buy sea-view villas for sale in Alanya Turkey.

For those who need a vacation property, holiday villas in Alanya are the villa type that Alkhailtr offers. This kind of Alanya properties offer exclusive amenities including private swimming pools, stunning gardens, sports facilities and enjoyable activities. Wonderful nature and sea views also complement the above features making these villas beyond desirable!

سوف تحصل على طعم مناخ البحر الأبيض المتوسط
أسباب العيش في ألانيا
اسعار العقارات في الانيا
تكاليف المعيشة في الانيا

Villas for sale in Alanya Turkey

Thank you for accompanying us until the end of this article. In this article, we talked about villas for sale in Alanya, the advantages of investing in Alanya villas, the price of villas and the types of villas available in Alanya.

As you’ve noticed by reading this article, Alanya has become a powerful tourist hub in Turkey that attracts tourists annually with different goals. With the arrival of tourists in Alanya, construction flourished. Considering the advantages of investing in Alanya, we have mentioned earlier, many investors in the city purchased beautiful Alanya properties and villas.

Why Should You Purchase A Villa In Alanya From Us?

You have come to the perfect spot, if you are in the market for villas for sale in Alanya, as an investor or a holiday home buyer. The best luxury villas in Alanya for sale from an individual private seller to a reputable construction company Alanya are on our website, to present to you. we highly recommend you work with a qualified villas agent who can help you to find luxury villas in Alanya Turkey for sale if you don’t have the experience to buy a villa in Alanya.

Before buying a luxury villa with a private pool do your research, because many websites showcase cheap villas for sale in Alanya that are so attractive.

لشراء فلل للبيع في الانيا ، الخيل Real Estate Website is the best place to get it started. Without waiting more go ahead and discover the best Alanya villas for sale.  This is simply because buying property in Alanya Turkey would not be easy if you want to do it by yourself. You need an experienced real estate company who has full knowledge about Alanya real estate and Full knowledge on properties. Alkhail Real Estate Company is able to help you come up with the best property option. We also walk you through the entire process to book your desired villa in Alanya Turkey. We help you get the title deed, and officially become a property owner as well!

Here are what makes us distinctive from the others:

  • Offering 100% FREE consultation on properties in Turkey
    • حجز عقارك في ألانيا في أقصر وقت
    • الرد عليك في وقت قصير بعد استفسارك
    • Having experienced agents with a specialty in Alanya Real Estate
مناخ ألانيا
أفضل مناطق المعيشة في ألانيا
منارة ألانيا
ألانيا سير تيراسي

أسئلة مكررة

Yes, foreigners are also allowed to buy Alanya villas for sale

دخل الإيجار لمالكي الفلل في ألانيا مرتفع. يتراوح بين 5% إلى 7% سنويًا.

هل شراء عقار في ألانيا استثمار جيد؟
بالنظر إلى فوائد امتلاك عقار في هذه المدينة ، سيكون بالتأكيد استثمارًا جيدًا. بعض الفوائد تشمل:

  • الجنسية التركية
  • High ROI
  • دخل إيجاري مرتفع
  • Continuous rise in property price
  • أقساط سهلة

تعتبر كارجيجاك ومهموتلار وأوبا وكيستل وأفسالار من أفضل المناطق وأكثرها رواجًا لشراء منازل للبيع في ألانيا.

The average price of luxury villas for sale in Alanya ranges from 400000 Euros to 1750000 Euros. These types of villas contain 4 bedrooms, a privet pool, and astonishing pyromaniac views.   However, the price increase as the features of the villas gets better.

The luxury areas in Alanya include Bektas, Tepe, and Kargicak.

قارن القوائم