Beykoz 是伊斯坦布尔亚洲区最好的街区之一。它是美丽的伊斯坦布尔市购房者的理想之地

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Beykoz is a coastal area north of the Bosphorus Strait, next to the Black Sea and in the Asian part of Istanbul. This region has become one of the most attractive and luxurious districts of Istanbul in recent years and many of Turkey’s prosperous people have homes and villas in this region. Istanbul’s Beykoz climate, influenced by the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, is one of the most important features that has increased the number of customers and applicants to buy property in the neighborhood. Due to the quality build and the link to the central city as well as surrounding forests properties for sale in Beykoz are highly sought after. Owners of property in Beykoz for sale enjoy a quaint seaside ambiance as a result of sitting at the Northern end of the Bosphorus in Anatolian Istanbul. Many foreign and domestic buyers are attracted by properties for sale in Istanbul. According to the increasing demands of buyers and investors, the number of projects and properties in Beykoz for sale is increasing day by day.  Here we explore the neighborhood of Beykoz and the features for buying property, apartments and villas.



In the Asian part of Istanbul, Beykoz neighborhood is located with its unique features. Beykoz has been home to various civilizations and Ottoman royalty also went hunting in the area. The trace of Ottoman architecture and history can be seen in the grand Kucuksu hunting lodge, mosque, and village fountains.

Celebrities and top level politicians have replaced royal figures these days and now they have property for sale in Beykoz and enjoy Beykoz facilities. There is a tranquility in Istanbul’s Beykoz neighborhood that makes you feel like you are living in a small local town, not in one of the great and living city neighborhoods like Istanbul.
由于在 Beykoz 买卖房产的机会,对这个伊斯坦布尔社区的投资大大增加。一定要参观 伊斯坦布尔 亚洲待售物业 在我们的网站上。其实,买房住小区,你可以体验炎热晴天、雨天、狂风大风的生活。

在 Beykoz 出售的公寓

Beykoz covers 1000 square kilometers and its population is 250000. These people spread out among the center and rural villages. The pleasant atmosphere and good living position in Beykoz have led even foreigners to buy an apartment in this Istanbul neighborhood. In this region, it is possible to buy a variety of apartments in Istanbul. People with high standards for choosing a flat can consider high-quality apartments built in this famous Istanbul neighborhood.  The elite apartments for sale in Beykoz market is more discreet and less visible than other areas of Istanbul although it has 45 district. There are several 伊斯坦布尔亚洲待售公寓 对于申请人来说,人们可以轻松找到他们想要居住的公寓,并在 Beykoz 和任何地区进行投资。

在 Beykoz 出售的公寓
在伊斯坦布尔 Beykoz 购买别墅

在伊斯坦布尔 Beykoz 购买别墅

There is any type of property you want, houses, apartments, and villas in Istanbul. However, some of the most stylish villas in Istanbul are located along the coast of Beykoz. For example, many Ottoman beachfront mansions called yali are located in this neighborhood. The villas are sea-facing on one side and lead to the forest on the other. Maybe it is the most important advantage of buying a villa in Beykoz.  The owners of Beykoz villas for sale have another bonus because a large area of forest is set back from the coastline as well as being an idyllic seaside location. This is what encourages residents to get in touch with nature.

 One of the famous districts of Istanbul for buying a villa is Beykoz district, where famous and wealthy people of Istanbul have chosen its villas for housing. There are many types of 亚洲伊斯坦布尔待售别墅 but for those looking for luxury and expensive villas, buying a villa in Beykoz Istanbul is one of their few options. The price of buying a villa in Beykoz Istanbul is high and in Ajar district, which is one of the famous areas that reach several million dollars.


The neighborhood is famous among domestic and foreign tourists for its colorful homes, fishing activities and restaurants where the main food on the menu is fish. Photographers from all over the world travel to Istanbul to capture the amazing look of Beykoz’s colorful houses. The unspoiled greenery of Beykoz and its climate make this region one of the most pleasant and peaceful areas of Istanbul due to its proximity to the sea. Istanbul’s Forest and Biya beykoz has also made this region one of the greenest and most pleasant climates of Istanbul regions. These features have led many Turkish affluent people to have homes and villas in this region. Below are some of the other features of Beykoz:

Beykoz Neighborhood of Istanbul has different private schools and two famous universities. One of these universities is Beykoz University. 2nd University of Beykoz is also Turkish-German University. Tabiat College, Ted college, Bilfen college, and Movefeciat school are the best ones in Beykoz.

The issue of access to this area and its public transportation is the only weakness that can be mentioned for Beykoz district of Istanbul. The most Istanbul areas are connected by metro and tram or at least can be reached by shipping ports. The people of this Istanbul neighborhood often travel by bus and taxi and via intercity routes in this region. This may be a strange matter, but even as Beykoz is located next to the coastline, there are no shipping berths in the area and can’t be traveled by sea to Beykoz.

除了海滩上的老店,Beykoz还有几家大型购物中心。这些购物中心之一是WaterGarden。在Watergarden Shopping Mall里,有各种各样的商店,无数的餐厅,一个电影院,一个咖啡店,一个运动公园,甚至还有一家烧烤餐厅。

一条美丽的河流横跨 Beykoz 社区,为该社区创造了迷人而令人兴奋的景观。您可以躺在该地区的沙滩上,在阳光明媚的海滩上放松身心。

Riva Village 是一个非常美丽的村庄,位于 Beykoz 北部,位于黑海沿岸。您可以在一日游中参观村庄的美丽自然风光,并享受其迷人迷人的风景。这些地区的存在和令人惊叹的自然景点使 Beykoz 的美丽达到了顶峰。

在伊斯坦布尔的 Beykoz 区,您会看到大量豪华而美丽的餐厅和咖啡馆,它们以最吸引人的方式设计,并拥有许多令人惊叹的建筑。您可以在这家餐厅咖啡厅欣赏美丽的黑海海滩和迷人的博斯普鲁斯海峡景观,同时享用著名的土耳其美食。 Beykoz 是一个非常安静的地区,设施齐全。

Natural waterfalls, beautiful landmarks, fertile land, sea and lush forest make the Beykoz area look just like a dreamy and fabulous city. In addition to natural attractions, due to its rich history, as well as its importance during the Ottoman Empire, numerous historical tourist attractions in this region welcome travelers to Istanbul such as Khadio Palace, Anadolu Kawagi Castle, Kucuksu Palace Istanbul.

A garden dating from the era of Sultan Ahmet the secound is Beykoz Korusu, which is favorite place for families. The places which are busy at weekends are Landscape flower beds, birdhouses, and small poll covering 150 acres.

There are other green areas such as Tabiat park, Ayhan Sevigi Ormani, and Polonezkoy, also known as the Adampol which is a famous green village with Polish roots.

Beykoz 地区设备齐全的医院、诊所和医疗中心的存在使居民可以免费前往其他地区的任何领域进行医疗保健。

Beykoz 房地产市场

Beykoz 房地产市场

One of the most preferred areas to live in Istanbul is Beykoz because of its natural beauty, tranquil life away from the city’s hustles and bustles, and its historical texture. Beykoz’s Neighborhood of Istanbul consists of 35 regions. Beykoz is perfect for families looking for a comfortable home and a place full of investment locations. There are many luxury real estate projects in Beykoz and the real estate market of this region is growing day by day. Most stylish and new urban development projects take place in Beykoz.

You will surely enjoy every single day of your life, once you decide to settle down in Beykoz. There are many things to enjoy in Beykoz such as the second-largest forest called Beykoz forest, pavilions, palaces, museums, factories focused on glass production and research, historical groves and castles, churches, decorated water front house, the outstanding Anatolian Fortress, and many more.

土耳其 Beykoz 的房子价格是多少?

伊斯坦布尔 Beykoz 优越的生活条件使该社区成为大多数决定在土耳其拥有美丽房产的人最喜欢的兴趣区域之一。在过去的一年中,位于 Beykoz 伊斯坦布尔的房地产价格上涨了 1.44%。

一般来说,Beykoz 土耳其的房子价格不是很高,根据房产条件和您选择购买房产的地区,购买所需房屋的价格会有所不同。

一般来说,位于伊斯坦布尔 Beykoz 区的房产价格约为 8,000 里拉,每个人都可以在这个宜人而美丽的地区最好的地方拥有一套豪华公寓,资本在 500 到 90 万里拉之间。

土耳其 Beykoz 的房子价格是多少?
土耳其 Beykoz 的房子价格是多少?

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Thank you for accompanying us until the end of this article. We’ve talked about properties for in one of the districts of Istanbul called Beykoz. Beykoz Location, properties for sale in Beykoz, the benefits of investing in this region and topics about this.

This region has all the facilities for a standard life, from school, university and hospital to sea and forest landscapes. If you, like many people, are looking to buy property and settle in Turkey, do not lose property for sale in Beykoz.

阿尔哈伊尔 是该地区最大的房地产经纪人之一,为您服务。我们的销售团队在土耳其地区非常有优势,他们会解释土耳其每个地区的任何主题,以便您可以在充分了解的情况下为您选择最佳地区和最佳房产。我们的顾问在购买的所有阶段都在您身边。您也可以访问我们的网站以节省您的时间。因为我们已经对土耳其的地区和各种财产做了适当的分类。
如果您计划前往土耳其居住或投资,并寻找一个氛围良好、增长职位高的社区,Beykoz Neighborhood 是您的不错选择。在这个街区,您可以找到豪华的建筑、海边的老房子、现已成为历史的一部分并位于海滩上的别墅,甚至是价值超过其价格的土地。我们希望这个办公室对你有用。我们也与您一起为您提供最佳的家居购物体验。所以联系我们。


Beykoz is located at the Bosphorus’s Northern end and it is on the Asian side. Due to quality build and the link to the central center as well as surrounding forests properties for sale in Beykoz are highly sought after.

Waterfront houses for sale in Beykoz called yali in Turkish, have higher prices and they are the most expensive real estate market in Turkey. Millionaires mansion s and trendy apartments for sale in Beykoz are the features of real estate portfolio.

Buy Beykoz apartments for sale has many advantages. The greenery of the area and leisure activities are the most important ones. Locals and tourists crusing the Bosphorus often stop off at delightful sea side restaurants in Beykoz.