Bursa'da emlak almak ve yatırım yapmak için 13 neden

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Bursa'da emlak almak ve yatırım yapmak için 13 neden

Any investor with high decision-making power will definitely choose Bursa to buy property in Turkey. According to statistics, in the last ten years, the number of people who have been investing and buying property in Bursa has increased a lot and is still increasing. As each year goes by, and with increased interest in Turkey’s affordable prices and citizenship by investment scheme, foreign house buyers are taking an eager curiosity within the real estate market.

There are many good reasons to buy property in bursa. In this article, I look at the 13 reasons why you should buy property in bursa. Bizimle kal.

Is Bursa a good place to live? 15 reasons to choose bursa for living

Why should you buy property in bursa?

The city of Bursa is among the top five in the ranking of the foreign home sales in Turkey, and in the first 7 months of 2019 foreigners purchased about 1217 houses in this city. So, indeed, if you are also looking to invest and buy a property in Bursa, know that you are on the right track.

Perhaps in the past, buying property in Bursa was popular only for Middle Eastern nations, just to get an idea of the popularity of Bursa, nowadays; European investors are also attracted to buying property in this unique city.

For decades, only locals in Istanbul used the city of Brusa as a weekend resort. Nevertheless, everything has changed in the last ten years and Bursa is now present on the international travel scene.

Historical, natural beauties and magnificent scenery make Bursa a perfect destination for living and investing. One primary reason for its fame is that before Constantinople, it was the capital-ruling center of the Ottoman Empire and you can find the traces of their existence through the architecture, food and culture.

Bursa Apartmanı Yatırım Nedenleri​
Bursa Apartmanı Yatırım Nedenleri​

Finally, this question arises: “Is buying a property in bursa a good investment?” you will find your answer below.

Bursa has a lot of natural beauties and green spaces

The city of Bursa is known as the Green Bursa or Yeşil Bursa in Turkish. Even no constructions and expansion of the city have diminished the greenery and beauty of this stunning city.

Aside from this, get out of the city center into the neighboring countryside and right on your doorstep is the Uludağ national park and Suutcu national park. You will never get tired of living in this beautiful city.

Some of these green spaces in Bursa are:

  • Hüdavendigar City Park
  • Ulubat and İznik Lakes
  • Bird of Paradise
  • Saitabat Waterfall
  • Atatürk Urban Forest
  • Kapanca Harbor
  • Ayvaini Cave
Is Bursa a good place to live? 15 reasons to choose bursa for living

Bursa is a cultural and tourism exhibition

One of the other reasons to buy property in bursa is that the tourism industry in Bursa is very strong. Despite having a strong advanced tourism industry, Bursa still retains all its historical and cultural monuments.

The inclusion of the historical building in the old city center in the UNESCO World Heritage List is one of the most important developments in Bursa, which shows the value of culture and history in this city.

Bursa'da görülmesi gereken 30 yer

Tourism in Bursa is active all year round

As the tourism industry is active all year round, there is a good opportunity to invest and buy holiday homes in Bursa. Buying villas in Bursa will help you to have a passive income through renting this property. Thanks to Mount Uludağ and the winter resort, Bursa has tourists even in winter. Other places, like the beachside resorts of the Aegean and Mediterranean, attract tourists all year long.

What could be possibly better than this?!

Is Bursa a good place to live? 15 reasons to choose bursa for living

different types of public transport exists in Brusa

In Bursa, there are different types of public transportation inside and outside the city, and in this regard, you do not face any problems. You can use highways and airlines for your travels, as well as subways, taxis and buses to get around the city. In any case, if you decide to go for a walk, surely all the required things are within a few steps of you.

different types of public transport exists in Brusa

Proximity To Istanbul: another reasons to buy property in Bursa

Why should you buy property in bursa? Because Bursa is not as crowded as Istanbul at all, yet it still has the easiest and best access to Istanbul. By living in Bursa, you are away from the hustle and bustle of city life and you can go to Istanbul by plane, bus and ferry in no time.

Good geographical position and easy transportation to Istanbul have made bursa a perfect destination for investing and buying a house. That’s why you should invest in Real Estate in bursa.

Bursa'da görülmesi gereken 30 yer

Experience a quiet life in Bursa

By buying a property in Bursa, a calm and unique life awaits you. By living in Bursa, you will enjoy not only nature and its beautiful scenery, but also friendly and kind people.

Nothing elevates your living standards better than a first-class house that suits your outlook. Now is the time to find that quality property you’ve always dreamed of and start a new life to fill with remarkable memories.

Bursa'da görülmesi gereken 30 yer

High Rental Income in Bursa

If this is, your question “is buying a property in bursa a good investment?” In answer to this question, I have to tell you that buying a property in Bursa is the best decision for investment in Turkey. Because after buying a house in Bursa, you can rent it when you do not live in it and gain a passive income from it. Since Bursa is a tourist city, your return on investment and rental property is very high.

Bursa'da Satılık Villa
Bursa'da Satılık Villa

In Bursa, traditional and modern culture are mixed

While walking in Bursa, you will easily notice the integration of traditional and modern culture. Many of the village’s landmarks belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the people of this city are interested in preserving their valuable cultural heritage.

For this reason, new and old houses are lined up next to each other in this city, and you will feel a strange atmosphere in this city. Note, however, that this has made it much easier to buy holiday homes in Bursa.

If you are planning to invest and buy residential or commercial properties for sale in Turkey, contact our consultants in Alkhailtr. We provide you with all the information you need to make the best choice.

Is Bursa a good place to live? 15 reasons to choose bursa for living

Bursa is a city with a coastline

The city of Bursa has many different areas, each of which has its own unique advantages. One of the best reasons to buy property in bursa is that you can choose the best and most suitable environment according to your financial status and interests.

If you are interested in living in the city center, Nilüfer district is the best choice for you. Since all parts of the city are well connected and there are all kinds of public transportation, you can even easily choose a coastal part in this city. In the coastal area, you will find stylish and luxurious villas that are considered the best investment. Mundanya district is one of these areas.

Bursa'da Yaşam Nasıl?​

Living in Bursa is affordable! 

Living in Bursa is very economical and perfect. Regardless of Bursa’s proximity to Istanbul, the greatest, and most distinguished metropolis, you can be stunned by the inexpensive costs of living and investing in this city.  That is why you should invest in Real Estate in bursa.

The cost of an average life is commensurate with the income of the people in this city, and the people are at a high level in terms of life quality. These conditions have made the city of Bursa a suitable and perfect destination for investing and buying properties.

If you want to make a lucrative deal and buy property in the pearl of the Turkish city, our team at alkhailtr.com can guide you through every step of your purchase and help you to choose the best property.

Alkhailtr'de Mevcut Bursa Daire Tipleri​

Easy property buying process for foreigners

One of the distinguishing points of buying a property in Turkey compared to other countries is its simple and easy buying process. In the past, the process of buying a property may have been very difficult due to careful inspections and long waiting times, but today this process has become much simpler. It’s one of the best reasons to invest on property in bursa and easily settle down in this gorgeous city.

Is Bursa a good place to live? 15 reasons to choose bursa for living

Ideal Real Estate Investment in Bursa

Despite the rise in popularity, Bursa still offers excellent property prices for foreigners to buy homes for sale. Therefore, whether you want a high-quality apartment or magnificent villa, you will find what you want within your budget. We will help you find the best apartments for sale in Bursa Turkey.

Accommodating each luxurious patrons, flats begin at a value from $45,000, which is nice worth for a high-profile property in a city like Bursa. If you are heading to the higher finish of the market, the luxurious villas vary in value from $300,000 to six digits. Nevertheless, no matter what, we will help you find the suitable apartment or villa for you.

The infrastructure in Bursa is constantly being updated

With the increase in population and the purchase of property in Bursa, the authorities have taken on the task of upgrading and expanding the urban infrastructure in order to improve the quality of services to the people.

Latest projects were in the field of transport, schooling, healthcare, housing and social amenities like shops and restaurants.

Briefly, Turkey is one of the best countries for investment, and among all other cities Bursa is one of the best cities for investment.

Is Bursa a good place to live? 15 reasons to choose bursa for living

Is buying a property in bursa a good investment?

There are many good reasons to buy property in bursa. Maybe the best reason why you should invest in real estate in bursa is to achieve Turkish citizenship by investment. Affordable property prices, active and diverse real estate market, and the bright future of the city are some of the most important factors that make investing in real estate in Bursa one of the best decisions of your life.

For more information about living and investing in Turkey’s real estate, please contact us by email or drop us a message and we will get to you as soon as possible. We will be happy to hear from you. Do not forget with 24/7 customer service, you will get the support you need whenever you have questions.

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