Kuşadası'nda yaşamanın maliyeti nedir? Kuşadası fiyatlarının tam listesi 

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Kuşadası'nda yaşamanın maliyeti nedir? Kuşadası fiyatlarının tam listesi 

Do you want to travel to a city with a turquoise beach? On the other hand, even invest in that city and buy a property? The good news is that we have found this city for you! Kuşadası is a quiet and beautiful city by the beach with a unique climate and rural countryside. Kuşadası property has experienced a resurgence of interest recently with the addition of some unique properties and more cruise ship visits than ever before.

With these interpretations, if you are looking to buy a property in Kuşadası, you are definitely on the right track. Congratulations! Are you looking for detailed information on the cost of living in Kuşadası, because you desperately want to invest and buy property in this city? Then, check out this blog for all up-to-date prices and costs of living in Kuşadası!

Kuşadası'nda yaşamanın maliyeti nedir? Kuşadası fiyatlarının tam listesi 

Cost of living Estimate in Kuşadası (today’s update)

Living and investing in Kuşadası is very affordable and convenient compared to other big cities in Turkey. Kuşadası, one of Turkey’s principle holiday resorts, offers an excellent environment for investing and buying property for sale. You can even rent out your property and earn passive income.

In general, a monthly income of $2000-3000 would be more than enough to enjoy your life in this beautiful and amazing city. If you are looking to rent an apartment, you can find a suitable one for around $400 – $500, and even to rent a house, you need about $750 – $1000 a month.

If you are planning to buy a property in Turkey or you are looking to invest in Kuşadası, contact our consultants right now to guide you. Here are the most up-to-date prices and living costs in Kuşadası, so stay tuned. 

Kuşadası'nda yaşamanın maliyeti nedir? Kuşadası fiyatlarının tam listesi 

How much is the cost of food in restaurants in Kuşadası?

Definitely, dining out in restaurants is one of the best things to do in Kuşadası and that needs to be included in the cost of living. Remember that the cost of your meals in Kuşadası varies greatly depending on the type of food you choose and the restaurant.

Go to local restaurants in Kuşadası, if you are looking for a reasonably priced meal of good quality. This table below provides useful and concise information on the price of essential food for a family in Kuşadası. Kuşadası is a highly affordable destination where great food can be had for less.

YemekFiyat aralığı)
Ucuz restoranda yemek96.00 TL
2 Kişilik Yemek, Orta Sınıf Restoran288.00 TL
McDonalds'ta McMeal38.00 TL
Yerli Bira (0,5 litre fıçı)38.00 TL
İthal Bira (0,33 litre şişe)58.00 TL
kapuçino (normal)29.00 TL
Kola/Pepsi (0,33 litrelik şişe)19.00TL
Su (0,33 litrelik şişe)9.60TL
Espresso Coffee     20.00 TL
Cheeseburger (fast food)12.00 TL

Shopping in the markets and supermarkets of Kuşadası prices

If you want to have a peaceful and comfortable life in a new country, then it is better to follow the lifestyle of the people of that city. In this way, you would not spend a fortune on non-essential things. Do not forget local markets in Kuşadası. Because they will offer affordable prices for your daily shopping.

Gıda maddeleriFiyat aralığı)
Süt (normal), (1 litre)7.50 – 12.00 TL
Taze Beyaz Ekmek (500g)3.00 – 14.00 TL
Pirinç (beyaz), (1kg)8.00 – 22.00 TL
Yumurtalar (normal) (12)15.00 – 25.00 TL
Yerel Peynir (1kg)63.00 – 110.00 TL
Chicken Fillets (1kg)45.00 – 68.00 TL
Yuvarlak Dana (1kg) (veya Eşdeğer Arka Bacak Kırmızı Et)125.00 – 155.00 TL
Elma (1kg)5.00 – 12.00 TL
Muz (1kg)11.00 – 25.00 TL
Portakal (1kg)4.50 – 13.00 TL
Domates (1kg)5.50 – 21.00 TL
Patates (1kg)4.30 – 10.00 TL
Soğan (1kg)2.20 – 6.50 TL
Lettuce (1head)5.50 – 16.00 TL
Cucumber3.00 _ 12.00 TL
Sausages95.00 _ 142.00 TL
Su (1,5 litrelik şişe)3.70 – 5.20 TL
A bottle of wine (Mid-range)58.00 – 105.00 TL
Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro)   26.00 _ 30.00 TL

Cost of transportation and fuel in Kuşadası

Using public transportation is inevitable in everyday life. Since the cost of using public transportation is much more affordable compared to private transportation, we suggest you use public transportation for your daily trips in Kuşadası. In this way, you can save on your living expenses. In addition, you can easily go wherever you want in no time.

Toplu taşıma Fiyat aralığı)
Tek Yön Bilet (Yerel Ulaşım)4.80 – 6.70 TL
Aylık Geçiş (Normal Fiyat)227.00 – 477.00 TL
Taxi price (Normal Tariff)18.00 – 23.00 TL
Taksi 1km (Normal Tarife)4.90 – 7.50 TL
Taxi 1 hour waiting (Normal Tariff)50.00 _ 100.00 TL
Benzin (1 litre)19.00 – 22.00 TL

Average price of Utilities (Monthly) in Kuşadası

Paying the water, electricity and gas bill is considered one of the necessary parts when maintaining a house. Therefore, you have to allocate a part of your income to these expenses. In addition, do not worry about internet costs in Kuşadası at all. Because all the basic services with the Internet connection included are affordable here. The prices of cars and electronics are very high in Turkey, because of high taxes.

utilitiesFiyat aralığı)
85m için Temel (Elektrik, Isıtma, Soğutma)2 Apartman750.00 – 1,300.00 TL
1 minute of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans)0.80 – 1.80 TL
İnternet (60 Mbps veya Üzeri, Sınırsız Veri, Kablo/ADSL)105.00 – 164.00 TL

How much do sports and leisure cost in Kuşadası?

If you are also a fan of sports and want to devote part of your daily time to sports, then you can make the best moments for yourself in this beautiful city. Because the costs of sports clubs are very affordable. If you pay attention to this price table, you will understand exactly what I mean.

Spor DallarıFiyat aralığı)
Fitness Kulübü, Bir Yetişkin İçin Aylık Ücret150.00 – 450.00 TL
Tenis Kortu Kiralama (Hafta Sonu 1 Saat)150.00 – 250.00 TL
Sinema, Uluslararası Yayın, 1 Koltuk43.00 – 55.00 TL

The cost of clothes and shoes in Kuşadası is quite affordable!

In general, there are all kinds of clothes available in the markets at various prices in Kuşadası. You can find different clothes at affordable prices or even brand clothes. In addition, Turkish brand clothes are available at affordable prices in all shopping centers of this city.

ÇamaşırlarFiyat aralığı)
Bir Zincir Mağazada 1 Yazlık Elbise (Zara, H&M)375.00 – 575.00 TL
1 Çift Nike Koşu Ayakkabısı (Orta Sınıf)600.00 – 1,100.00 TL
1 Çift Kot (Levis 501 Veya Benzeri)300.00 – 575.00 TL
1 Çift Erkek Deri İş Ayakkabısı400.00 – 725.00 TL

How much is the monthly rent in Kuşadası?

In general, monthly rent is less expensive than other big cities in Turkey. Therefore, you would be able to pay for a one-bedroom apartment at the affordable prices in Kuşadası, which is very good.

There are also stylish villas in Kuşadası that are considered as luxury choices for accommodation or investing. In order to make the best choices and buy villas for sale in Kuşadası, contact our consultants in AlKhail.

aylık kiraFiyat aralığı)
Şehir Merkezinde Daire (1 yatak odalı)2,200.00 – 6,500.00 TL
Daire (1 yatak odalı) Merkez Dışı1,500.00 – 3,700.00 TL
Şehir Merkezinde Daire (3 yatak odası)3,000.00- 9,100.00 TL
Daire (3 yatak odası) Merkez Dışı2,00.00 – 4,600.00 TL

The cost of childcare in Kuşadası

Do you have children and are you worried about their education and future career in Turkey? Do not worry at all. Because there are different types of private and public schools in Kuşadası. The tuition of each of these schools and universities varies a lot and it depends on the amount of services you receive. 

çocuk bakımıFiyat aralığı)
Okul Öncesi (veya Anaokulu), Tam Gün, Özel, 1 Çocuk için Aylık   2,200.00 – 3,000.00 TL
Uluslararası İlköğretim Okulu, Yıllık 1 Çocuk68,000.00 –94,000.00 TL

What are the conditions for investing and buying property in Kuşadası?

Kuşadası is the 20th best city to live in Turkey and is ranked 6355inci in the list of best places to live in the world. Kuşadası has been improving its quality of construction and range of available types of properties for sale in recent years. For this reason, the demand for investment and property purchase in Kuşadası is always increasing and foreign investors have shown great interest in buying apartments for sale in Kuşadası.

This well-established holiday resort town, with its sparkling waters and unique view, is definitely worth investing in. Maybe in the past, the price of buying real estate in Kuşadası was very low, but the increasing price of real estate in Kuşadası always shows its popularity among investors.

If you are also looking to invest and buy property in this beautiful city, then it is better to get accurate information about the cost of living and the amount of income in this city.

Kuşadası'nda yaşamanın maliyeti nedir? Kuşadası fiyatlarının tam listesi 

Is buying properties in Kuşadası a good idea based on Kusadasi costs?

Kuşadası is one of the tourist resorts in Turkey that has received less attention, and for this reason, the prices in this city are very suitable and affordable for buying property and investing. In addition, this city is well-connected, being just 45 minutes away from Izmir’s International Airport.

We are proud to be one of the most experienced real estate companies in Turkey that will help you to find your dream house in Kuşadası. Our experts in AlKhail real estate will pave the way for you and your family to get Turkish citizenship by buying properties for sale in Kuşadası completing the entire legal process on your behalf.

Do you plan to buy properties in Kuşadası? Your opinion is valuable to us. Write your comments for us.

Kuşadası'nda yaşamanın maliyeti nedir? Kuşadası fiyatlarının tam listesi 

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