13 Reasons to Invest in Izmir by Buying Property in 2022

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13 Reasons to Invest in Izmir by Buying Property in 2022

If you want to buy property in Izmir, be assured you are on the right track to investing in one of Turkey’s most prominent cities. Located on the Aegean coast, Izmir has always been a pioneer, whether it is in commerce, tourism, study, or the real estate market.

It excels the rest of Turkey for guiding the way in international orientations, and this isn’t a newly discovered status either, because its outstanding position throughout history has triggered the wonderful city we see today. If it is your initial time that you want to invest in the Turkish housing market, the reasons why buying a home in Izmir is a good lifestyle and investment decision to make are listed below.

Is Buying a Property in Izmir a Good Investment?

13 Reasons to Invest in Izmir by Buying Property in 2022

In addition to being the third-largest city in Turkey, Izmir is also the most similar to a western or European city in the country. Izmir enchants tourists with its unique aura, furthermore, it frequently hosts foreign investors from all over the world. Due to many ongoing new development and infrastructure projects, and great cultural, and lively events throughout the city, People are looking to buy апартаменты на продажу в Измире Турция.

Due to its motorway network and public transportation infrastructure, you can easily get around in Izmir. in addition, the cost of living in Izmir is lower than in other big cities in Turkey like Antalya and Istanbul. Therefore, If you are seeking permanent residence in Turkey, investing and buying cheap property for sale in Izmir, Turkey is one of the best choices.

if you are searching for the answer to the question “why you should buy property in Izmir?” Check out this blog for the best 13 reasons to invest in Izmir and move to one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

1: You have different choices for investment in Izmir

13 Reasons to Invest in Izmir by Buying Property in 2022

One of the reasons to buy property in Izmir is a variety of options. Although Izmir is the name of the city Centre, it also refers to the larger peninsula consisting of different smaller inland and coastal areas. Some of these gain more fame than others and for good reasons. Alacati, a small, strange village with iconic blue and white stone cottages is also Western Turkey’s windsurfing capital. Both Foca and Cesme are proud of historical castles while Sefirhisar is an officially recognized Cittaslow destination that believes in a calmer and healthier lifestyle. So, when buying an apartment or villa, don’t think you are limited to the city Centre, because there are incredibly vast choices awaiting you.

2: Izmir Has a Flourishing Tourism Industry

13 Reasons to Invest in Izmir by Buying Property in 2022

The Izmir peninsula is home to one of Turkey’s favorite tourist destinations. Every year, millions of Turks and foreign tourists visit the Ephesus city ruins, and its fame is known the world over. However, tourists have a lot more to see. Pergamon ruins are another central feature of its activity portfolio, as are the wildlife park, Konak Square, and traditional Kemeralti bazaar. This is good news for anyone purchasing a property to utilize in summer or to let out as a holiday rental. The official tourism board announces that 8.5 million people visit Izmir every year, and as Turkey tries to grow its tourism industry, this figure looks set to increase. The thriving tourism industry is one of the reasons to buy property in Izmir.

3: You Will enjoy Wonderful Beaches and the Seaside Lifestyle in Izmir

13 Reasons to Invest in Izmir by Buying Property in 2022

Many people who have not visited Izmir, think it is just a city and thus does not have any beaches. Yet, Izmir presents beautiful stretches of sand that have made it a stable holiday favorite of the Turks for decades. Cesme and Alacati make a soaring trade with beachgoers, avid to experience copious amounts of sea, sand, and sun. Whether or not you like shores, Izmir also provides that Turkish coastal lifestyle that doctors recommend for our health. Consider great sceneries, clean and fresh air, fresh fish, and various nutritious diets. Amazing beaches and a seaside lifestyle are among the reasons to invest in a property in Izmir. 

4: Access to Izmir is Very Easy

13 Reasons to Invest in Izmir by Buying Property in 2022

Foreigners arriving in Izmir utilize the major airport, offering different flight schedules, all year round. Serving 13 million passengers every year, it is Turkey’s fifth most frequently used airport. However, Izmir is also easy to reach by road thanks to its connections to major highways and bus stations with planned routes to many other places in Turkey. It acts as a landform, many people enter by official sea entry ports in Kusadasi, Cesme, and the city Centre. So whichever way you enter, you can do it rapidly and easily. The accessibility of Izmir is a competitive advantage which makes buying a property in Izmir a good investment.

5: Traditional and Cosmopolitan Vibes are Merged in Izmir

13 Reasons to Invest in Izmir by Buying Property in 2022

Izmir gets admiration for its forward-thinking and as a leader in trends. And rightly so. Just walking around the streets, indicates the region progresses in pushing boundaries, for food, art, culture, and fashion. Yet don’t think, this means the traditional Turkish way of life stopped existing. It is still discoverable on every corner, and this makes Izmir great. Every day, you can select something different, whether this is gourmet cuisine in a 5-star dining restaurant or typical street food from a vendor. Izmir does not suit life in a neat, compact box. It backs individuality and non-conformity, and that is why many foreigners find it a big lure. The merging of traditional and cosmopolitan heritages is one of the reasons to buy property in Izmir. 

6: Izmir is full of a Great Portfolio of Apartments and Villas for investment

13 Reasons to Invest in Izmir by Buying Property in 2022

So far, we have investigated lifestyle trends as reasons to buy cheap property in Izmir, but let’s put the exaggerating glass onto the property market. Izmir is reinventing its housing market with modern homes showing the latest in technology and architecture. With the variety from studios for the working commuter to family villas, buyers will be astonished by the option on offer. Izmir’s variety glimmers through from the budget homes in the city, to luxury villas with private swimming pools and landscaped gardens. Every buyer will find the home they desire. The availability of great apartments and villas is a convincing reason to invest in real estate in Izmir. 

7: Gain Turkish Citizenship by investing in Izmir

13 Reasons to Invest in Izmir by Buying Property in 2022

One reason for Turkey’s great success in the housing market for foreigners is their citizenship by investment program that is one of the best in the world, not only for entry-level investment but also an easy application and sanction procedure. Anyone looking to obtain Turkish citizenship requires to invest $250,000 into the housing market and hold the property for at least three years. This has seen an increased interest all around the world. Obtaining citizenship is among the reasons to buy property in Izmir.

8: The Process of buying a property in Izmir in straight forward

13 Reasons to Invest in Izmir by Buying Property in 2022

Turkey has improved the process, removed the unnecessary red tape, and deleted high risks to offer an easy process that should have all your funds in place and can be completed in as little as three weeks. Juxtaposed to countries like the UK, where a house sale can last months, this provides buyers with favorable conditions. The easy process of buying motivates the investors to invest in a property in Izmir and see it as a good investment.

9: Izmir Is Wonderful for Holiday Rental Investment

13 Reasons to Invest in Izmir by Buying Property in 2022

Izmir makes a soaring trade with landlords because the market for renting is interminable. As a major university city and a tourist destination, investing in Izmir villas and putting properties for rent are always in high demand, especially in regions like Buca. Its burgeoning economy, business, and tourism industry mean a year-round stream of people searching for short-term rentals. Some developers provide rental guarantee programs while some buyers prefer to go it alone and organize their marketing. There are tax rules on the income and set rules to follow.

10: The existence of private, international, and sports schools with different standards and education

13 Reasons to Invest in Izmir by Buying Property in 2022

It has made it possible for parents to have the best choice for their children according to their educational standards.

11: Izmir is the safest city among the metropolises.

13 Reasons to Invest in Izmir by Buying Property in 2022

This feature is due to the demands of the balanced population and high culture of the people of Izmir, which has made it the safest city in Turkey.

12: The price of building in Izmir is affordable

13 Reasons to Invest in Izmir by Buying Property in 2022

 Although the price of the home is rising in Izmir, it is more affordable than in other cities in Turkey.  The affordability of the housing in Izmir in comparison with other cities in Turkey makes this city a good investment opportunity.  

13: A desirable destination for traders all over the world

13 Reasons to Invest in Izmir by Buying Property in 2022

Izmir is well-known for its trade fairs and as one of the most important trade centers in Turkey and this is one of the reasons which encourage the traders to buy property in Izmir.

Izmir as a flourishing house market in turkey has drawn the attention of the investors in recent years as a good opportunity for investment. There are many reasons to buy property in Izmir such as safety, affordability, trade center, international standards, accessibility, easy purchasing process and obtaining citizenship which is convincing enough to invest in real estate in Izmir. Which one of these reasons do you find more convincing to buy property in Izmir? Here in Alkhail real estate, we help you get through your dreams!

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