Top 10 Locations To Invest Your Money and Buy Property in Istanbul

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Top 10 Locations To Invest Your Money and Buy Property in Istanbul

The city of Istanbul is considered a leading city in Turkey in terms of population, trade, urban infrastructure, tourism and medical facilities, and this trend is expanding day by day. Both the Asian and European sides of Istanbul offer excellent conditions for investors to buy a property.

However, over the past ten years, these developments have turned the European side of Istanbul into a high-quality real estate and investment center. Definitely, a wise investment will happen when you identify the best places to buy a property in Istanbul and buy it at a reasonable price.

Are you a first-time buyer wondering where to buy property in Istanbul? Stay tuned, read this brief information, and choose the best place to buy a property.

Top 10 Locations To Invest Your Money and Buy Property in Istanbul

Top High Investment Areas in Istanbul

Istanbul has 39 different districts, of which 14 are in Asia and 25 in Europe. Each of these areas has its own unique characteristics, of which 27 areas can be considered separate cities. Istanbul meets all the requirements of its population, including the most important tourist attractions and the vital real estate projects, where the beautiful nature, high-rise buildings, and the most prominent projects in Turkey are combined with each other.

If you are new to the Istanbul real estate market, choosing a suitable property from all these areas in Istanbul may seem a bit daunting. In addition to the new projects in the many regions of Istanbul, new construction has led to an increase in property purchases in Istanbul. Therefore, it may be difficult to choose where to buy property in Istanbul.

 All of this doubles the importance of a qualified agent for you. Before buying a house or apartment in Istanbul, your immigration lawyer can provide you with complete and accurate information and help you choose the best option.

Here, we give you a complete and useful guide about the top 10 locations to invest your money and buy property in Istanbul.

Top 10 Locations To Invest Your Money and Buy Property in Istanbul

10 Top Locations to Buy Real Estate and Invest in Istanbul

When buying a house in Istanbul, you should pay attention to other things besides its price and location. Your priorities should be tailored to things like work opportunities, the social life of the region, transportation services, health services and living conditions especially when you are a family with kids.

Considering all of these and choosing from all the available options may be a little difficult at first glance, but if you know your exact purpose from the beginning and the reason for your purchase and investment is clear, the candidates will be narrowed down.

For example, if you are looking for a buy-to-let investment, it is better to choose your property from Fatih and Beyoglu districts. If you are looking for beachfront villas, you should choose the Kilyos area and if you are looking for luxury and stylish houses, you should choose the Sariyer area. Meanwhile, you can buy properties at affordable prices in the Esenyurt district.

Aside from being the most prestigious city in Turkey, Istanbul is also the biggest cultural center in Turkey. Therefore you should choose where to buy a house in Istanbul very carefully. The following options are some of the most prominent districts in Istanbul, which give you some ideas of places for wise property investment.

Top 10 Locations To Invest Your Money and Buy Property in Istanbul

1. Taksim, Heart of Istanbul

We all know Taksim Square and even many people remember Istanbul with its famous and lovable Taksim Square. Taksim Square is known as the heart of Istanbul, where all the colors of the city are gathered. You can see all kinds of unique shops, cafes, restaurants, galleries and hotels just by looking around.

Taksim Square is very large and Istiklal Alley is one of the main streets. Since this neighborhood is very large and full of different buildings, you definitely need the guidance of a professional agent to choose the property you want.

Due to the urban renewal, there are many apartments and properties for sale in this neighborhood. If you are asking yourself “where to buy an apartment in Istanbul?” the answer simply is “Taksim”.

Top 10 Locations To Invest Your Money and Buy Property in Istanbul

2. The Most Famous Area of Istanbul: Beşiktaş

Because this area carries a prestigious reputation with itself, Beşiktaş is well known all over Turkey. You may have heard the name of this area many times over and over when you travel in Turkey.

Sitting on the European shores of the Bosphorus, its residential atmosphere makes it the perfect place for families. In addition, the Levent business neighborhood in this area has made professionals and businesspeople show great interest in this neighborhood. You can find everything you want in this neighborhood, including an excellent transport system, shops, the best properties for sale in Besiktas, and a delightful nightlife scene.

Bebek and Ortakoy districts are famous areas of this neighborhood and you can see many luxurious and stylish houses in the Bebek district.

Top 10 Locations To Invest Your Money and Buy Property in Istanbul

3. Bakirkoy Area in Istanbul and its Beauties

Located on the European side of Istanbul, Bakirkoy is a long stretch of coastline on the Sea of Marmara. The unique beauty and excellent climate of this region make it a perfect destination for those wishing to spend the happiest times in Bakirkoy’s unique villas and pools and facilities.

The existence of natural elements such as a strategic location, direct sea view, and temperate climate have led to the construction of many buildings in this neighborhood. The result is a vital infrastructure with a cohesive infrastructure in Bakirkoy. In addition, if you are looking for malls in Istanbul, Galleria Atakoy Mall is one of the most important and unique malls in Istanbul.

Top 10 Locations To Invest Your Money and Buy Property in Istanbul

4. Kadikoy: A Transport Hub on The Asian Side of Istanbul

Kadikoy district is located next to Üsküdar district on the Asian side of Istanbul and is known as another important district in Istanbul. The importance of this region is due to the ferries that go to the Prince Islands and the European part of Istanbul.

If you go to the Kadikoy houses near the coastline in this area, the prices are definitely very high, but if you are looking to buy an apartment for sale in Istanbul, you can find good options at reasonable prices in other neighborhoods of Kadikoy.

Everything you need for a great and carefree life in Istanbul can be easily found in this area, including a vibrant social scene, shopping choices, a good transport network and easy access to the Sabiha Gokcen airport. Its popularity is rising day by day, as more foreigners seek to discover areas of Istanbul away from the tourist haunts. 

Top 10 Locations To Invest Your Money and Buy Property in Istanbul

5. Esenyurt, A Smart Choice in The European Side of Istanbul

 You can find the best houses at very reasonable and affordable prices in the Esenyurt district. You can have the best of both worlds by buying a house here because new developments feature the latest in lifestyle residence facilities.

For example, facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, on-site restaurants, shops, walking paths, landscaped gardens, and Turkish hammams can be mentioned. This region is well connected to Istanbul city center through metro and bus lines. Since there are two highways next to it, it is away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet close enough for convenience.

 After visiting this district, you know where to buy a house in Istanbul.

Top 10 Locations To Invest Your Money and Buy Property in Istanbul

6. Luxury Apartments in Beylikduzu District

If you are looking for a beautiful suburb with wide streets and green expanses, the Beylikduzu district is the best choice for you. This neighborhood meets the latest European standards and has a clean environment, modern buildings, excellent medical and educational facilities and social intellectuals.

Beylikduzu is located in the west of Istanbul and is only 40 km away from Istanbul city center. You can also find a variety of tourist, social and entertainment facilities, in this area, so there will be no need to go always to the city center.

Many shopping malls are nearby and Atatürk Airport is just 20 minutes away from you.  If you’re asking “where to buy a villa in Istanbul?” one of the best options for you would be Beylikduzu luxury villas for sale.

Top 10 Locations To Invest Your Money and Buy Property in Istanbul

7. BAHÇEŞEHİR is Among The Top Locations in Istanbul

Property prices in Istanbul’s central areas like Taxim and Şişli increase faster than in Bahceşehir, therefore this area is always more affordable. Bahçeşehir is one the most looked-for locations for investors in the last years. You can always find different types of real estate like villas, properties and apartments for sale in Bahceşehir.

There are many reasons to buy a property in the Bahceşehir neighborhood, including suitable prices, green areas around the properties and modern buildings. This area is also close to Atatürk Airport, malls, the seaside and public transportation. Therefore, this area is where to buy property in Istanbul.

Top 10 Locations To Invest Your Money and Buy Property in Istanbul

8. This is Where To Buy Property in Istanbul: Beyoglu

The heart of new Istanbul, Beyoglu encompasses the long Istiklal Avenue, Turkey’s longest and busiest street. Investing and buying property in Beyoglu is excellent and you will find a fast-paced, never stop ambience here.

It is a great place to invest and buy property in Istanbul as the houses in this neighborhood have been renovated, some of which reflect the bygone eras when art nouveau style architecture was very popular. If you are one of those investors who are looking to rent out your property, we recommend that you buy a house in this neighborhood, especially in the Cihangir neighbourhood.

Top 10 Locations To Invest Your Money and Buy Property in Istanbul

9. Top Location to Buy Real Estate: Kucukcekmece Area in Istanbul

The Kucukcekmece district is witnessing a major acceleration in its real estate growth and has become one of the most popular neighborhood in Istanbul. Kucukcekmece’s modern real estate projects characterize Kucukcekmece, built according to innovative technologies, and this is where to buy a villa in Istanbul.

Here is a new destination for the luxurious and perfect accommodation, close to the famous Bahceşehir district. The Arena Park Center, the Trandiol Center and the Halkali Center are located in this district, as well as the important international schools such as the University of Sabahattin Zaim.

The area’s proximity to the TEM and E5 highways increased its importance and if you are searching for the right place, this is where to buy property in Istanbul. You can find luxury villas in Istanbul for sale здесь.

Top 10 Locations To Invest Your Money and Buy Property in Istanbul

10. A Top Location to Buy Real Estate in Istanbul: Başakşehir District

Başakşehir district occupies the most vital areas of the European side of Istanbul, which consists of 39 (municipal) areas. Başakşehir is a modern district with an extensive structure and has the most sophisticated infrastructure.

Due to its modern buildings with the highest standards of comfort and well-being, Başakşehir has become one of the most attractive areas for both local and foreign investors.

Strong infrastructure, social, cultural, and educational facilities have characterized it from all other parts of Turkey. If you are searching for where to buy an apartment in Istanbul, Başakşehir apartments are the best options for you.

Top 10 Locations To Invest Your Money and Buy Property in Istanbul

Start Your Search For Buying a Property in Istanbul Now!

Knowing where to buy property in Istanbul is the key to a wise and better investment. Turkey is a leading city and it is expanding with recent trends and developments emerging all the time. These expansions have boosted its real estate market. It also attracts many foreign buyers and investors from all over the world.

This article will be of use to first-time foreign buyers in Turkey. This will help you to choose wisely and gain long-term benefits from your investment.

We are an international real estate agent, who helps you to buy a property in Turkey and invest your money in a safe place. Please simply write or call us. Moreover, please mention every detail about your dream house in Istanbul! We help you to find the best choice in no time. Please remember that with our 24/7 customer service, you will get the support you need whenever you have questions to choose a proper house in Turkey.

Top 10 Locations To Invest Your Money and Buy Property in Istanbul

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