Why foreigners love living in Izmir + advantages of living and investing in Izmir

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Why Do People Move To Izmir? 7 Top Reasons For Migrate To Izmir

Why should you live in Izmir? The answer to this question is almost pretty simple and clear! Izmir is one of the most attractive and magnificent cities among other Turkish cities, which can create an unforgettable memory in your mind. This beautiful city is even so popular that it attracts many investors from all over the world every year. You will find many historical and natural attractions in Izmir that will attract your attention.

By buying cheap houses for sale in Izmir Turkey, these investors decide to spend the rest of their lives in this amazing city. Izmir is even very popular among tourists and you can spend a quiet life in this city. In this article, I explored the best reasons to live in Izmir. Stay tuned.

Why Do People Move To Izmir? 7 Top Reasons For Migrate To Izmir

Why do foreigners like living in Izmir?

Izmir, Turkey’s third-biggest city is popular among foreign investors and tourists. Izmir enjoys countless natural attractions, as it is a city of sandy beaches, historical monuments, palm trees, cafes and many other attractions that not only attract tourists, but also those Investors seeking permanent residency. Those seeking stability, comfort, and comfortable living seek after life in Izmir.  In addition, there are many rural resorts in Izmir that provide you with an atmosphere full of peace and security.

You can clearly feel the atmosphere of Western life in Izmir and many have likened it to Paris or Madrid for its cosmopolitan and liberal atmosphere. Even if you are looking for a five-star hotel with a stylish and modern design, you can still easily find your favorite place in Izmir. Many new developments, its proximity to some of the best historical attractions in the world and its vibrancy are among the best reasons to live in Izmir. These reasons have made many people interested in investing in this Turkish city.

If you are looking for the answer to the question, “why do people move to Izmir?” then continue reading this article.

Why Do People Move To Izmir? 7 Top Reasons For Migrate To Izmir

Is buying a house and investing in Izmir a good choice?

Izmir is one of the Turkish cities that has many advantages for living and investing. Izmir is the second most popular city, among the major cities of Turkey and this popularity has many reasons. Its coastline, making it one of Turkey’s best-suited areas for tourism and investment, accompanies the beauty of the ancient commercial city.

Rising real estate prices and speed in the construction sector have made the city of Izmir more popular. The increase in property prices will continue in the same way, and people who succeed in investing in this sector today and buying a property will definitely achieve a very high income in the future and will make a lot of profit. This means that no matter what type of space you are looking for, you will find your favorite space in Izmir. This has also made investing and buying property in Izmir very beneficial.

The number of investment projects throughout the city is increasing; therefore, it is better to buy a property in Izmir today. If you are looking for success and prosperity in life, the right path is definitely to invest in the Turkish real estate market. In addition, if you are looking for a safe investment in Izmir, you can contact our consultants in AlKhail right now.

Let’s check the top 7 reasons to live and invest in Izmir by buying a property without any hesitation.

Why Do People Move To Izmir? 7 Top Reasons For Migrate To Izmir

1. The city of Izmir has many tourist attractions

One of the most important reasons to buy apartments for sale in Izmir is the existence of many recreational places. Izmir’s sights are a mixture of the Aegean Sea and lush tall palm trees. Natural mountainous landscapes and rich history have caused the tourism industry to grow. Izmir is full of wonder and beauty and I am sure you will find many top things to do and spots to visit in Izmir. Therefore, the number of investors investing in Izmir is always on the rise.

Due to its ancient history, Izmir includes many monuments, which annually hosts many tourists from all over the world. The most famous of these are the clock tower in Konak Square, the elevator building, the House of Mary, the Hisar Mosque, the historic city of Efes and the Ataturk Monument on Republic Square.

For instance, Cesme is a small coastal city on the coast of the Aegean Sea and it is one of the best places for living in Izmir. 

Why Do People Move To Izmir? 7 Top Reasons For Migrate To Izmir

2. The convenient geographical location of Izmir

Due to its unique location, Turkey has connected the West and the East, and because of this location, it has established many trade relations with the West and the East. Turkey’s strategic location between Asia and Europe, especially Izmir, has long made it a perfect destination for investment and buying a property.

This favorable geographical location has made this city a leader not only in industry and in trade in Turkey but also in the whole world. If you are looking to invest in a Turkish city that will bring you good profits in the future, be sure to choose Izmir. Your investment by buying apartments for sale in Izmir Turkey will allow you to have a passive income from renting your property in the future. You can easily guarantee your future and get permanent residence in Turkey. That’s why foreigners like living in Izmir.

Why Do People Move To Izmir? 7 Top Reasons For Migrate To Izmir

3. The quality of education in Izmir is very high

Your children will be allowed to attend public and international schools and universities in Turkey and enjoy unparalleled and higher education. The quality of Turkish schools and universities is good and you can easily choose your favorite university or school to study. International schools in Izmir usually follow an international curriculum, and lessons are taught in English. So don’t worry about the quality of your children’s education anymore!

Izmir has eight universities and the oldest, Ionian University, continues to be the best-regarded in the city. The main international school in Izmir is the MEF International School Izmir and other universities include Ege University, Dokuz Eylül University and the İzmir University of Economics.

Why Do People Move To Izmir? 7 Top Reasons For Migrate To Izmir

4. There are great job opportunities in Izmir

Of course, like any other immigrant, before you move to another country, you ask questions about the economic situation and employment situation in that country. The good news is that everything is great in Izmir and you can find a good job in this city with a little research. The cost of living in Izmir is very low and at the same time, the quality of life is good.

The reason for the very good economic situation of Izmir is the existence of permanent sources of income such as ports and agricultural lands. Trading in Izmir is very simple and you can easily have a great source of income for yourself.

Do not forget the costs of living in Izmir. How much does it cost to live in Izmir? Do not worry. The cost of living in Izmir is very affordable compared to other European cities, and you can control all your living costs with a complete plan.

If after checking this option, the question arises for you, where should you live in Izmir? I must tell you that all areas of Izmir have very good conditions and you can easily choose the best place according to your criteria.

Why Do People Move To Izmir? 7 Top Reasons For Migrate To Izmir

5. Izmir has an extensive public transport system

In general, cars and fuel are both very expensive in Turkey. For this reason, we suggest that you use the public transportation system. Even the Turks themselves use the public transport system most of the time. On the other hand, Turkey has extensive metro lines and buses, in this case, you no longer need to pay a lot of money for your car fuel and you can easily go anywhere in Izmir at a lower cost.

Do you know the good news about Izmir’s public transportation systems? The public transport system in some areas of Izmir, such as Izban, Ashut provides 24-hour service. Therefore, these regions are the best areas to live in Izmir. In addition, when you use public transportation to move around the city, you can easily control your living expenses.

Why Do People Move To Izmir? 7 Top Reasons For Migrate To Izmir

6. You can obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Izmir

Are you also looking for the easiest possible way to obtain Turkish residence? The best and easiest solution is to buy a property in one of the Turkish cities. Since Izmir is also one of the popular cities with a dynamic economy, why don’t you buy villas in Izmir Turkey for sale right now?

It is enough to buy a property worth $40,000 in Izmir to enjoy its long-term benefits. Then you can easily obtain Turkish permanent residence as an investor. Due to the many opportunities in the city of Izmir in Turkey, You will definitely have a bright future. When you buy a property in Izmir, you own 100% of your property and you can even earn passive income from your property.

7. Health care in Izmir is of high quality

After a year in Izmir, you will have access to Turkish public health care systems. Living in Izmir means living in a place of extreme calm and peace. Therefore, it is better to pay the required contributions toward your national health insurance scheme.

You can take advantage of both the public and private health care system in Turkey, and it all depends on your personal preferences and circumstances. Özel Deniz Hastanesi, Özel Tınaztepe Hastanesi, and BatıAnadolu Central Hospital are private hospitals that would be suitable for expats living in Izmir.

In this article, seven top reasons for moving to Izmir were mentioned. Certainly, after reading this article, you can easily invest in Izmir with full knowledge. The reasons for living in Izmir can be summarized as follows.

Why Do People Move To Izmir? 7 Top Reasons For Migrate To Izmir

Why should you live in Izmir?

Izmir’s young population and growing economy will definitely attract the attention of any investor. The city of Izmir is full of mosques, markets and historical places that bring you the pleasure of a peaceful and happy life. The municipality pumps millions into infrastructure, ensuring Izmir’s status as one of Turkey’s investment giants.

Even if you are one of those people who work during the day and love the night light and night parties, Izmir is the best place for you. Why? Because many international festivals are held in Izmir that attract people from all over the world. Izmir International Short Film Festival and European Jazz Festival are among the most popular international festivals in Izmir. If you also love music, then don’t miss these festivals.

 Izmir offers every modern amenity and a good dose of culture and history, as well as some of Turkey’s top schools, affordable housing, shopping malls, health centers, sports facilities and theatres. All of these are some of the best reasons to live in Izmir.

Of course, you also prefer to immigrate to a country that has kind and friendly people. All the people of Izmir are exactly like that. Residents of Izmir are very loving, as they attract the attention of every tourist and immigrant with a positive and polite attitude. However, each neighborhood offers its own unique beauty and charm.

Why Do People Move To Izmir? 7 Top Reasons For Migrate To Izmir

Buying a property in Izmir is the best decision

This blog concludes our guide on the best reasons to live in Izmir. It does not matter if you are interested in history or traditional food, this beautiful city is sure to have something perfect for you. Izmir is famous for its low cost of living and growing economy. There are definitely many reasons that make Izmir a great city for investment. But don’t forget that the most important reasons to invest in Izmir and buy property are the reasonable and affordable prices for living and buying property.

Izmir’s property market constantly grows. Furthermore, modern new developments attract buyers from all over the world, some of who want to gain Turkish permanent citizenship by investment scheme. If you would like to buy villas in Izmir, browse our portfolio of properties in Izmir or contact us right now.

Now that you choose Izmir for living and investing, the next step is to find your dream apartment or villa there; a process through which our team at alkhailtr.com can guide you completely. Contact us right now and get a free consultation. With 24/7 customer service, you will get the support you need whenever you have questions.

Why Do People Move To Izmir? 7 Top Reasons For Migrate To Izmir

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