15 Reasons Which Make You Want To Live in Istanbul

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15 Reasons Which Make You Want To Live in Istanbul

Destination of thousands of travellers and investors, Istanbul is definitely much more than a popular tourist attraction center. All of these people had many reasons to live in Istanbul. So, why not join the foreigners who buy their homes in Turkey?

Istanbul is a city, which spans two continents, straddling Europe and Asia on either side of the Bosphorus Strait. Nowadays, Istanbul is no longer the only destination for tourists and immigrants from the Middle East! Rather, the fame and popularity of this beautiful city have become global, and many people from European countries come to this city for sightseeing and they prefer to buy property for sale in Istanbul.

If you are also looking for the answer to this question, “Why should you live in Istanbul?” Check out this blog post for the best 15 reasons to move to Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Why do foreigners like living in Istanbul?

15 Reasons Which Make You Want To Live in Istanbul

There is a saying that if you want to experience the authentic Turkish lifestyle, Istanbul is a destination you should never miss!

The shores of the Aegean and the Mediterranean have long been considered great destinations for tourists. All the beauties of this city along with the affordable cost of living have made Istanbul, in addition to being a tourist city, also a suitable destination for investment.

The presence of Germans, British and Russians working and living in Istanbul shows the popularity of this city among the people around the world. Also, do not forget that Istanbul is known as the city of opportunities and welcomes many immigrants and investors every year.

Before making the decision of investing and moving to Istanbul, you probably have many questions in your mind. Is Istanbul safe and appropriate for my family? What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in Istanbul? Here, the following are the top 15 reasons, which make you want to live in Istanbul.

15 amazing reasons to live in Istanbul

15 Reasons Which Make You Want To Live in Istanbul

Reasons to live in a beautiful and gorgeous city that offers endless possibilities are more than what we can list here. However, we summed up 15 reasons and we will show you how colorful the daily life in Istanbul is.

The cost of living in Istanbul is affordable!

15 Reasons Which Make You Want To Live in Istanbul

We all consider the cost of living as the first and most important factor when migrating or investing. Since investing and buying a villa in Istanbul is a big decision, you should choose carefully. However, do not worry! Because Istanbul is a great and safe destination to invest in and get permanent residence for you and your family. Why?

You can have a great and delicious meal in the restaurant for only $ 5. Even if you are looking for luxury restaurants and different foods, there is still nothing to worry about. You can take your family to dinner in a stylish restaurant at an affordable cost.

The price of foodstuff is also very reasonable and you can always buy fresh and high quality local fruits and vegetables or dairy from the local markets. With the foodstuff prices being this low, think about other expenses such as clothing -even the cost of luxurious living is budget-friendly in Istanbul.

Excellent Health Care for Residents in Istanbul

15 Reasons Which Make You Want To Live in Istanbul

The medical infrastructure in Turkey is very advanced and excellent, and all hospital staff are highly educated and specialized. Certainly, the medical and insurance conditions of each country are among the most important factors for choosing a country, and the city of Istanbul has excelled in this regard.

Even in Turkey and the city of Istanbul, medical insurance is mandatory for all foreigners. Insurance rates vary depending on the type of service provided, but usually, it’s about $80 per month for the best medical care.

One of the best reasons to live in Istanbul: The excellent cuisines

15 Reasons Which Make You Want To Live in Istanbul

The city of Istanbul has long hosted many civilizations with diverse cultures, customs and foods. Therefore, one of the most important reasons to live in Istanbul is the delicious food of this city. Whether it is quick street food, kebab wrap or a proper Turkish diner menu, you can find any kind of food for any budget.

Istanbul is a city of living history

15 Reasons Which Make You Want To Live in Istanbul

The city of Istanbul is full of legends and precious heritage from the past. The historical monuments in this city will surely take you to the vintage time. Since Istanbul has been used as the capital city by four great empires throughout history, each of these civilizations has left a valuable and famous legacy for future generations.

Hagia Sophia Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar, Basilica Cistern, Galata Tower are some of the must-see places in your life. If you like historical tours, plenty of historical sites are located in the magnificent city of Istanbul.

Fantastic weather awaits You in Istanbul

15 Reasons Which Make You Want To Live in Istanbul

Everything is ready to provide you with pleasant and unique moments in Istanbul. In addition to delicious food, you can also enjoy the unique and pleasant weather of Istanbul.

 You will definitely enjoy the long summers and short winters in Istanbul. Even if the weather gets very hot, there is no need to worry! Because you can still enjoy nature and good weather through the large and generous terraces of the beautiful houses of Istanbul.

What could be better than spending a hot summer day on the balcony of your home with your family?

Enjoy nightlife in Istanbul

15 Reasons Which Make You Want To Live in Istanbul

During summer, you can enjoy the rooftop clubs and in autumn, you can have a drink in Kadıköy bars. If you are interested in nightlife, Istanbul is the best destination for you. You can enjoy cafes and restaurants in Istanbul all night!

Enjoy the leisure facilities of Istanbul

15 Reasons Which Make You Want To Live in Istanbul

Who doesn’t enjoy outdoor activities with friends and family? Another reason to live in Istanbul is attractive outdoor activities. Varieties of leisure facilities in Istanbul allow you to enjoy your time with family and friends. These entertainments include:

  • Sailing
  • Swimming
  • Climbing
  • Hiking
  • Island cruises

Whether you’d like wind-surfing or even a simple picnic, Istanbul is a city that offers you numerous outdoor activities. Rest assured that you would never get tired of living in Istanbul because many unique entertainments await you in Istanbul.

The architectural beauties of Istanbul are unparalleled

15 Reasons Which Make You Want To Live in Istanbul

Since Istanbul has historically been the capital of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Latin Empire and the Ottoman Empire, magnificent buildings have been built under the influence of each of these civilizations in this city.

Istanbul currently has three UNESCO World Heritage Sites and countless other unique and historical architectural buildings. Various interesting buildings, sculptures and mosques will welcome you to the city.

Do not forget the shopping malls of Istanbul

15 Reasons Which Make You Want To Live in Istanbul

It does not matter if you are looking for expensive branded clothes or stylish and reasonably priced clothes, you can find your favorite clothes in these centers. Istanbul has become a great city for shopping centers hosting both local and international brands. Also, remember to make the most of the seasonal discounts of shops in Istanbul.

Cultural heritage in Istanbul is beyond imagination

15 Reasons Which Make You Want To Live in Istanbul

One other great reason to live in Istanbul is the proximity to the numerous cultural activities in the city. Concerts, major festivals and unique theatre performances are held on weekends in the cultural centers of Istanbul, which doubles the pleasure of living in this city.

Do not forget the art galleries, modern museums and historical exhibitions of this legendary city. You can spend your weekend wandering around in historical museums.

Due to the special geographical location of Istanbul, the culture of this city has become a mixture of European and Asian cultures. In fact, Istanbul has all the surprises together.

Istanbul is known as the city of opportunities

15 Reasons Which Make You Want To Live in Istanbul

Istanbul is the center of Turkey’s international trade and is full of unique opportunities. Therefore, as an immigrant or investor, you do not need to worry about your future at all. Because there are so many opportunities in this city. Therefore, investing and buying apartments in Istanbul is one of the best ways to get a residence permit in Turkey and earn a passive income.

If you are also looking to find the best apartment in Istanbul with excellent location and conditions, contact our consultants in Alkheil right now. With its team of professionals, Alkheil is at your disposal to provide you with the most recent developments in the real estate industry in Turkey.

No matter what your job or profession is there will definitely be a great opportunity for you in Istanbul. In addition, since interest rates are low in Istanbul, you can easily start your own business and make huge profits.

If you are moving to Istanbul with your family, you do not need to worry about your children’s education. Because your children receive the best and highest quality education in the best schools and universities. Turkish public and private schools always offer the best education to their students.

Istanbul is the political metropolis of Turkey

15 Reasons Which Make You Want To Live in Istanbul

Istanbul is the most populous country in Turkey and attracts thousands of immigrants and investors every year. A high percentage of Istanbul’s population is constructed of people who have come to Istanbul from other cities or countries to find better qualities.

However, as big and crowded as it is, Istanbul is still surprisingly safe. The crime rate is very low and almost all immigrants are satisfied with their life in Istanbul.

If you invest in Istanbul and buy a property there, your property will gain an unbelieve value in no time. If you compare the property prices in Istanbul with those of 5 years ago, you will be shocked to see the rising value. As a foreigner, you won’t be obligated to live in the villa or apartment you have bought. This method is also a good way to earn money. If you have any questions in this regard, contact our consultants.

Public services in Istanbul are very advanced

15 Reasons Which Make You Want To Live in Istanbul

Although Istanbul is a busy city, all the streets and alleys are clean and beautiful and you will enjoy walking in the streets of this city. Istanbul has two parts, Asian and European, and is located on two different continents, but you will not have any problems travelling between the two continents. Sea buses and ferries help you to experience a pleasant transport crossing the Bosphorus.

Getting around the city is also very convenient and simple by using bus, metro, tram and taxi. In addition, if you are interested in books and literature, you can spend most of your time in the great and unique libraries of Istanbul. Providing all these public services at a high level reflects the government’s investment in this city.

Experience a colorful life in the colorful city of Istanbul

15 Reasons Which Make You Want To Live in Istanbul

 Istanbul is a city for all tastes. In addition to all the cafes and restaurants in the city, there are thousands of entertainment centers and many parks in the city. Your weekends are very diverse and colorful. Everything from fishing to walking in the city is enjoyable.

If you get bored of the routines, you can easily find yourself in the nightlife and enjoy the lively nightlife of Istanbul. Istanbul never sleeps. The climate of the city is also unique in the four seasons of the year. It does not matter if you enjoy sunny or snowy weather! In any case, you will find your favorite weather in Istanbul.

The Turkish people are very social and loving

15 Reasons Which Make You Want To Live in Istanbul

Unlike other European countries that are not very immigrants, Turks are considered to be kind and sociable people and treat tourists and immigrants very well. You will never feel lonely in Istanbul and make friends easily. Life will never be boring for you and even in case of problems; you can count on the help of your Turkish friends.

People from all parts of the world live in Istanbul and as a result, it has become welcoming and open to multiculturalism. There are many benefits to living in Istanbul, which I will introduce. Do not forget that no city is perfect and there are always small problems when immigrating or living in other countries. However, the important thing is that Istanbul always offers the best in many cases. 

Pros of living in Istanbul

15 Reasons Which Make You Want To Live in Istanbul

Why should you live in Istanbul? Here are all the answers at a glance.

As a leading city, Istanbul has a thriving economy. Therefore, it is very easy to find high-paying jobs or even invest in this city. Furthermore, the multicultural capital of Turkey, Istanbul, is a lively city and has just the right amount of everything to make your life an exciting one.

Istanbul is a great city to live and work in. It doesn’t matter if you are an urban dweller or a nature lover, you will find Istanbul to be a great place to live. Most importantly, there is no language barrier in this city because almost everyone speaks or understands English.

One other reason to live in Istanbul is the fact that it is centrally located and you can easily reach other parts of the country. Besides, Istanbul has two international airports that make it easy for people from other parts of the world to drive easily in the city.

 While there are many good reasons to buy property for sale in Istanbul, we just discussed some practical ones to help you make a better decision. On the other hand, you may find life challenging in Istanbul. Here is why.

Cons of living in Istanbul

15 Reasons Which Make You Want To Live in Istanbul

Because of high taxes, alcohol, cigarettes and electronic goods are quite expensive. So bring along whatever you may need. In addition, working in Istanbul can be quite challenging. Some positions such as legal, medicinal, veterinary and pharmaceutical are not available to international workers. However, if you specialize in other fields, you can easily find a job that suits your abilities.

If you are moving to Istanbul with your family, you should know that Turkish public school tuition is free, but international institutions are predictably exorbitant.

Definitely knowing all the pros and cons of migrating to Turkey and investing in Istanbul can pave your way and help you make a better decision.

Bottom line

15 Reasons Which Make You Want To Live in Istanbul

Delightful weather, excellent city infrastructure, liveliness, rich culture, vast property portfolio, and reasonable costs of living are among the most important reasons for living in Istanbul. There are lots of modern villas and high-end apartments for sale in Istanbul and investing in real estate here not only guarantees profit but also reduces your monthly expenses.

Depending on your financial situation, you can buy a villa or an apartment in Istanbul and then apply for permanent residence in Turkey. Do not forget with 24/7 customer service, you will get the support you need whenever you have questions. Call us now!

By the way, Don’t you think buying a property in Istanbul is not the best way to invest in Turkey? Your feedback is valuable to us.

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