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Sultangazi is a perfect neighborhood for those who want to experience inner city living at its best

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There are many investment opportunities in Turkey. Certainly anyone who uses these opportunities will have a better life. One of the regions that has had great opportunities to date is the Sultangazi neighborhood in Turkey’s European Istanbul. Stay with us to learn about the features of this region and the properties, apartments and villas for sale in Sultangazi until the end of this article.

Properties for sale in Sultangazi
Properties for sale in Sultangazi

Properties for sale in Sultangazi

Sultangazi neighborhood is located on the European side of Istanbul and is known as paradise on earth among the natives of this region. The reason for this name is the beautiful nature of this region and its many facilities. There are many investment opportunities in the area, and the neighborhood has been well received by foreign immigrants in recent years.

It is bordered on the east by the Iv Sultan region on the west by the Sneller region on the south by the Osman Pasha gas region and the Basakshir region on the northwest. Investing in properties for sale in European Istanbul is a great option, and Sultangazi district can be a more suitable option according to its facilities. In recent years, many European-style constructions have been carried out in this region, which has prepared the infrastructure for a dream life.

Apartments for sale in Sultangazi

In the past, the Sultangazi area was considered part of the Eyup and Esenler districts. In 2009, with the construction of the municipal building, it became an independent area. In recent years, due to the protests, investment in Sultangazi Istanbul has declined, which is still more than the surrounding area. Investing and buying an apartment in Sultangazi Istanbul will benefit from many amenities in addition to profitability. There are many types of apartment for sale in Istanbul Europe and the amenities in this region make it very easy to live in. More apartment projects are being built every year. The urban fabric of this region is strongly similar to Eastern Europe. And there are so many modern buildings built there.

Apartments for sale in Sultangazi
Villas for sale in Sultangazi

Villas for sale in Sultangazi

This region has very modern residential villas and prices are lower than other areas of Istanbul. Also, projects under construction are good investment options. Because according to Turkish law, all construction projects must be built within two years. This makes the valley of your money profitable 2 years old. With the arrival of immigrants to the area, large construction companies have invested in Sultangazi, preparing a variety of properties and villas for every taste. Villas built in this region have all amenities and are suitable for family life. Villas for sale in European Istanbul have always been a favorite of foreign investors, but Sultangazi Villas has also fallen on the tongues with its beautiful views and amenities in the area.

Advantages of investing in Sultangazi

As mentioned above, Sultangazi has many facilities, and one of its main areas is the Ali Bay Dam, which is built on a river of the same name. The dam has attracted the attention of many athletes and many activities such as fishing and water sports are carried out in it. Below you will learn more about the features of this District to make sure you invest in Sultan Ghazi Istanbul.

Around Alibay Dam is a protected forest area, which many people will come to during holidays and celebrations to enjoy clean air and beautiful scenery. 

Sultan Ghazi’s tourist facilities include the historic water crossing, built on the Gözlich Camry River.

There is also a Masal Heroes amusement park in the city, which is a very beautiful place for family entertainment. There are many facilities in the amusement park.

Another important part of the region is the Mimar Sinan Kent Ormani Forest, where many tourists come here annually to enjoy its surroundings. This forest park is located around the historic Gözlich Bridge.

Other recreational facilities of the area include Sultangazi Belediyesi Kent Park which add to the greenery of Sultangazi district. In general, it can be said that you will experience a very peaceful life in this region because of its recreational facilities.

Access to this neighborhood is very easy due to the intercity transportation system of Istanbul and the main highway of Istanbul is located nearby.

Investing in Sultan Ghazi, in addition to long-term profitability, will give you access to many recreational and amenities. One of the amenities is the Institute of Higher Education, where many students study every year.

Medical facilities have not been waived in the Sultan Ghazi area. The hospitals in this neighborhood include Lutfiye Nuri Burat Devlet Hastanesi State Hospital.

Advantages of investing in Sultangazi
Advantages of investing in Sultangazi

Alkhailtr and Sultangazi real estate

As mentioned above, investing in Sultangazi is very easy and can be viewed as a long-term investment due to the tourism of this region. Get in touch with our experts for more information and to buy property in this region.

Alkhailtr is at your service with years of experience in buying and selling property in Turkey and Sultangazi district. With his brilliant track record, Alkhailtr has been able to meet the needs of many customers and offers many investment opportunities to others every year. You can visit our site to get acquainted with all regions of Turkey and see the properties in them.

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