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Şişli is an upscale residential area in the European Side of Istanbul in which you can buy wonderful properties

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Istanbul’s Sisli district with a dense population, with its luxury hotels and restaurants, luxury stores and shopping malls, is developing day by day. In this article, we are going to look at features and properties, apartments and villas for sale in Sisli.

Properties for sale in Sisli
Properties for sale in Sisli

Properties for sale in Sisli

This region is located almost in the central and luxurious European part of Istanbul and is one of the most famous and expensive districts of Istanbul. Many of Istanbul’s Sisli districts are home to the most important commercial centers of the city and are considered among the most famous parts of Istanbul.

Sisli Istanbul, which is located on the European side of Istanbul adjacent to the Kâğıthane, Beşiktaş, Sarıyer, Ayoub and Beyoglu districts. Although this region is not one of the areas located by the sea, it is one of the most luxurious and central areas of the city and is located at the outlet of the Bosphorus Bridge.

Properties for sale in European Istanbul are good options to invest and among the properties for sale in Sisli district of Istanbul, there are suitable options for every taste and budget. You may think that life in this region is a bit difficult because it is surrounded by skyscrapers and business centers, but it is interesting to know that living in Sisli actually means living near many of ISstanbul’s famous tourist attractions.

Apartments for sale in Sisli

Looking at the history of Istanbul’s Sisli, we see that during the Ottoman era, this region had a pristine and rural nature that was used for activities such as hunting and archery. But today, with its vibrant and beautiful streets, it counts as one of the central points of modernity.

Apartments for sale in European Istanbul always has its own fans, but buying apartments in Sisli Istanbul as the most central point of the city, with high investment value, social facilities, superior technology and large green areas, has attracted the attention of investors. With the high price of apartments in Sisli, the rental price of houses in Sisli Istanbul is also high. Many business centers and offices are located in this region and the rental demand in Sisli is very high.

One of the most luxurious and expensive areas of the city is Sisli District of Istanbul, which has many modern and luxurious towers. Luxury towers of this region are located in the center of the city and convenient access to several highways and public transportation lines are unique and strategic structures in the city that the existence of these towers make this region one of the main options for buying apartments in Sisli Istanbul.

Apartments for sale in Sisli
Villas for sale in Sisli

Villas for sale in Sisli

Istanbul’s Sisli district, which until about 15 years ago was known as one of the industrial areas, now hosts luxury villa projects. There are many types of villas for sale in European Istanbul and buying a villa in Sisli Istanbul can be the best and smartest investment in the city. Because this region has a very good residential and commercial location and is developing day by day.

Advantages of investing in Sisli

Turkey is the best country for investment from foreign investors from all over the world. Because significant progress has been made among the investable countries and the country’s position has climbed 17 steps in a very short period of time. Below are some of the specific benefits of the Sisley region for investment:

Sisli Istanbul has large streets with several luxury shopping malls that offer the most stylish and quality accessories and clothes, which we will introduce some of these business centers.

  • Cevahir Shopping Mall

The most famous shopping mall in Istanbul’s Sisli district is The Cevahir Shopping Mall, which many Istanbul residents and tourists go shopping for.

  • Kanyon Shopping Mall

One of the most expensive and luxurious shopping malls in Sisli Istanbul is Canyon Shopping Mall, which represents the world’s most famous brands.

  • Zorlu Center

The 5-storey Zorlu business complex is a large complex in Sisli district of Istanbul, each floor with a unique name.

The 10th largest area of the city is Sisli Istanbul with 314,684 inhabitants, which is accompanied by overcrowding and high traffic throughout the day due to the expansion of commercial centers. It should be noted that there are a variety of public transportation options to go to Sisli Istanbul and you can easily access them from almost anywhere in the city. Buses and metro lines make it easy to travel to the area.

There is access to vital services including hospitals including public and private centres, as well as schools and universities in the area.

Sisli has a collection of ancient and religious attractions that attract tourists from all over the world. In these areas, you can visit mosques and churches as well as Jewish synagogues.

There are museums and palaces that show Turkish history and the country’s most important monuments, including the Ataturk Museum in the area.

Advantages of investing in Sisli
Advantages of investing in Sisli

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Thank you for accompanying us until the end of the article. As mentioned above, this region is one of the old districts of Istanbul. According to the mentioned features, it is a suitable place for investment and family life. For more information about properties, apartments and villas for sale in Sisli, you can contact our experts via WhatsApp.

Alkhailtr with years of experience in buying and selling property in Turkey and Sisli is ready to serve you. Our experts with up-to-date information about Turkey’s regions and properties are ready to answer your questions. You can also visit all regions of Turkey by visiting our site and get to know the features of each region. It is worth noting that all the properties in different areas have photos and descriptions on the site for you. Because for investment, you need detailed and complete information that we tried to prepare for you on the site.

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