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Silivari is one of the 39 districts of Istanbul, which is located 69 kilometers west of the city center and is famous for its large and beautiful summer houses. Silivri gives you the pleasure of living in the European Side of Istanbul and owning a wonderful property.

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In recent years, some investors have turned to Turkey to buy property. One of the districts of Istanbul that has been well received over the years is Silivri District. Silivri is a coastal area located next to the Takir district and is a bungalow for recreation and excursions. If you are also thinking of buying a property in the European side of Istanbul, Silivri area is the best choice. Because this area is far from the hustle and bustle of the city center and brings special peace and comfort to you and your family.

In addition to being considered a popular tourist area in Istanbul, Silivri is also located at the entry point of Kocaeli and Istanbul, which is also known as the main shopping center of Turkey. Below we will explore the features of this region and properties, apartments and villas for sale in Silivri.

Properties for sale in Silivri
Properties for sale in Silivri

Properties for sale in Silivri

The Silivri region is close to Büyükyçekmece in the east, Tekirdağ in the west and Chatalaja in the north. In addition, Silivri is close to the very large beach of Marmara from the south.

Istanbul’s Silivri district is located at the westernmost point of Istanbul. The distance to the center of Istanbul is 69 km! There are many types of properties for sale in Istanbul Europe to invest in. Of course, investment in this sector has increased a lot these days, and many investors decided to buy property in this region, which will lead to the growth of this region in the medium and long term.

The area of the Silivri area is 76 kilometers regardless of agricultural lands, but if we also consider the area of agricultural lands, the area of this beautiful region will be 86 kilometers. The Silivri climate is temperate. Rainfall in the area starts in autumn and peaks in winter. Due to its proximity to the Sea of Marmara, Silivri has a temperate and rainy climate. Moreover, it will be a little hot in the summer.

The view of the houses in this area is to the Sea of Marmara, and this has distinguished this area from other areas of Turkey and made it the best destination for investing and buying property in Turkey.

Apartments for sale in Silivri

Investments in Silivri Istanbul have been made in various sectors in recent years. Most of these investments have been made in housing and commercial areas. It is worth noting that the apartment complexes built in this region used the latest international standards and all amenities are north. In addition, these apartments with different views are suitable for each sight. Investing in apartments for sale in European Istanbul is a very good option, and Silivri apartments can be profitable due to the growth of the region in the years ahead.

Apartments for sale in Silivri
Villas for sale in Silivri

Villas for sale in Silivri

In the past, Silivri has been more of a recreational area, which has hosted many travelers in the summer due to its beautiful beach. Silivri is a promenade location for the residents of Istanbul, this beautiful beach is located along the very beautiful beach of Büyükçekmece.

In the past, not much attention has been paid to this region, but today the area between Silivri and Büyükçekmece has become an investment place for investors. Most Turkish investors have bought land in the area and are looking to build villas in these areas. Another advantage of investing in Silivri Istanbul is the enjoyment of very luxurious life in this region. Villas for sale in European Istanbul have always been a favorite of investors and Silivri District is one of the bungalows of Istanbul with luxurious and expensive villas. Throughout the year, many people come to the area to relax and enjoy the good weather, and many tourists visit the area every year.

Advantages of investing in Silivri

In the past, at very low prices, you could buy land in the Silivri area, which was also allowed to build, but after a few years, the price of land in these areas has multiplied. In fact, if you are looking for a long-term and medium-term investment, buying land in the surrounding areas of Istanbul such as Silivri is a great choice for you.

Over the past 4 years, property prices in this area have grown by 54%, which indicates the increasing popularity of this area among foreign investors. In the following, we will examine other Silivri features to invest in it:

Below we explore some of Silivri’s tourist attractions:

  1. Swimming and water sports in the Sea of Marmara is one of the most important tourist attractions in the region
  2. This region is known as a livestock hub due to its many lush pastures. That’s why if you go on an excursion, we recommend you to definitely eat dairy products and barbecues in this region. There are so many livestock products in this sought-after area that in August there is a fesitval for yogurt!
  3. If you are a horseman, we recommend you to ride horses in Silivri, there are many hotels in Silivri where you can enjoy this beautiful sport.

Istanbul’s largest highway, the E5, is set to reach the area, as well as Turkey’s most important transport vehicle, metrobus, which is also set to start commuting in the area. Silivri area is connected with large industrial and residential areas through these highways, and this has made it a suitable area for buying property in the European side of Istanbul.

There are many international shopping malls in the region, including Maxi International Shopping Mall, Silivri Shopping Mall, Sulaimaniyah Commercial and Recreational Tower and Buick Central Mall. If you also love shopping and walking in big stores, then this area is suitable for you.

Another recreational place is Silivri, its historical places. Here are some of them:

  1. The Piri Mosque of Mehmet Pasha, which is related to the Ottoman era. It is now used as a museum.
  2. Another historical place in the area is the High Bridge or Ozonekopro, built by Sinan Architects and still used to access other parts of the city.

Another advantage of investing in Silivri Istanbul is the benefits of very high-quality welfare and medical services. There are many clinics and clinics in the area, including Najim State Hospital.

There are also many public and private schools in the city that increase the quality of life. In addition, it will reduce parents’ concerns about their children’s education. There is one public university and two private universities in this area, which offers high quality in teaching to local and international students. In addition, there are seven high schools and many elementary schools in this area. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your education anymore. 

Advantages of investing in Silivri
Advantages of investing in Silivri

Why buying Silivri real estate from Alkhailtr?

As mentioned above, investing in Istanbul Silivri is quite cost effective because of its very good infrastructure. In recent years, many projects have been built in the city and the number of them will increase every year. There are many opportunities to invest in Silivri Istanbul where buying a residential property is one of the best and this investment will definitely be profitable.

Since Silivri is one of the most important growing and expanding areas in European Istanbul and the government has many expansion plans for this area, by buying a property in this area, you have made a long-term and profitable investment.

Alkhailtr with his high background can guide you in investing and buying property in Turkey and Silivri Istanbul. In addition, at a very low cost, find you in the shortest possible time. Alkhailtr’s specializes in buying and selling residential property in Turkey and can find the right options for you in all Turkish cities.

If you need advice, you can contact Alkhailtr’s experts through WhatsApp. Also on our site, you can check the facilities and property prices in Turkey.

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