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Sariyer is a perfect destination to experience a waterfront style of living and own a beautiful property

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Istanbul is a beautiful city, with very rich cultural artifacts. Every corner of this colorful city has its own beauty, and in each neighborhood you will find different colors, cozy and beautiful cafes and unparalleled historical places. Beautiful Istanbul has so many sights that if you have visited many times, it is still new for you on your next trip and offers you new places. The Sariyer district of Istanbul, which we will be familiar with below, is one of the most luxurious and expensive areas of the city. We will review properties, apartments and villas for sale in Sariyer in this article

Properties for sale in Sariyer
Properties for sale in Sariyer

Properties for sale in Sariyer

Sariyer district is located on the European side of Istanbul city, which is surrounded to the south by Besiktas neighborhood, southwest with Sisli district, to the east by the Bosphorus Strait, black sea to the north and Ayoub Sultan neighborhood to the west. Sarıyer Istanbul is one of the most luxurious, advanced and expensive areas of Istanbul. Istanbul’s Sarıyer consists of 35 neighborhoods, the most important of which are Maslak and Amirgan. The region ranks A in terms of social and cultural status.

In the past, this region was a fishing village that was considered by the kings of the Empire during the Ottoman era, which led to its progress. Ottoman kings used Sariyer as a promenade and hunting place, and gradually this region became an exclusive area for the rich. Over the following years, embassies of some foreign countries began operating in the region, adding to its reputation. The desire to invest in properties for sale in European Istanbul is very high, but the Sarıyer district, as mentioned above, is a region of rich people, where the properties built are sure to have unique features.

Apartments for sale in Sariyer

Sariyer is located in the Black Sea Bay, which extends to the west of Bosphorus crater and the village of Kilius. The region’s unique location in Bosphorus makes Sariyer one of the best tourist and investment areas. In addition to the safest area by earthquake, this region is one of the most luxurious and expensive areas of Turkey, when you walk in the Bosphorus, you can see luxury ships located next to modern mansions or historical areas, making Istanbul’s Sariyer district an area for celebrities and upper classes.

Sarıyer district is one of the modern, luxurious and expensive regions of Istanbul. Apartments for sale in European Istanbul are good options to invest in and apartments in this region are highly secure to earthquakes and are built in accordance with international standards. The modern and orderly structure of the area and its overlooking of the Black Sea and the Bosphorus Strait have attracted the attention of many rich and investors.

Apartments for sale in Sariyer
Villas for sale in Sariyer

Villas for sale in Sariyer

Sarıyer is one of the most beautiful districts of Istanbul located in the European part and has the best view towards the sea and forest. Sarıyer climate is very pleasant and good due to its proximity to the sea and enjoying the vast forests around it. The beautiful and healing water of the Bosphorus is gathered in the area, and the joy of a long walk on the coastline will give you it both during the day and at night. So it’s a permanent summer promenade that’s also very popular among locals.

There are many types of villas for sale in Istanbul Europe but due to the popularity and high demand in the Sariyer region, villas prices are high. As we approach the sea, house prices also increase.  Due to the good weather and coastal nature of this region, many businessmen, actors, and wealthy celebrities reside in the beautiful hills of Sarıyer or the coastline of the Sarıyer Sea.

Advantages of investing in Sariyer

The area has a long coastal road, known as one of the longest coastlines, and is full of vegetarian, sea and international restaurants. Some of the most important beaches of Istanbul are also located in this region, and Sarıyer is known for its beaches. One of these beaches is kilyos beach, which has plenty of recreational facilities and stylish cafés and restaurants. Tourists and locals spend drinks and Turkish cuisine and seafood at beach restaurants. In the following, we will examine other features of this region to invest in it:

The tourist and recreational attractions of this region attract the attention of many tourists who travel to Istanbul city. In the following, we will introduce Sariyer tourist attractions and a brief explanation of each of them:

  • Belgrade Forest

 Belgrade forest is one of the largest and most popular forests in Turkey.  The forest’s long history has made its trees tall and lush green.

  • Ataturk Resort Complex

Launched in 1949, ataturk resort complex offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy unique and lush views with an area of about 38 hectares. This recreational complex is famous for its large artificial lake and waterfronts.

  • Amirgan Park

Amirgan Park is one of the most famous parks in Istanbul and a historical park in Sarıyer district.

  • Sakib Sabanchi Museum

If you are interested in the museum, you can visit the works of calligraphy, religious art, government documents and Ottoman paintings displayed in the Sakib Sabanchi Museum.

  • Rumley Hesar Castle

Rumley Castle or Bogaz Kas Castle was built in 1435 by Fatih Sultan Mohammed.

  • Ural Automan Museum

If you are interested in classic cars, it is recommended that you do not miss the opportunity to visit the Ural Automan Museum. There are 70 vehicles in the museum, all of which are classic and magnificent cars.

  • Maslak Palace

 The combination of several palaces built during the reign of Sultan Abdulaziz is now known as the Maslak Palace.

  • Turk Telecom Stadium

The stadium is a dedicated stadium for turkey’s popular Galatasaray football team, which was built in 2011 on 4 floors.

Sarıyer district of Istanbul has a variety of shopping malls. Its two largest and famous shopping malls are CarrefourSA AVM and Istinye park, It is known as two of the most famous shopping malls in the city.

Access to this region is easily accessible through Istanbul public transportation system. Istanbul Green Line subway moves from the city center to Sariyer of Haji Osman station. In addition to the subway, minibus and bus lines also allow access to Sarıyer and surrounding areas. The minibus and metro lines from Sarir regularly move to Taksim and Besiktas.

Travel to Asian regions such as Kadikoy or Amin Ono district and other areas of Istanbul adjacent to the docks are done by ferry.

The existence of 5 public hospitals, 23 health centers and about 100 pharmacies and several clinics in Sariyer region has enriched the health and medical facilities.

Advantages of investing in Sariyer
Advantages of investing in Sariyer

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