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Kâğıthane is a perfect property destination for those who are in dream of owning a property in European Side of Istanbul

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Istanbul is a beautiful city in Turkey that attracts many tourists every year. The city is composed of many different regions, each of which has its own unique characteristics. Recently, the demand for Turkish residency has increased through the purchase of property in the country. For this purpose, in this paper, we examine the characteristics of the Kagithane area and the properties, apartments and villas for sale in Kagithane.

Properties for sale in Kâğıthane
Properties for sale in Kâğıthane

Properties for sale in Kâğıthane

The Kagithane region is neighboring Sarir in the north, Besiktas and Shishili region to the south, beyoglu to the southwest and Ayoub Sultan region to the west.

Kagithane District of Istanbul is located on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul’s Kagithane district, formerly considered a working-class area, has now become one of the largest property growth areas. Kagithane District of Istanbul is located on the European side of Turkey and continues to the shores of Sandra. The Sandra Valley is surrounded by areas of Sariyer, Ayoub, Sisley, Besiktas and Beyoglu. There are several gardens and rivers in the Kagithane region. There are m types of properties for sale in European Istanbul and Kagithane District of Istanbul is one of the most beautiful and modern districts of Istanbul and can be one of the quietest areas of the city.

Apartments for sale in Kâğıthane

According to the statistics provided by the Turkish Statistical Institute, sales of the Turkish real estate sector in the Kagithane region of Istanbul have increased, reaching 78% in the last three years. In 2013, property demand increased by 32%, while during 2014 it also saw an 11% increase. In 2015, this increased to 24%. This has increased over the last three years. This has increased the demand for property to 87%. Due to the high price and demand for real estate, Kagithane District of Istanbul is the 17th district of Istanbul.

Kagithane District of Istanbul shines with major construction projects, strong infrastructure, and new transportation projects in the modern district of Istanbul. Kagithane District of Istanbul is located in the central district of Istanbul with easy access to different parts of the city and is the focus of many prominent construction brands. Apartments for sale in European Istanbul are good  to   in and as we mentioned above, with the increase in requests to buy apartments in the area, famous construction brands came to Kagithane. Very stylish and governorate apartment projects are built in this region.

Apartments for sale in Kâğıthane
Villas for sale in Kâğıthane

Villas for sale in Kâğıthane

Kagithane is composed of streams and valleys where these areas are used as residential areas. The central location of Kâğıthane region has achieved considerable progress thanks to the transformation of other real estate projects and regional developments such as transportation and construction of existing metros and tunnels in the region. Villas for sale in European Istanbul have their own fans and with increased construction in the Kâğıthane area as well as river views and beautiful valleys the villas are perfectly built with global standards.

Advantages of investing in Kâğıthane

Kâğıthane has a special face due to its proximity to the special and well-known areas of Istanbul city such as Levent, Taksim and Sisli. Today, many very stylish and luxurious residential and office projects in the region are under construction and complete. Below are some other features of this region:

During the latest statistics, a large number of schools at all levels in the area can be noted.

There are 21 public hospitals in the area and 49 pharmacies.

In the transportation area of the main highways of Istanbul city are available from the north and south of this region. There is also a metro in the area.

There are several shopping malls in the area, some of which we name below.

  1. Metro AVM
  2. Axis AVM
  3. Vadi Istanbul mall
Advantages of investing in Kâğıthane
Advantages of investing in Kâğıthane

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Thank you for accompanying us until the end of the article. As mentioned above, the Kâğıthane area has been thriving over the years, providing excellent construction and good infrastructure for life. For more information, you can contact our experts via WhatsApp.

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