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Bayrampaşa is a perfect place for those who want to experience the best of urban living in the European Side of Istanbul

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Bayrampaşa district is one of the European regions of Istanbul, which is neighbored by Gas Osmanpaşa to the north, Ayoub Sultan to the east, Zeitinburnu to the south and Sneller to the west. The Bayrampaşa region has a growing trend in terms of population density. According to the 2020 census, there are 269,950 people living in the district’s 11 neighborhoods. In this article, we want to examine properties, apartments and villas for sale in Bayrampaşa.

Property For Sale In Bayrampasa​
Property for sale in Bayrampasa

Property for sale in Bayrampasa

This relatively small neighborhood is located in the European part of Istanbul city. Bayrampaşa Neighborhood of Istanbul is surrounded by four famous districts of Istanbul including Ayoub, Sneller, Gonghorn and Zeitinburnu. In the passing, the neighborhood was actually part of the Gonghorn district of Istanbul, which was later separated and today known as a separate neighborhood, and gradually we are witnessing extensive and influential constructions on the texture of this region.

Generally, Bayrampaşa region is known as a residential, old and tranquil area with many newly built houses and complexes. As you know properties for sale in Istanbul Europe has its own fans but the residents of this region are middle and even moderate downward strata, and due to the suitability of property prices in Bayrampaşa area and its proximity to important areas of the city, the presence of small industrial enterprises and large commercial markets, BayramPasha has attracted the attention of many Turkish and foreign investors.

Apartment for sale in Bayrampasa

BayramPaşa is located in the center of areas such as Eyüpp, Zeytinburnu, Qazi Osmanpaşa Wasenler. Its economy is based on highly advanced trade and industrial production. The demand for real estate increases every year in this region. Therefore, Bayrampaşa is one of the areas with the highest investment potential.

In the years before 1950 and the industrialization of Istanbul, BayramPasha was one of the slum areas of the city, due mostly to the presence of a variety of industrial workshops and the high density of the working class in this region. After 1950, apartments and residential complexes gradually replaced the slums, which greatly improved the area. Apartment for sale in European Istanbul is a good option to invest but about Bayrampasa, immigrants can invest in the best neighborhoods in the area such as Kocatepe neighborhood Mahallesi at a lower cost than very luxurious neighborhoods.     

Apartment for sale in Bayrampasa
Villa for sale in Bayrampasa

Villa for sale in Bayrampasa

Bayrampaşa district of Istanbul is a choice for many people to live and invest in because of its proximity to the city center. Of course, in this region, we should not expect very tall buildings and large projects. Due to the old texture, most of the area has small buildings. But in recent years, mass builders have been considered and with modern constructions, measures have been taken to change the texture of the region. And beautiful villas were built in this region with good facilities.

Bayrampaşa district of Istanbul is one of the oldest and most mysterious neighborhoods. Maybe it’s because it’s old, but whatever it is, people who live in Bayrampaşa speak of its unique characteristics. Some residents of this region call Bayrampaşa the beating heart of Istanbul because it is very quiet while living there. Villas for sale in European Istanbul are as many as you can ever think. You just have to think about the features of the region and villa which you prefer to live in.

Advantages of investing in Bayrampasa

Advantages of buying a house in Bayrampaşa Istanbul are mentioned below:

  • Beautiful neighborhood with modern houses and apartments
  • Existence of numerous residential and industrial projects
  • Easy access to shopping malls
  • Public transport system
  • Close to Turkey’s largest bus terminal
  • Hospitals and universities
  • Close to important areas of Istanbul
  • Very short distance to Istanbul International Airport
  • Bayram Pasha access to public transport
Advantages of investing in Bayrampasa
Advantages of investing in Bayrampasa

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