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Başakşehir is a perfect neighborhood to consider if you are looking to properties for sale in the European Side of Istanbul

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Başaksehir district of Europe Istanbul has become one of the most important areas of Istanbul due to its wonderful nature, modern shopping malls, various amenities, recreational facilities, and many other features, which is always preferred by people who want to invest in the property market or migrate to Istanbul Turkey. Basaksehir is a newly emerging and rapid development of Istanbul. This region of Istanbul has no coastal area but it consists of newly established settlement areas of the present day. If you are looking to sought-after assets Basaksehir is your option due to its young mobile population. Investors buy real estate for sale in Basaksehir with the aim of long-term rent to professionals.  In addition to these natural attractions and tourists, Basaksehir encourages many tourists to visit and stay in the area every year. That’s why we’re looking at properties, apartments, and villas for sale in Başakşehir.

Property for sale in Basksehir
Property for sale in Basksehir

Property for sale in Basksehir

Basaksehir is located on the European side of Istanbul and is one of 39 metropolitan areas spread between the continents of Europe and Asia on both sides of the city. Başaksehir has the northern neighbor of Arnautkoy, the northeastern neighbor of Ayoub, the eastern neighbors of Sultan Ghazi and Esnlar, the southern neighbor of Baghchilar, and the southwestern neighbors of Kochukcece and Avcılar and Esenyurt. Thanks to its excellent urban planning and infrastructure, it has become a fashionable district for both Turkish and international investors. There are some features that put the real estate for sale in Basaksehir at the top of the list for investors such as education, health, community facilities, and its family-friendly environment.

The high-rise and modern Basaksehir towers attract the attention of many investors so that in all neighborhoods of the region there are new buildings, residences, high-rise towers, modern villa houses in the style of European buildings. Due to the density of towers and the freshness of the region, a wide range of real estate is available for investors that they can choose their favorite property in Basaksehir, Istanbul and there are many types of property for sale in European Istanbul. In terms of cleanliness and lifestyle standard, Basaksehir remark as the area outranks any European city.

Apartment for sale in Basaksehir

Basaksehir’s natural features and pleasant climate make this region an attractive, surrounded by large, dense forests with cedar trees, pine trees and evergreen trees throughout the year. A river also passes through the area, and there is also a dam along the river, which flows into Lake Kucukcemje. There are many advantages for foreign investors to consider purchasing Basaksehir apartments for sale.

In the field of real estate investment, the Istanbul Basaksehir area is a well-known region, although Istanbul has many housing projects in many areas. The constructions in this region are fully up-to-date and in accordance with the latest standards in the world and include full interior facilities including a swimming pool, gym, sauna, café, scenic gardens, and more that make this region ideal for living. Apartments in this region are suitable for a family lifestyle and there is a wide range of 1 to 5-bedroom items to choose from. The property of this region is suitable for the middle to wealthy strata and is popular among Turkish buyers and immigrants or foreign investors. If you are looking to buy apartments for sale in European Istanbul, don’t miss this region. Basaksehir apartments for sale are good options o rent simply as its proximity to other areas of Istanbul, and access to the roads and public transport system.

Apartment for sale in Basaksehir
Villa for sale in Basaksehir

Villa for sale in Basaksehir

If you are a villa buyer and are looking for more information about buying a villa in Basaksehir Istanbul, you will be surprised by what this region has to offer. As one of Turkey’s 39 largest and leading regions, Başaksehir is attracting Turkish buyers with prospective and innovative urban planning. But foreign real estate investors are also looking to solidify their foothold in the real estate market. Basaksehir villa projects are also well-developed and have quality construction with state-of-the-art design and with the highest standards of comfort. In fact with rising interest in the area and infrastructure improvements, the value of a property for sale in Basaksehir is steadily increasing and Basaksehir villas are at the top of the list.

Due to the special geographical location of this region and the landscape of evergreen forests and beautiful river, super-luxury villas are built in Basaksehir. In addition to the wonderful views, these villas also have all the amenities. In general, if you would like to buy a villa, be sure to visit our villas for sale in European Istanbul page.

Advantages of investing in Basaksehir

Başaksehir is a rich social environment with a variety of amenities and recreational facilities. The region has large and modern shopping malls, theaters, cinemas and conferences, sports stadiums, venues for celebrations and festivals and many other amenities that meet the needs of all the community. Here’s some of these features:

Basaksehir has a very modern infrastructure and many global solutions and methods for smart cities have been used in it. The population structure of this region is young and more than 40% of the total population is under 20 years of age. Basaksehir is one of the municipalities that use information technologies  in the best possible way to provide its citizen with many modern services which using information technology.

The region has acceptable educational facilities and includes not-for-profit universities, schools and high schools, Anatolia, a rehabilitation school.

It is also very rich in terms of health facilities. Basaksehir has a large public hospital consisting of 23 public health centers and clinics, and in addition, a large number of public private hospitals have recently established an integrated health city in Basaksehir. This sanitary city is the largest city of its kind on the Continent of Europe.

As mentioned above, Basaksehir district of Istanbul has many natural attractions due to its geographical location. In addition some game parks and artificial attractions have also been built in the area.

Başaksehir has access to a strong public transport network including public and private buses, tram lines and a metro line. There is a communication station in this region that facilitates access to important areas of Istanbul. From this station, it is possible to travel to Ataturk International Airport and use the Marmara train that connects the continents of Europe and Asia.

You won’t just have one but two metro lines available if you buy property for sale in Basaksehir. The M3 and the recently constructed and highly advanced M9 metro line will connect you to the M1 line and therefore the rest of Istanbul’s transportation system. This makes a very distant region seems too close as you will enable to get from Basaksehir to Taksim in less than 45 minutes.

Advantages of investing in Basaksehir
Advantages of investing in Basaksehir

Why buy real estate for sale in Basaksehir?

The Turkey’s most successful and busiest real estate market with an ever evolving circle of buyrs and seller is this city. Investors from all over the world who want to tap into a potential of a vibrant city in Turkey attracts to the massive developments and expansion in outstikts neighborhoods on the European sit. People will also find a wide range of property for sale in Istanbul who want to take advantage of Turkey’s citizenship by investment scheme.

It is worth looking at Basaksehir’s portfolio featuring many off-plan and new build developments whether you want to buy residential or commercial real estates. The attractive offer for investors who looking to maximize capital appreciation over a mid to long term, such as free structured payment plans lasting anywhere from six months to ten years. With all these add discounted prices for prprties for sale in Basaksehir.

Turkish authorities set plan to reinvent the city into a smart hub and outrank other major metropolises like Newyork, Berlin, and London. When the Turkish government announced the new airport’s location and this flurry of investment continued when they revealed the route for the planned canal megaproject, many investors flocked. One would think such an effort would have a significant on house prices while luxury homes are on the market there are some affordable deals for spacious family apartments with many on-site amenities.

Why Buying Basaksehir Real Estate From Alkhail?

Thank you for accompanying us until the end of the article. In this article, we talked about properties for sale in Basaksehir Istanbul, the advantages of buying a property and investing in it. Basaksehir‘s infrastructure and urban planning are impressive but investors like the area because of its proximity to Istanbul’s mega projects. Basaksehir is one of the most successful stories without a doubt due to modernized its transport system, improved social facilities, and looked to take care of residents’ needs for green spaces.

Living in a new country always has its own complexities. But what can make this route easier is to gain the necessary awareness before taking any action. We mean, the person who’s going to emigrate first needs to choose the city he wants, based on the type of work he and his family have, and the valuations of their life. Even if you want to buy a property for investment, you need to know about the cost of buying or renting a property in that area, the conditions and facilities of the neighborhood, the people and culture, etc. Alkhialtr real estate is at your service to answer your question about these subjects. We are one of the largest and most experienced real estate agencies in buying and selling property in Basksehir. So if you want to get to know other areas of Istanbul, visit our website carefully or you can be in touch with our sales experts on WhatsApp. In the end, owning a home in Turkey is easily done and within a quicker time than many other countries.

Luxera Nevbahar project in Kayasehir, Başakşehir Luxera Nevbahar project in Kayasehir, Başakşehir


To have a good investment and a good plan you should buy property in Basaksehir. Basaksehir is a perfect place to have a good house or have business. The region holds many kinds of property and possibilities. Basaksehir is investor’s best choice because of its growing economy and new projects in the area according to the last year’s statics.

Basaksehir is a place which would have residential areas and commercial so both are perfect plan for future rental income. The beautiful environment make it a good place for everyone. You are not stuck in in only price tags as there is a price range for many buyers. Basaksehir is a home for new dynamic projects that can make your dream come true so it is a right place to invest to make profits.

There are lots of real estate for sale in Basaksehir. There are commercial area or a residential for making it a home and lots of possibilities in Basaksehir. The region is full of projects to choose from and the environment is a convenient place to build your business safely.

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