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Bahçelievler is a neighborhood in the European Side of Istanbul offering perfect connectivity to main landmarks of the city.

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Bahcelievler District of Istanbul is located on the European side. Bahcelievler is one of the old European regions of Istanbul, which is most noticed by the middle class of the Turkish community. Imagen that in the area all houses and villas are filled with vast green gardens. This is a picture of the past of Bahcelievler district of Istanbul. This area has preserved in modernity, and in spite of beauty and greenery of these garden houses being replaced by high-rise apartments and towers. Bahcelievler district of Istanbul is mostly referred as a residential area. So we can say the right choice to start living in Turkey is to buy one of the property for sale in Bahcelievler.  we will examine the properties, apartments and villas for sale in Bahcelievler.

Property for sale in Bahcelievler
Property for sale in Bahcelievler

Properties For Sale In Bahcelievler

Bahcelievler is neighbored to the south by the Bakırköy region to the west with the small area of Çekçekçe, Bajilar to the north and Gongoron in the east.

This region is of interest to the middle class of Istanbul society. Due to its convenient access to the city center as well as its cultural context, but due to its small size, it is a densely populated area, i.e. The population density in most of its neighborhoods is high. With the same expectation of the commotion and passion of living in these neighborhoods. Many luxurious residential and properties projects have been started and finished in this district which are very suitable for investment and purchase and this is continues and today we see a rapid expansion of this area. In general, all properties for sale in European Istanbul are very suitable for investment and purchase and because of the convenient location of this region and proximity to the city center many people attracted to Bahcelievler district. Also it has many amenities and an advanced transportation system.

Apartments For Sale In Bahcelievler

Before the 1980s, the area was full of courtyard villa houses, which is why it was called Bahcelievler. But with Turkey’s rapid economic development this decade and high demand for housing in modest neighborhoods, villa houses have become high-rise apartments. Investors are interested in apartments for sale in Istanbul Europe. But these apartments are the best option for average investors in terms of the amount of capital. They can sell and rent their apartment at a reasonable-prices or even sue it for other purposes.

With reasonable-prices you get more for money as conveniences are more than your expection. Apartments for sale in Bahcelievler are offered with one to three bedrooms with usual facilities such as a spacious living room, furnished kitchen, luxurious amenities like a decorated pool, fitness equipped center, walking and jagging path, and concierge services.

Apartment for sale in Bahcelievler
Villa for sale in Bahcelievler

Villas For Sale In Bahcelievler

Bahcelievler neighborhood has a good social and urban location. This area is not on the side of the beach and therefore the humidity of the air is stable and there is less wind than the coastal areas in it. The villas built in this area do not have a sea landscape but compete with the villas of other areas with excellent facilities and beautiful green spaces provided in them. These villas for sale in Bahcelievler also has their own fans because they provide fantastic tranquility and privacy at a reasonable price. For those who looking for  Villas for sale in Istanbul Europe, Bahcelievler villas have some facilities but not as completed as Bahcelievler apartments. But it is possible to order your preferences to the construction company and they will definitely equip and decorate according to your priority as you command.

Reasons To Invest In Bahcelievler

There are many reasons to buy property in Bahcelievler district of Istanbul, the most important of which are mentioned below:

  • Some of Bahcelievler districts, including Bahcelievler, Basin Sitsi and Yala, are well-organized, with three-lane streets filled with charming small park buildings, large shopping malls, cinemas and small cafes. So there are immense and various welfare services for individuals and especially families.
  • There are also four universities, public and private schools and hospitals.
  • One of the most important structures in this region is the onverdi shopping mall.
  • You can access the area via buses, minibusses, public taxis, or by car, from the E-Bash Highway and the municipal train. The distance depends on the time of transportation, but this distance has been greatly reduced by the establishment of the metro line.
  • Many tourist attractions such as Soghanli Cesme, Coban Cesme Koprusu, and SSiyavous Pasa Kosku.
  • There are numerous medical centers with high services quality.
  • There are many residential neighborhoods and luxurious buildings
  • Being close to the city center
  • The region has an important economic position
  • There is growing property prices in this district
  • The region has increasing luxury residential and commercial projects.
  • There are high profitability of buying and renting properties and apartments.

These reasons we mentioned above are enough to attract many investors and compromised to build more contractions such as shops, apartments, or residential, commercial complexes leads to remarkable future growth and financial development. So as you noticed, buying property for sale in Bahcelievler is profitable investment.

Reasons to invest in Bahcelievler
Reasons to invest in Bahcelievler

What are the living standard in Bahcelievler?

With buying property in Bahcelievler  you will enjoy a high quality of life in the middle of Istanbul.the area is surrounded by green spaces, residential complexes in Bahcelievler offer a peaceful and quite atomspher.

Apartments for sale in Bahcelievler are designed for comfort with spacious rooms and panoramic windows. Individual and families would live better healthy lifestyle by using social spaces, sports facilities, and amenities.

Who are the properties for sale in bahcelievler suitable for?

The following people could have a better life in Bahcelievler:

  • Families with children
  • Newly married couples
  • Single people
  • Investors
  • Businessman
Has Delta Apartments in Bahçelievler

Why Buying Real Estate From Alkhail?

Thank you for accompanying us to the end of this text. In this text, we examined the properties for sale in Bahcelievler and the benefits of investing in it.

Buying a property is not an exception especially in foreign country and in a city like Istanbul with many options and countless neighbores and at last making decision always needs a trustworthy and professionals advisers. Alkhail is one of the largest real estate consultants in the region with years of experience. Our goal is to make the best home buying experience for you. Just share your needs from a home with our consultants to offer you the best. You can also check our site to find your desired home and leave the rest of the route to us.


The district has seen a 190.45 % increase in property prices since November 2022. The average house size for sale is 120 square meter and the average property prices are 1749708 Lira or 93660 $.

There are different reasons, such as well-organized urban plan and robust infrastructure, east transportation alternative, high quality educational institutions, renowned healthcare institutions, and so on.

Bahcelievler is famous for its unique location in the center but away from the crowd and hustle of the city. In addition, it is notable for easy access thanks to the transit network running throw the area making Istanbul airport reachable within only 10 minutes. So it is convenient for traveler and businessman.

Thanks to its various amenities and its peaceful and quite atmosphere, families willing to buy properties in Bahcelievler district. Compared to advantages the region provides. Housing costs in the Bahcelievler are reasonable. Bahcelievler region is contained luxury residential complexes with spacious unites and different layouts. The area real estate value has increased due to the prestigious real estate projects that have emerge there recently.

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