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For those who wish to own a beautiful property in the European Side of Istanbul, Avcilar is absolutely a perfect option
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Avcılar is one of the most popular neighborhoods of Istanbul, which has recently been the destination for many immigrants to Turkey. Istanbul’s Avcılar neighborhood is located in the eastern part of Istanbul and the western part of the Marmara Sea, which has long been dubbed the Crown of Istanbul. Real estate for sale in Avcilar are ideal for working professionals who want a home by the sea and away from the frenetic pace of the inner city. Istanbul property for sale in Avcilar is ideal for investment too, as you can earn steady rental income and capitalize on the fast growing Istanbul market. Today we are going to learn more about this neighborhood, its amenities and history, most importantly, property, apartment and villa for sale in Avcılar, so stay with us.

property for sale in Avcılar
property for sale in Avcılar

property for sale in Avcılar

Since the 1980s, the Avcılar region has progressed dramatically, which has gradually seen a lot of industrial growth in this Avcılar neighborhood of Istanbul. In the past, Avcılar and its port were known outside the city, but now the port of this region, called Ambarlı, has become one of the most visited and crowded areas. Along the way, you will see many billboards and trucks, and it can be considered as a busy and important highway of Avcılar.  Avcilar has traditional texture and it is one of the interesting features of it. As mentioned above, this region is very migratory and has attracted a lot of investors. What make important the area among the tourist and investors is the coastline in Avcilar. For this reason, special attention has been paid to the construction in this neighborhood. In Turkey, a paradise to buy property is Avcilar. The value of the district is increasing day by day with increasing number of properties for sale in Avcilar. And a variety of houses, apartments and villas are built and are very suitable for investment purchase. Properties for sale in European Istanbul are good options to invest in and the Avcilar region is one of those areas you shouldn’t miss.

Apartment for sale in Avcılar

With the boom of Istanbul, the Region of Avsilar also flourished. Very luxury apartments were built and investors are interested in them. If you have chosen the Istanbul Avcılar neighborhood for business and living, the first thing to note is that the apartments in the center of the neighborhood are relatively expensive, but access to major and recreational centers such as cinemas, restaurants and cafes, clubs, shopping malls and famous streets will be very convenient for you. 

Many foreign want to buy a n apartment in Avcilar and the district has become a preferred area for living. The search for apartments for sale in Avcilar is increasing by foreigners day by day. You can you’re your apartment for sale in Avcilar you bought and make profit as the region has high rental income. Apartments for sale in Istanbul Europe are very suitable for investment and purchase. Also, each region of Istanbul has its own features.

Apartment for sale in Avcılar
Villa for sale in Avcılar

Villa for sale in Avcılar

Aside from the names of the neighborhoods, it should be noted that Avcılar is a special location in Istanbul because its southern borders have the most beautiful beaches of the Marmara Sea and these beaches are a very suitable place for recreation, walking, sports and family picnics. Luxurious villas in Avcilar are close to all possibilities of the city and are attracting great interest from foreigners.

Meanwhile, villas for sale in European Istanbul have very unique specials. This region has become a kind of inhabited neighborhood of the wealthy because the sea-facing villas and large buildings with very modern architectures have all the amenities. Facilities such as private swimming pools, massage parlor, 24-hour security, tennis and basketball courts and gymnasium, etc. that provide the residents with complete peace of mind.

Features of investing in the Avcılar

Avcılar Neighborhood of Istanbul is famous for being located in the vicinity of one of the most important roads in Istanbul. But what distinguishes this neighborhood from other neighborhoods? Below we will examine a few features of this area:

Avcılar Neighborhood is approximately 26 km from downtown Istanbul, Taksim Square, but public transportation makes it very convenient for citizens to travel to the city center.

Istanbul’s Avcılar neighborhood is close to many important and vital areas such as Beylikduzu and is highly regarded due to its special geographical location. The beautiful, special and unique landscape of Avcılar from the Marmara Sea and Lake Kucukcekmece is one of the advantages of living in this neighborhood.

The presence of public transportation and the possibility of easy transportation provided by these services to all parts of Istanbul for citizens are among the outstanding features of Avcılar for the residents of this region.

Access to this area is very easy due to its location between the two highways TEMA and EBESH. You can take the subway and get off at Avcilar station to get to Avcilar.

The important and attractive shopping malls built in this neighborhood cannot be overlooked. The existence of these shopping and commercial centers has provided a great opportunity for immigrants to invest in this area.

One of the most important universities in Istanbul is also located in Avcılar neighborhood, it includes the faculties of engineering, business administration, sports, veterinary medicine and surroundings of Lake Kuçükçekmece and greenery.

Avcılar Neighborhood of Istanbul has hotels with affordable prices and very satisfactory services. These hotels with their simple and minimalist style will allow you to experience a comfortable and economical stay. It is because of these hotels that tourists get to know the Avcılar area and are encouraged to invest and buy a house in the area.

Features of investing in the Avcılar
Avcılar's spectacular attractions

Avcılar's spectacular attractions

Istanbul’s Avcılar neighborhood has many spectacular attractions, especially in its coastal area. Some of the most important attractions are the Snow Museum and the Avcılar Sahilı Beach Park. There are also crowded markets, and streets filled with cafes and shops large and small with a modern American or traditional Turkish style. Below are some of the other tourist attractions of Avcilar:

Marmara Street is one of the most famous streets of Avcilar. This street is full of shopping malls and restaurants. This street is so big and long which stretches up to three beaches.

Haluk Perk was the name of a person who was born in Istanbul. His name and drawing were placed in the museum of his city. This museum is located in Gomush Pasa. The museum is the house of a large number of artifacts from the early days of human civilization.

Avcilar beach park is one of the most beautiful and clean parks in this region. We suggest you visit this beautiful park if you are one of the people who are very interested in walking.

Price of property for sale in Avcilar district of Istanbul

Avcilar properties for sale have risin in prices in recent months. The average cost per square meter in Avcilar is 3234 liras. You have to have approximately 242542 to 4042000 liras capital if you want to buy property in this area. It should be note that the price of apartment depends on type of the facilities and its location if you are searching apartments for sale in Istanbul. Properties in Avcilar especially near the sea are more expensive than in other parts of Istanbul.

Avcılar's spectacular attractions

The neighborhoods of Avcilar which are better to invest in

Some neighborhoods of Avcilar which are better to invest are listed below:

  • Gomush Pasa neighborhood
  • Firoozkooi neighborhood
  • Deniz Kushkler neighborhood
  • Yechiel Kent neighborhood
  • Center neighborhood
  • Takht-e-Kale neighborhood
  • Mostafa Kamal Pasa neighborhood

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Avcilar has many properties and houses whatever your budget and no matter how accurate your choices not miss to invest real estate and and take advantage of the opportunities suitable for you. Especially, since the prices of properties in Avcilar Istanbul are constantly increasing and rising and promise with increasing investment profits in the future.

Properties for sale in Avcilar Istanbul are a good investment as their market value has risen tremendously over the past five to ten years.

 This region has become a kind of inhabited neighborhood of the wealthy because the sea-facing properties and large buildings with very modern architectures have all the amenities. Facilities such as private swimming pools, massage parlor, 24-hour security, tennis and basketball courts and gymnasium, etc.

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